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New Arrivals: Rather be playing Zelda edition.

by Chris Troy

THE BEAST IS DEAD! CHRISTMAS IS OVER, AND NOW YOU HAVE CASH AND/OR  GIFT CARDS TO USE ON CRAP THAT YOU REALLY DON’T NEED, BUT YOU WILL ANYWAY, DESPITE YOUR WIFE YELLING AT YOU FOR THE AMOUNT OF TOYS & STATUES CURRENTLY IN THE LIVING ROOM…whoops, projecting in my articles again. Anywho, hope you had a happy whatever holiday you celebrate(d), as mine was pretty rad and full of new video games.

First and foremost: SH Figuarts update. If you recall last week’s article, I mentioned that Figuarts MechaGodzilla was a thing that we would soon have in. Change “soon” to “Currently in stock.” Much like his organic counterpart, Mecha-G is made up of 2 different materials; die-cast and zinc alloy. I really like that Bandai is going this route for these “MonsterArt” figures. He also comes with some variant pieces, nuclear breathe, and a stand for said breathe. In non-Kauji Figuarts news, we also have the Super Sayian Vegeta (Dragonball Z) Figuarts in stock. I have a nature bias towards Dragonball figures, as I was working at a Toys R Us at the height of DBZ’s popularity, so occasionally I have flashbacks to being swarmed by small children and neckbeards rushing me to get to the shelves, only to find out that the only figures we had in stock were some canon fodder villains.

That being said, the Figuarts are arguable the best DBZ figured made to date (which says a lot, as there’s been a ton of them over the years, crapped out by a varieties of companies in both the East and the West). The Prince of all Sayians is well-sculpted like most Figuarts, and comes with a variety of variants hands and faces. We have limited quantities of all these figures in stock, so get ‘em while we still have em. Ebay prices are scary yo.

I’d also like to point out that we have a ton of newish Heroclix figures instock as well!  For Marvel and DC-related things, we have both the Incredible Hulk and the Superman series in stock, as well as some non-comic book based properties in, like Gears of War and the Lord of the Rings. If you play, you’re gonna to want to pick up those LOTR Clix up ASAP, as the Hobbit trailer dropped last week, so there’s been a huge surge in anything Tolkien related as of late. Continue reading

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New Comics From Dark Horse

Today’s column marks an incredible anniversary for me. No, it’s not the 100th column or even the 200th. I haven’t been keeping the best records of these things, so I couldn’t really tell you how many of them I’ve written.

No, this is the column where we celebrate the fifth column written since I figured out I have no idea how many columns I’ve actually done! Happy QuinQuestionMarversary, everybody!


One of the things I’ve learned in my time is to give the readers what they want…such as exciting recommendations for this weeks books!

HOLY CRAP! Not only does Dark Horse have new issues of Billy the Kid’s Old Time Oddities #2 by Eric Powell butHellboy is going to meet the Beasts of Burden crew in Beast of Burden/Hellboy One-Shot?! Evan Dorkin, Mike Mignola and Jill Thompson working together? This is possibly the greatest comic book collaboration in years! If you’ve ever wanted a comic book where Hellboy holds a pug on the cover, well, now you have one.

All this and the Firefly: Shepard’s Tale GN which will finally reveal Shepard Book’s origins? Dark Horse, you spoil us!

Another thing I’ve learn is to use any flimsy excuse I can to plug fun comics I like. Continue reading

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Krazy Comics Nation

By Unkie Dev

As April 1st approaches I’d like to highlight two books this week which will focus on the absurd, the silly and the wild. I’ll break it into two crowds, the Comic’s Journal elite and the Wizard reading masses.

Krazy & Ignatz in Tiger Tea, George Herriman, IDW press

In 1999 the Comics Journal rated the best comic strips of the 20th century. Krazy Kat came in at #1. Krazy & Ignats in Tiger Tea is the tip of the iceberg to Krazy’s charm, and the epitome of cartoonist George Herriman’s contributions to the art form.

WHY all the fuss over a scribbly comic essentially about a mouse that hits a cat in the head with a brick? Because Krazy Kat was creativity unbound! The simple premise and simple characters allowed for infinite creative ideas to flow, followed by gentle humor that spoke about ourselves, albeit in cute pigeon English.

In Tiger Tea, Herriman has his heroes drink a potent brew from a far away land. In a device to be stolen by every cartoonist afterward, hallucinations and bizarre visual flights of fancy ensue, making this ALREADY surreal comic strip the acme of strange for years to come.

If you like art comics, if you’d like to see how far the medium can be pushed or if you just want to look smart you NEED this collection from IDW press. Continue reading

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Incredible Hulk Games

Incredible Hulk GamesOne of the best video games of 2009 was Eidos Interactive’s Batman: Arkham Asylum. The game’s success can be attributed to its skillful blending of stealth and fighting play style, coupled with tight level and character designs. Helping out the title’s awesome factor was the fact that it did star Batman.

Gotham’s resident bad-ass is always good for a video game: He’s dark, has fun weapons to throw as well as colorful villains to fight across the sprawling maze of a dirty city. If video games never existed they’d have to be invented just so Batman could run amok in them. A case could be made for games trumping movies as a medium conducive to conveying Batman’s gestalt… though comics would still beat them both and steal their lunch-money hands down!

The same could be said for Spider-Man, who has had great success in video games starting with his classic 1982 Atari 2600 cartridge and continuing on to Activision’s current crop of PlayStation titles. Neversoft’s 2000 Spider-Man game was a notable stand-out as it was one of the earliest Spidey titles offering a sandbox city to swing around in, as well as alternative costumes galore! Continue reading

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