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Countdown to NYCC part 2

by Chris Troy

Hey FPNYC faithful, in a few short hours, yours truly will be at the Javitis Center, fan-gasming over the nerdfest that is the 2011 New York Comic Con. Despite being a show veteran, this is my favorite convention of the year, and I’m really excited to see what the likes of Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image, Bioware, & Capcom have to offer to the attendees this year. And depending on security, I may decide to stalk Captain America himself Chris Evans come Saturday. For you know, article research related reasons. REALLY!

Last article we focused on a lot of the comic goodness that will be at NYCC. I’m not saying I won’t be talking about the onslaught of Marvel Universe figures we received over these last 2 weeks later on in the article, but I decided to  focus on something a little more animated first. Cartoon Network & Adult Swim will have a large presence at NYCC once again this year, hosting a ton of panels with sneak peeks of a lot of their new and returning program. Regular offenders Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer will be in attendance, talking about their hit show “The Venture Bros“. And in case you want something other than DVDs signed by the duo, FPNYC currently has in stock the 8′ Venture Bros classic Mego-style figures (or dolls, if you’re up for the particular debate). The 1st 2 waves in the series consist of the likes of Hank  and Dean Venture,  their old man Dr. Venture,  Brock Samson, the (mighty) Monarch, and “humorless #$@!” Phantom Limb. These retro style-figures go for about $15-$20 a pop, and probably wont be around long, given the show’s rabid fanbase.

We also received a ton of product from Cartoon Network’s newest revival hit, the Thundercats! Bandai-Namco will also be at  NYCC, but I’m none too certain if they’ll be much of a push for the show at the convention. That doesn’t mean a trip to FPNYC to check in on these figures isn’t warranted. Bandai has released 2 different toy lines based on the new show (as well as some toys based on the 80s versions as well!). There’s a line of 6″ figures consisting of the likes of Lion-O, Panthro, & Mumm-Ra (The Ever-Living!), as well as 2 different 4″ figure lines, one standard line that covers most of the show’s cast, and a deluxe one that comes with big-honking accessories. Prices range anywhere from $10-$20 depending on the figures, so keep an eye out for them on our shelves the new time you come by. Continue reading

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Venture Brothers Season 4.1 Review

Season 4.1 of the Venture Brothers is available on finer shelves across America, and no shelves are finer then the fine and venerable shelves here at the Forbidden Planet. Ask any sales associate for assistance in locating said product, or even ask if they have any stock of Jackson Publick, the show-runner for Venture Brother’s, comic book work.

Oh yeah, Jackson did comic books!


Jackson Publick, a.k.a. Chris McCulloch, the voice of beloved henchman 24 as well as Hank and others started out as an indie comic book self publisher. His work caught the attention of NEC press, the guys who continue to publish one of the funniest comics of all time, Ben Edlund’s the Tick.

Jackson wrote the first stint on the Tick after Ben left, a collection NEC still keeps in print as The Tick: Karma Tornado. Some of it is very funny, some of it not so much. Lots of it will seem familiar to fans of both the Venture Brothers and the Tick Cartoon show, which Jackson was also a writer on.

Jackson’s style blends finding the inane in the insane with a real bend on personal lows. All throughout the Venture Brothers show the emphasis is on regret and failure. The Tick is, of course, immune to such pesky emotions, but almost everybody in his supporting cast are not. Continue reading

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