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50% off Orange is the New Black Presents the Cookbook and More Cheap Goodies on Sale November 9th 2014

Today’s Daily Deals

Orange is the New Black Cookbook, cook book, OITNB

Orange is the New Black the Cookbook… “[Forget] Diamonds. I got spinach!” ($25) $12.49

DC Comics Teen Titans Retro Speedy Action Figure… Heroin gear not included.($30) $15

Jim Henson’s Musical Monsters of Turkey Hollow HC… illustrated by Roger Langridge! ($25) $12.49

Rise of and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: The Art of the Films… ridiculously well-reviewed art book covering both contemporary PotA flicks ($15) $3.99

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The Weekly Pulse – We Are All Scott Snyder

Jams, comma, tasty, is the order of the day here at Forbidden Planet. But not all jams are created equal. Some jams, like that which is Action Comics #6, are a mystery. I’m going to stop saying jams now. Are you reading this? Have any of the New 52s begun to feel stale? Or are we just old and jaded?

There’s always something to love when it comes to the other numbers 6: Detective Comics, Batwing, Animal Man, and Swamp Thing.

Of course all this is just the warm up to main feast: first course Fatale, second course three new Scott Snyder trades! For dessert: Jim Henson’s A Tale of Sand!!

Plus, Alpha Girl and Magic the Gathering are also comics that exist.

Lastly, my apologies to the band Savlonic, who’s name I misspelled in the credits and only just noticed because I have all the typing dexterity of a cave-fish.

Jams, tasty,

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