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BOARDING HOUSE at the 92nd Street Y Tribeca

92 Y Tribeca, Junk Food Dinner, and Horrorboobs



at the 92nd Street Y Tribeca
May 11th, 9:30pm

In the ’80s, with affordable video cameras available, people realized they could make movies cheaply—just add friends and beer—and the video floodgates opened.

John Wintergate’s 1982 effort Boardinghouse was one of the first and, arguably, the best. Filled with bizarre effects work, a rolling synth soundtrack, clunky sex scenes and Wintergate himself in dual roles, the film’s 98 minutes stretch into an eternity of head-scratching and fruitless attempts to retrieve your jaw from the floor. For those viewers too squeamish to handle the high-contrast gore, Wintergate and crew implemented Horror Vision—a system of audio (pummeling synth sounds) and visual (a multi-colored background/black glove combo) clues to let them know to cover their eyes. 92YTribeca, Junk Food Dinner and Horror Boobs are proud to present this mess-terpiece in glorious 35mm.

Junk Food Dinner is a weekly podcast devoted to cult cinema. More information at:junkfooddinner.com.

Horror Boobs brings you the best in breasts from genre cinema. More information at: horrorboobs.com.

Director: John Wintergate. 98 min. 1982. 35mm.

Ticket Price: $10

Member price: $6

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Thursday Jan 26th VHS Trailer Show 3 @ 92Y Tribeca

This Thursday January 26th at 8PM the 92Y Tribeca Theater host their 3rd VHS Trailer Show!

Some of us refuse to let go of our VHS tapes.

One reason is that they have become a treasure trove of trailers for movies that time forgot. Being forced to scan past them each time you want to get to the feature, you end up developing an affection for these seemingly made-up movies. For the VHS Trailer Show, we present you with our favorite trailers, directly from VHS tapes. Armed with their favorites will be Cinebeasts, Matt Desiderio (Horror Boobs), Mark Freado (Junk Food Dinner), Sean Price Williams (DP for The Color Wheel), Cristina Cacioppo (92YTribeca’s film programmer), a special segment of “VHS Trailers That Should Have Been” from the Found Footage Festival and more.

We’ll also invite audience members to share their favorites, so if you’ve got a tape, cue it up!

Those f00ls good people over at the 92Y were dumb nice enough to let me join in on this wonderful event once again!  I thought my theme of nudity in trailers would have surely gotten my name crossed off of the future contributor list, even the extended Ilsa She Wolf of the SS trailer went over surprisingly well… or at least as good as it possibly could have.  So come on down and check out some insane trailers straight from VHS care of people like Mark Freado of Junk Food Dinner, The Found Footage Festival and me, Matt Desiderio, Forbidden Planet’s very own VHS expert.

VHS Trailer Show 3

Date: Thu, Jan 26, 2012, 8 pm

Venue: 92YTribeca SCREENING ROOM

Location: 92YTribeca, 200 Hudson Street


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Matt D Loves Weird AL… and Junk Food Dinner!

Looks like our buds over at Junk Food Dinner were pretty desperate last week when they asked me to fill in for Kevin as guest host while he was away traveling this great land of ours.  Listen to me ramble about one of my most prize possessions… The ComplEAT Al laserdisc.

No longer a bridesmaid!

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Lady Terminator @ 92Y Tribeca

Your plans for Friday night…

At this point, it’s probably safe to assume that you have seen James Cameron’s 1984 movie The Terminator. It’s also probably safe to assume you’ve seen a couple of the sequels and maybe played an officially licensed pinball machine or two.

It seems less likely that you caught the 1989 Indonesian entry into the canon, Lady Terminator. The film adds a layer of mysticism to the franchise, and focuses less on technology as an enemy. The result is an extremely potent mix of action and fantasy. The South Seas Queen possesses an attractive anthropologist (Barbara Ann Constable, also the film’s makeup artist) in order to carry out a curse she put on a former lover. Armed with unimaginable strength and powers, she sets out to kill the great-granddaughter of the man she cursed so long ago. Erica is in a fight for her life, but not without the help of a ragtag team of cops with terrible hair to help her. The body count rises and the action doesn’t let up for a minute. The film contains a number of scenes directly copied from Cameron’s film (especially the attack on the police station), but that doesn’t mean they aren’t done well.

Co-presented with Junk Food Dinner.

Part of the series Rip-Off Cinema.

Director: H. Tjut Djalil. 82 min. 1989. 35mm.


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VHS Trailer Show Part Deux 8/18/11

Coming this Thursday to the 92Y Tribeca Screening RoomVHS Trailer Show Part Deux! I hope you guys are not tried of hearing me talk about VHS cause it ain’t stopping anytime soon.

Some of us refuse to let go of our VHS tapes.

One reason is that they have become a treasure trove of trailers for movies that time forgot. Being forced to scan past them each time you want to get to the feature, you end up developing an affection for these seemingly made-up movies. For the VHS Trailer Show, we present you with our favorite trailers, directly from VHS tapes. Armed with their favorites will be Matt Carman and Kseniya Yarosh (I Love Bad Movies), Mark Freado (Junk Food Dinner), Zach Clark (Modern Love is Automatic), Harry Merritt and Reid Bingham (Cinebeasts), Matthew Desiderio (Horror Boobs/VHS Vault) and a special segment of “VHS Trailers That Should Have Been” from the Found Footage Festival. Expect Vidmark oddities, action heros, and erotic thrillers, to name a few. We’ll also invite audience members to share their favorites, so if you’ve got a tape, cue it up!

Seems like they were stupid nice enough to bring me on board for a segment… finally some recognition! I call it a way to validate all the piles of tapes in my apartment.

Here are the details one more time…

VHS Trailer Show, Part Deux
Thu, Aug 18, 2011, 8 pm
200 Hudson Street Manhattan NY

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Samurai Cop @ Spectacle Tonight!

Tonight at Midnight Junk Food Dinner presents Samurai Cop at The Spectacle Theater in Williamsburg!  Whoa that’s allot of info for one sentence!

Words can’t describe this flick so check this out…

YouTube Preview Image

Nothing beats some big screen Z’dar!

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Alone In The T-Shirt Zone @ Spectacle Theater 6/25/11

This Saturday June 25th at midnight, everybody’s favorite cult film podcast Junk Food Dinner presents another lost classic at Brooklyn’s Spectacle Theater.  This time around we are treated to Mike B. Anderson’s 1986 Alone in the T-Shirt Zone.  If you like weird flicks this is a must, trust me.

They are also gonna have some sweet T-Shirts available.

Here are the details one more time.

Junk Food Dinner presents:

Alone In The T-Shirt @ The Spectacle Theater

Saturday June 25th, Midnight

124 South 3rd Street, between Bedford Avenue and Berry Street.

Williamsburg Brooklyn, New York

YouTube Preview Image

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Psychos In Love Saturday Midnight

This Saturday night Junk Food Dinner presents Psychos In Love at the Spectacle theater in Williamsburg.

I’ve mentioned my love for this movie about a zillion times by now so here’s your chance to see it. Join me won’t you, it will be wonderful way to bring in the end of the world.

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Rollerblade with Junk Food Dinner

Everybody strap on your knee-pads and skitch on over to our favorite cult film podcast Junk Food Dinner for an episode dedicated to all yall insane in-liners… thats right Rollerblade themed movies!

Up first, futuristic switchblade-toting nuns and poorly dubbed cops strap on skates and battle punks and puppets in a post-apocalyptic hell in the amazingly surreal, low-budget straight-to-video exploitation film Roller Blade from 1986 directed by Donald G. Jackson.

Then, a generic young pretty boy from California is forced to move in with his relatives in Cincinnati and prove himself to the locals by taking part in an epic downhill inline skate race in the 1993 teen comedy Airborne, featuring Seth Green and Jack Black.

And finally, Corey Haim and Patricia Arquette team up to take down a gang of rollerblading, drug dealing, white supremacists in the distopian cyber-punk action-drama Prayer of the Rollerboys from 1990.

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Junk Food Dinner Movie Night With Special Guest Host Matt D

This Tuesday night I have the pleasure of co-hosting Junk Food Dinner movie night at the Project Parlor bar in Brooklyn.  They do a double feature of classic cult cinema every other Tuesday.  I picked Slime City, obviously to help get everyone hyped for the Slime City Massacre DVD Release Party we are hosting here at FP on Friday and Mark picked Blood Freak, probably cause he has a turkey fetish.

Slime City -1988- Directed by Greg Lamberson – Slime, Booze, and Broads… What more could you ask for? Murder, of course.

YouTube Preview Image

Blood Freak – 1972 – Directed and Written by Brad Grinter and Steve Hawkes – Bikers, drugs and Science… What else you say? More murder!

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s the low down one more time…

Tuesday May 10th 10PM

742 Myrtle between Sandford St & Nostrand Ave

Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn 11205

See you there!

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Happy Birthday Junk Food Dinner!

Everyone’s favorite cult movie podcast Junk Food Dinner turns 1 year old this week.  They posted a special two hour long episode in celebration of the event.

Holy cow! Junk Food Dinner is one-year-old! To celebrate our one-year anniversary we’re dropping a 2+ hour behemoth of an episode on your fragile eardrums!

Up first we take a minute to thank all the people who have contributed their time and talents to Junk Food Dinner over the past year and read some e-mails and hear some voicemails from some friends and fans of the show (if you find this boring, you know how to fast forward, pal!).

Then we recall the year that was and recount our top 5 favorite and least favorite movies we’ve covered over the last 365 days of the podcast.

Then we bid bon voyage to year numero uno by taking a look at three widely regarded cult classics.

Up first, we re-live our adolescence and rock out with The Ramones when we attend Rock ‘n’ Roll High School from 1979 with P.J. Soles, Paul Bartel, Clint Howard and JFD favorite Mary Woronov.

Then, a group of scientists are stranded in Antartica with a shape-shifting alien who is masquerading as one of them in John Carpenter’s The Thing from 1982 starring Kurt Russell, Keith David and Wilford Brimley.

And finally, a maniacal medical student develops a serum that brings living tissue back to life with disastrous (and sometimes hilarious) results in 1985’sRe-Animator based on a story by H.P. Lovecraft.

I’m proud to say that the film I picked Psychos In Love, made both Kevin and Marks top 5 lists.

Happy Birthday guys, here’s to many more.

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Matt D on Junk Food Dinner

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of being a guest on my favorite cult movie podcast, Junk Food Dinner!  I know I’ve been talking about them a lot lately, but they’re great guys and I really support their cause.

I brought Psychos In Love (which I also recently talked about, get used to it) to the table, and to my surprise nobody on the show had seen it before.

Click the image below to go directly to the podcast.

Junk Food Dinner is ready to party- with you! This week Mr. Matt D. from Forbidden Planet joins us for the show. So settle in as we kick things off with Gorman Bechard and Carmine Capobianco’s hilariously-gory-romantic-splatterfest Psychos in Love from 1987. Up next we sink our claws into (and nearly expose ourselves to the potential risk of seziures) 2004’s Cutie Honey. Finally, some people you may have heard of from other movies take part in the source of a lifelong nightmare of Parker’s when we take a look at Invaders from Mars from 1986.

(Don’t forget! If you’re in NYC today (3/1/11) come to Project Parlor in Bed-Stuy (742 Myrtle Ave.) for Junk Food Dinner and Project Parlor Present hosted by Mark Freado, Jr. and Kevin Merryman! Starting at 9PM!)

Thanks a bunch for having me on guys, it was a total blast!

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Junk Food Dinner Movie Night

My buddy Mark Freado over at Junk Food Dinner is now hosting a movie night in Bed-Stuy, along with Kevin Merryman, who also runs a radical blog called Cultural Atrocities.

March 1st is a red letter day for us here at JFD. It’s the first (of hopefully many) Junk Food Dinner nights at Project Parlor (742 Myrtle Ave.) in Bed-Stuy. Your charming hosts for this event are Mark Freado, Jr. and Kevin Merryman. Drink specials, trivia, drinking games, bickering, peanuts, couches, VHS prints- what’s not to like? We’re gonna kick things off at 9pm. Join us won’t you?

They’re showing Luigi Cozzi’s Starcrash, a mixed up Italian Star Wars rip off, starring Caroline Munro, David Hasselhoff and Joe Spinell… it’s like Maniac meets Knight Rider in space!

YouTube Preview Image

And Ice Cream Man starring Clint Howard as a killer… wait for it… Ice Cream Man.  Directed by Paul Norman of Edward Penishands fame. Yes, you heard me right…

YouTube Preview Image

Hope to see you there.

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Junk Food Dinner

Met an awesome dude named Mark last week who works on a podcast called
Junk Food Dinner.

Junk Food Dinner is a weekly podcast devoted to cult films, hosted by
three self proclaimed nerds.

Each episode is filled with “Nerd News” covering the type of current
events Daily Planet readers would appreciate, an overview of the weeks
DVD releases and of course film reviews.

When I saw the list of amazing unappreciated genre flicks that they
cover I knew that I could get behind this. They really cover
everything! You’ll hate yourself for not knowing about underground
classics like Terror Vision or Forbidden Zone and you’ll be curious
about flicks that literally deserve to be buried underground like
Samurai Cop and Rockula. On occasion they have guests like Alex
Winter, Frank Henenlotter, and Josh Schafer from Lunchmeat magazine, (issue number 5 is currently available at our online store).

So if you are even remotely interested in psychotic cinema and know
how to work a computer make sure to drop by their site and have a
listen to some honest opinions from some knowledgeable nerds.

So I guess what I’m trying to get at is… HAVE ME AS A GUEST ON THE SHOW!!!

Click the picture below for a link to the current podcast.

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