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The Jeff Ayers Super Awesome Fun Day Mask in action!

If you stopped by the store yesterday, which you probably did. Either because of new comics or our mega signing. You probably noticed something a little special in the newest issue of The Weekly Planet. If for some crazy reason you have yet to stop by FP this week, watch and learn!


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Star Wars Minute Podcast

Pete Bonavita Alex Robinson Star Wars Minute podcast

Peter(r) Bonavita and Alex Robinson of The Star Wars Minute, the daily podcast in which they discuss, dissect and humorously analyze EVERY single minute of The Holy Trilogy, are up to minutes 86-90 of The Empire Strikes Back and, wouldn’tcha know it, yours truly is their guest for the next week.

Minute 86 was posted this morning and can be listened to here. A new minute will appear every day through Friday (though you should definitely stick with the show and devour the archives… they had some terrific guest stars for Star Wars, and have followed that up with an even more impressive call sheet for Empire. Come to think of it- why the hell did they call me?!).

Episode 86 contains only ONE super duper cringe-inducing stupidhead remark from me- Lando apparently is not directly from Corellia, but rather Socorro, a planet colonized by Corellians.

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We got it all on FP Transmissions.

Jeff and Vita rapped about the new releases this week as Javier (of Minimate minute fame) and I slaved over a massive shipment with thousands of awesome comics including Slott’s Silver Surfer and Sandman Overture #2.

Watch us live on our YouTube channel every Tuesday at 4PM, or 4:08, or 4:15 if Google changes the way you log in for the millionth time. You can also join the conversation by following FPTransmissions to your Google+ circles and accepting Hangout invites.

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Picks of the Week June 26th 2013

…That I wrote for a New York newspaper that didn’t run it.  Think I missed a deadline. As we say on Earth, “c’est la vie.”

This week I’d spend my dough on:

joe casey sex #4 image comics

1. Sex #4, Image Comics. The po-po modern misadventures of ex-costumed vigilante Simon Cooke is top of the pile reading upon every new issue’s release. Writer Joe Casey at the top of his game.

2. Fantastic Four by John Byrne Artist Edition, IDW. They ain’t cheap, but these editions are some of the most gorgeous books on the market today. Scanned from the original, raw drawings, flubs and edits and all, these books reveal the true artistry behind some of the most iconic works in comics history. John Byrne’s FF run is generally considered only second to Lee and Kirby’s and the book reprints 6 full stories. Yowza.

3. Prophet Tp Volume 2, Image. I can’t tell if this is the most satisfyingly whacked-out, bizarrely constructed, science fiction title currently running. I think it is…? I think it is.

4. Godzilla Rulers of the Earth #1, IDW. Do you like Godzilla? Do you like comics? Then you’ll LOVE Godzilla comics. When done well, that is. Luckily IDW’s line of Godzilla books is excellent.

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New Magic the Gathering Sorin vs Tibalt Duel Decks

New Duel Decks are releasing TODAY, MTG fans!!!

Magic the Gathering Duel DecksThese ready to play 60 card decks showcase some of the best cards in Magic history. Together the Sorin vs Tibalt Duel Decks have ten rare cards and seven cards with new art, including two foil alternative-art versions of mythic rare Planeswalkers Sorin, Lord of Innistrad and Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded.


– 2 ready to play 60 card decks
– 2 deck boxe-2 creature tokens
– A strategy insert
– A Magic ‘learn to play’ guide

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Judge Dredd St. Pat’s T-Shirt Giveaway on FPNYC Twitter Feed

So, we’re giving away two extra large (XL) copies of this shirt away today on our Twitter feed.

St. Pat's Dredd Ireland Judge Mega CityDon’t worry.  Neither of these freebie tees are the one I’ve worn on and off to bed for the last eight years.  Unless you want it to be.

Follow us and RT.  And good luck, creeps!

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Matt and Alec’s Bogus Video from September 18th and Me from my Desk Last Friday

Forgot to post these new Google+ Hangout videos from last week.

Here’s Matt and Alec talking Sons of Anarchy, WWE, NYCC, re-creating telephone calls Alec receives from customers, Just Us League MAD toys and a whole lot more…

And here’s me from my desk… “Haven’t even had time since the move to put pictures of my kids here. I don’t have kids, but if I did that’s where they’d go.” I’m paraphrasing of course. The gyst is I really want you to check out and enjoy the works of Julia Wertz and Theo Ellsworth.

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The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey Poster

So this has been released:

Dwarves Hobbit Bilbo Thorin PosterI don’t know whether to laugh or cry.  Seriously though, I’ve watched the current trailer about fifteen times now and I can’t tell if I’m jazzed for these films (3?!) or if I’m eager to watch a beautiful, elegant disaster onscreen.  Either way Jackson and co. are gonna separate some dough from my wallet.  Hrrrm.

Also, impressed-with-myself moment of the day… The tags below?  With all the dwarves names?  That’s from memory.  Nerd.

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From the Forbidden Planet NYC Stockroom- Tuesday 9/25/12

Got 28 minutes of your life to spend on Matt and I talking new arrivals, Happy #1, Space Punisher, crappy old Image Comics, movies, Star Trek the Next generation, comic cons, Mark Hamill and Corvette Summer?  Like hearing me say “um?”  Have I got a video for you!

Sorry if it’s a little dark this week. Better light next time. Oh, and there’s a slight technical glitch (about 8 seconds) when we start talking about Happy #1. Stick with it.

Next LIVE broadcast is Friday the 28th at 7pm.

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Matt and Jeff Live from the Forbidden Planet NYC Basement

Some goofs on our first take. The store’s wi-fi cut out for about five minutes, thus making us late for the 4pm Hangout On Air.  We missed a chance to have a prominent celebrity customer join us because of the delay in setting back up, and I still have a lot to learn about the minutiae of running these…

Still, Matt and I got it together and streamed the following, LIVE on a laptop to our Google+ and Youtube pages. The FPNYCTV Television network is on the air…

And about the Twitter and Facebook cards… Okay. Didn’t realize the audience could read ’em just fine. I can be a real dummy sometimes.

Next show Friday 9/14/12 at 7pm from the floor of the new FP.

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Forbidden Planet is on Google+

We are indeed on Google+. Come share wonderful, geeky stuff with us!

I’ll be Hanging out On Air at 4pm today… fingers crossed.  Still working out the logistics, but the plan is to chat from the new shop’s basement as we process this week’s shipment, discuss some of tomorrow’s new releases, make a really neat-o announcement  regarding a forthcoming graphic novel… and try not to be completely awkward as this’ll be LIVE!

If you’re not on Google+ you can watch a livestream of the Hangout on our YouTube channel, fptransmissions, and chat with us via Twitter (@fpnyc) throughout.

Trust me folks, this is the first step in a huge undertaking for us here at FPNYC.  There’s a lot more such content we’re going to be rolling out this fall.  I hope you’ll join us and enjoy.

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Forbidden Planet NYC Wants to be Invisbles Headquarters

Hell, we practically are already.  Take a look around the shop sometime and you’ll realize our customers and staff comprise our own rather large Invisbles cell.

Invisibles Grant Morrison Grenade Omnibus Collection

The uninitiated will ask, “What is The Invisibles?”  Well, it’s way way too complicated to describe here properly and succinctly, but I’ll give you the publisher’s copy:

Follow the adventures of The Invisibles, a secret organization out to battle the physical and psychic oppression brought upon humanity by the interdimensional alien gods of the Archons of Outer Church!

I can say with 99% certainty that FPNYC has sold more copies of The Invisbles over the years than any other outlet in the world, many of those hand-sold by yours truly as it’s my favorite comic series of all time. That being said…

Next Wednesday, the 22nd of August 2012, The Invisbles Omnibus releases.  That’s one massive (1536 pages!) hardcover collecting EVERY Invisbles story.  Massive.  It retails for $150, but not at Forbidden Planet NYC.  Nope.

Here The Invisibles Omnibus will be ON SALE at a whopping 40% off for the entire duration of its print run!!! As in retails for $150, but FPNYC price will always be $90.  As in we’re saving you a chunk of change on  a massive, brilliant tome.  As in that’s cheaper than Amazon as of this writing!

So there.

ALSO!  This is the first in a series of Forbidden Planet Wants to be Your ______ Headquarters incentives we’ll be running the rest of 2012.  Some will be giant discounts like the one above, some will be giveaways, some will be events…  Whatever the case we’ll be offering something neat-o. Upcoming deals involve the first trade paperback of Bryan K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples’ Saga and a whole bunch of great comics and books.

Keep an eye out… Engaging us on Twitter and Facebook will do.  Joining our email list (in the box above and to the right) is another good way to start.

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