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Adjust Your Tracking NYC Premiere! Friday May 24 7:30PM @ 92Y Tribeca 200 Hudson St. Tons of Analog Amazement to go around including a VHS trailer pre-show, not to mention Directors Dan Kinem and Levi Peretic of VHShitfest will be in attendance, along with Producers Matt Desiderio of Horror Boobs and Josh Schafer of Lunchmeat Magazine! Get your tickets here now!

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Danny Bonaduce vs VHS

Come out to the Spectacle Theater on Saturday at Midnight and hang with Lunchmeat’s Josh Schafer!

LUNCHMEAT is extremely proud to present one of the most amazing and obscure shot-on-video flicks ever to be laid to tape!! This SATURDAY, JANUARY 21st, at the hour of MIDNIGHT hoist your keister off the couch and get on down to SPECTACLE THEATER to experience the shot-on-video insanity that is AMERICA’S DEADLIEST HOME VIDEO! Feast your eyes on the UNCUT VHS PRINT and witness a lovelorn man named Doug (played by Danny Bonaduce PRE-STEROIDS! WHAT?!), and his trusty VHS video camera set out on an adventure across country, but when he runs into a gang of miscreant criminals, Doug finds himself wrapped in a slimy web of robbery, murder and sadism. Will Doug survive these misanthropic thugs and their suicidal lifestyle?! Will he get the girl?! Will he run out of batteries?!!You’ll have to watch this amazing piece of video obscurity to find out! Dig it, tapeheads!!

The Spectacle Theatre is located at 124 South 3rd & Bedford Ave in Brooklyn, NY! Check out Spectacle’s site for more info and take a look at all the other rad stuff they’re doing! I’ll be there watching, hanging, snacking and slinging some LUNCHMEAT goodies, so come on out get VHS-ified! Hope to see you there, Videovores!

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Desert Snow Midnight Screening @ Spectacle Friday

Friday December, 16. Midnight:

Lunchmeat VHS Fanzine presents a Midnight Screening of Desert Snow

Spectacle Theater

124 South 3rd Street, Brooklyn, New York

between Bedford Avenue and Berry Street

A gang of ruthless, cold-blooded, criminals are stalking the borders and picking up illegal immigrants. These hearltess individuals aren’t concerned with cleaning up with streets, but with gutting the mules forced to smuggle cocaine into the country to turn a hefty profit.

Lunchmeat presents one of the rarer entries in Spectacle’s December midnight series. A different kind of snow, indeed!

Don’t forget to pick up the new issue, Lunchmeat #6

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Lunchmeat Issue 6 In Stock!

The new issue of Lunchmeat is now available at Forbidden Planet, in store and on the web!  If you don’t know Lunchmeat than you don’t know VHS. The first and only all VHS  magazine! So grab Lunchmeat #6 now!

We’ve stacked the slimy slices o’ cinema high in LM # 6 serving up in-depth reviews of hard-to-find VHS-only flicks such as Blue Blood, America’s Deadliest Home Video, Rockula, and Desert Snow along with a slew of other blood-encrusted video vittles to chew on! Also skulking around in this issue we’ve got an interview with Daniel Roebuck where he spills his guts about his experience working on Penelope Spheeris’ cult-classic punk rock road flick Dudes! Director extraordinaire Gene Quintano gives us the skinny on how 3D films pounced on audiences across the world in the early 80s, and Lunchmeat is absolutely thrilled to present an interview with cult cinema hero George Stover as he details the history of one of the most amazing fanzines you may have never heard of: CINEMACABRE!

Also on the menu for LM # 6, we’ve got Heather Drain expounding on the cavorting and carnality soaked teen sex comedies of the home video era and, as always, we’re serving up Rob Hauschild’s dumpster diving dish: Tapes from the Trash Bin! Still hungry?! That’s what we like to hear!

For all you voracious Videovores out there we’ll take you for a weird and wild ride in the LM time-machine as we explore the sprawling and screwy history of Interactive VHS Gaming! Oh, and did we mention the crossword puzzle where you can win prizes? ‘Cause you know that’s in there, too! Try your might and snatch some groovy prizes from The Crossword Troll’s grimy fingers! What other toothsome treats await you in Lunchmeat # 6? Guess you’ll have to grab one, before it grabs you! Hooooo-Haaaah!!

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Screw your Blew-Ray Player, VHS is alive and well… but should I really be hipping you to this,  or should I be hording all the info in fear of increased competition?  Of course I’ll let you in on it (not like anyone reads this anyway) and what better way to see the medium strive than by spreading the gospel.

“VHS is alive”, “Fear of competition”, you probably think I’m some paranoid nut job, but… Just to prove to you that I’m not some crazy Luddite (ok maybe just a bit, I still don’t own a computer) feast your eyes on this… www.LunchmeatVHS.com!!! Thats right baby, everyone’s favorite VHS themed magazine has gone all internety.  The fact that there is a magazine dedicated to the subject should be validation enough, but for those of you who get all your info through the computer and think print is just as outdated as VHS, the website should suffice.

I spent the better half of this past weekend with Lunchmeat’s Chief of Marketing John DeSantis and Editor-in-Chief Josh Schafer.  They were supposed to be working on the new issue but if they didn’t get as much as they hoped done I take full responsibility…. but I will not apologize.  We did a lot of yang talking about the recent “VHS boom”, caught a midnight screening of Slumber Party Massacre at The Spectacle Theater, watched the insane video comp Brain Bludgeon, and of course did some serious VHS shopping.

I feel that I did a pretty good job proving that it will be a very long time before VHS becomes strictly a collectors market, that is if you know the right places to look.

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Junk Food Dinner

Met an awesome dude named Mark last week who works on a podcast called
Junk Food Dinner.

Junk Food Dinner is a weekly podcast devoted to cult films, hosted by
three self proclaimed nerds.

Each episode is filled with “Nerd News” covering the type of current
events Daily Planet readers would appreciate, an overview of the weeks
DVD releases and of course film reviews.

When I saw the list of amazing unappreciated genre flicks that they
cover I knew that I could get behind this. They really cover
everything! You’ll hate yourself for not knowing about underground
classics like Terror Vision or Forbidden Zone and you’ll be curious
about flicks that literally deserve to be buried underground like
Samurai Cop and Rockula. On occasion they have guests like Alex
Winter, Frank Henenlotter, and Josh Schafer from Lunchmeat magazine, (issue number 5 is currently available at our online store).

So if you are even remotely interested in psychotic cinema and know
how to work a computer make sure to drop by their site and have a
listen to some honest opinions from some knowledgeable nerds.

So I guess what I’m trying to get at is… HAVE ME AS A GUEST ON THE SHOW!!!

Click the picture below for a link to the current podcast.

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