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HGUC Juaggu Review

My love of MSVs is quite well-documented. As such, I love it when true MSVs (or in this case, a rejected design from the original series) end up in the HGUC line, even though the only other one in it is Garma’s Zaku. That being said… why this suit? Why this thing before the GM Sniper II, the Gerbera Tetra, the Zetaplus, the Dijeh… seriously, why the Juaggu? I don’t hate the suit by any means, like I said, an MSV is an MSV, but I would’ve preferred some other stuff beforehand…

You may have also noticed over the years that I’ve only ever reviewed one amphibious mobile suit. That’s because when I started building up my Federation and Zeon armies, I didn’t want to get any amphibious Zeon suits because they didn’t really have anything to fight. If the rumors about an HGUC Aqua GM are true, I may just be adding an Acguy to my collection at long last.

Unlike amphibious suits, the Juaggu isn’t built for close combat: it’s more designed for artillery. There is a variant of this suit that comes equipped with an actual hand and a Gouf’s Heat Saber, but I believe that’s going to be an exclusive of some sort. Boo. Whatever. The Juaggu has its own little niche to fill in my collection… and it’ll stay in that provided it doesn’t take a beam javelin to the face.

This kit has a lot of strange little quirks. The… snout, I suppose, is built with a wire inside of it. While it gets a range of motion that wouldn’t otherwise be possible, but I worry how much stress it can take. Also, the components (namely the bottom one) tend to slide a bit, but they may be due to the current construction, which I’ll fix upon painting. Continue reading

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Zeon Reinforcements! The Suits of Gundam Unicorn Episode 4!

by Loran

With the new episode of Gundam Unicorn less than a month away from being released, I thought I should take a look at the last episode. Simply put, that episode was about an hour’s worth of mecha porn. Sure, it was very light on the story (and overall, kind of a weak episode) but it had enough action to keep me entertained, and it delivered everything I’d hoped to see in a Gundam OVA episode. What made the episode so great for me was the wide variety of mobile suits we got to see, ranging from the original Gundam, to Zeta and ZZ, and even some new designs in the form of MSVs.

Naturally, Bandai seized this opportunity. We’ve got a slew of new kits that have been released within the past month or so, but we also got some reissues coming our way of suits that don’t exactly need new kits, or ones for the kitbashers. Frankly, they know their market.

On the front of HGUC reissues, we got a reissue of one of my favorite older HGUCs, the Dom Tropen. The first version of the kit doesn’t excite me much, but they took the wise route and reissued the Sand Brown version, which not only looks cooler, but comes with tons of extra weapons.

To accompany the Dom, both versions of the Desert Zaku got reissued. Sadly I still don’t have either version of this kit, but from what I’ve been told, the ZZ version is the superior release because it comes with parts for both units. One of these days I’ll actually make one of these.

Since the Zeons always had the edge in terms of naval combat, we’ll be seeing some reissues there, but only one of them is worth mentioning at all: The Kapool! Yeah, the lovable Kapool from ZZ and Turn A was actually made out to be kinda scary in Unicorn. Of course, if you want your Kapool to be accurate to the one in the episode, you’ll need to paint it. Continue reading

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