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What We’re Playing With

…Not a full deck, I can tell ya that.

No, what we’re playing with this week is a 19″ tall Galactus toy from Hasbro.

19_inch_GalactusLurking in the depths of space, the cosmic being known as Galactus travels the universe in his quest to find life-bearing planets to consume to sustain his immortal existence. This long-time foe of the Marvel Universe’s heroes, among them the Fantastic Four and the Avengers, is brought to life as the Marvel Masterworks: Galactus Figure. Standing an impressive 19′ tall, Galactus comes with a light-up head feature and speech technology, both activated by a chest button. Galactus comes with his herald, the Silver Surfer, in-scale at 3 3/4′ tall. Window box packaging.

“And it is awesome.” -James Lipton

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