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Spider-Man’s Spectacular New Series

Spider-Man gets back to basics!

Over the last couple of years Peter Parker has undergone a makeover of sorts. He hasn’t been the only Spider-Man web slinging around the city. He’s also now the head of a global company called Parker Industries. It’s a little different from the bullied nerd in science class or the photographer scraping together enough to make ends meet. Peter Parker, in a lot of ways, has had a lot of luck going for him once he got his mind and body back as his own. Indeed, the Superior Spider-Man did a lot for Pete and he’s been reaping the benefits of it ever since. This hasn’t been your traditional friendly neighborhood wallcrawler.

Now, from the mind that brought you the recent Howard The Duck romp comes a back to basics approach to ol’ webhead. Chip Zdarsky and Adam Kubert are a dream team. They’re here to show you that Peter Parker’s as much of a lovable loser as he always was. Even if he’s winning on paper with a high-rise in Manhattan, that doesn’t mean he’s not got the soul of the Spider-Man we all grew up with. Now, this isn’t going to replace the main Amazing ongoing series. Instead, think of Spectacular as a sister series.

Finally, Peter will be back patrolling the neighborhood, grabbing a bite with Johnny Storm, maybe a classic team-up, and dealing with complex romantic debacles. There’ll be old fan favorite foes and some new ones who’ll be looking to build a place amongst the classics. And it’s Chip Zdarsky, so, you know, banter will abound. We gotta have a snarky Spidey!

If you’ve longing for a slightly more familiar status quo for Peter Parker, here’s your new favorite of the three ongoing series with the title, well, you know, in them. As much as things change, some things will always stay the same. Oh, and get your copy signed in-store by the creators tomorrow!

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Comics Sit Down & Draw (& Sign) June 24th!

SPAZ 1 hi res

Here in NYC it’s easy to get confused when someone mentions the word “comics”. We’ve got such a rich culture of comic book creators and stand-up comics that you could easily be talking about either one. Rarely, though, is there a comic written specifically by comedians.

SPAZ Comics is that book, and we’ve got a signing coming up this June 24th to celebrate. And we’ve got a killer line-up of comics that’ll be there, including Dave Konig (Host of Hardcore TV, Louie), April Brucker (Last Comic Standing, Layover with Anthony Bourdain), Johnny Rizzo (who’s opened for Joan Rivers, Weird Al Tommy Chong, and more) and Rik Sansone (Editor of Spaz).

The event starts @ 7pm. Hope to see ya there!

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THIS FRIDAY: Ollie Mongo signing with Arlene Klasky and Craig Singer

Those who prefer their walking dead limber enough to skateboard should appreciate Ollie Mongo, the blue-skinned teenage denizen of a post-apocalyptic Jersey Shore that has been overrun by zombies (literally). Star of his own online comic, Ollie is a more personable breed of zombie, a vegetarian skater who spends his free time helping to keep old-school zombies in line: after all, he’s half human.

Ollie Mongo series creators Arlene Klasky (co-founder of Klasky Csupo, Inc., producer of Rugrats, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters!, The Wild Thornberrys, and Duckman) and Craig Singer (director of horror films Dark Ride and Perkins’ 14) will be at Forbidden Planet NYC this coming Friday at 7 PM, signing FREE copies of Ollie Mongo: Adventures in the Apocalypse. Get yours while supplies last!

Once again, that’s:

Forbidden Planet NYC

832 Broadway, New York, NY 10003

Friday 9/21 at 7 PM

Oh, and please note that eating fellow customers’ brains is strongly discouraged.

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Friday, July 13th at 7pm: The Dark Skull 418 In-Store Signing!

Meet the author of the world’s most dangerous comic book novel:

The Dark Skull 418

only at Forbidden Planet NYC

Friday, July 13th at 7pm

For more details, check out the Facebook Event page!

The Dark Skull 418:

The World’s Most Danger☢us Comic Book Novel!

“Show me a Hero, and I’ll show you a @#*% tragedy.” -Midn8te Man, 2012

As all things do, they change. As do the illusions of the things we knew.  When that happens, something manifests in some people.  Something that tells them  everything they have been led to believe  about this reality is  a Conspiracy in Theory: and what if those who always suspected the Lies, were actually True, were the only ones who could stop it?  This mysterious realization and knowledge of self has come to be known as the “Dark Skull 418 Effect”  It sweeping the world as we speak, Are you effected yet?

This phenomena is a scary thought for some, a deadly threat to others.With the advent of this cultural awakening effecting the perception of the world’s populace, people began to see the world for what it really was for the first time in a long time.  The powers that be saw the writing on the wall, and knew the so called New World Order was no longer a forgone conclusion.

All of this came to a head with the release of a Mix tape called the “DS418:TheSoundTrackMixtapeAlbumCd♫” Corn Liquor, The rapper who released it, was apart of Concrete Evidence. They were the greatest Revolutionary Rap Group in history and of their  time. Due to the groups  lyrical content they were labeled subversives. This led to Corn Liquor being targeted by the US Government’s kill list sanctioned by the NDAA Act. Since then, NSA Director John Nathan R. President has dedicated his time to tracing the true motives of the ‘subversives’ influenced by the DS418 Effect. As the world heads towards Global Financial Debt Crisis, False Flag Attacks, Rumors of Secession,  Comets, Race War Militias, and Global Pandemics. There is a real sense that this is really it.

Unbeknownst to the US government, NSA Director President is also apart of a secret Nazi cabal within the US government. They integrated into American society after WW2 now called The Thulic Vril in whispers. NSA Director President uses his public position to put this Order above the other factions vying for world domination. Such as the Vampyrean”The VORT BloodTockcracy.”  Or the Daemonic Alien “Break Away Society.” All seeking to exploit the rapture and to escape the inevitable Judgement awaiting all of them.

As things go from bad to worse, two of NSA Director President’s  operatives-Agents Moldy and Skulder are ordered to create a case profile on an international serial cop killer called The Midn8te Man. The first man in history to ever be declared a “Super Villain.” On their quest to find answers on his true motivations lead them into the  darkly lit and often stranger world of the Dark Skull 418. With the appearance of  ‘The Comet of Doom’ hurtling toward the Earth, the showdown between a divided US and The rest of the World.  the rising conciousness level of those effected by the DS418 Effect, awakens an ancient truth from within themselves.  Thus, the end seems nearer… to the beginning of something else completely.

The mystery of who,when, where, or what the Dark Skull 418 really is, becomes Moor and More revealing as you read. The DS418 will take you on a “FuturistHistoricSuperSci-Fi-Fantasy” ride of epic proportions. To a reality where nothing fake can exist. A Universe  to B, where reality is the new black. So check out “The World’s Most Danger☢us Comi☣ Book Novel!” and figure it out for yourself.


About the Author: Aseer The Duke Of Tiers is a Multimedia artist who started doing art at 4. He took art classes at the Brooklyn Museum at 7 and continued throughout his life. After learning abroad in schools,  and the streets  of Brooklyn. Aseer studied Jurisprudence in pursuit of his PHD. Culturally he is a SHKM(Sachem) of The Tamoanchan Nation of the indigenous. Known as THe Duke Of Tiers, Aseer and his queen Celina The Empress of 10,000 Years have a musical group called  ✩Team ♞Cordoba✩.

They recorded a Soundtrack to the Novel entitled “DS418:The SoundTrackAlbumMixtapeCd♫”


Contact: Moorally Correct Mediums Publishing, Suite 4783 Miami Beach Florida, 33141 #19175009442

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Archie Meets Kiss In-Store Signing

The biggest band in rock history invades Riverdale!

Guest stars galore unite as the Archies and KISS face off against a horde of invading monsters dead-set on turning Riverdale into a zombie haven! Can the rock legends stave off the monstrous invasion? What’s the key to the zombie invasion? And what’s up with that shiny amulet?

Find out Wednesday, April 11th, when the creators of  “Archie Meets KISS” appear in store to sign copies of their new book!

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The Weekly Pulse – January 18th 2012

New Batman, Supergirl, Catwoman, Wonder Woman, plus info on tomorrow’s big In-Store Signing and a ton more!

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In-Store Signing with Chad Hensley and Shade Rupe!

Thursday, January 19th at 7pm

come by Forbidden Planet NYC and meet

Chad Hensley of EsoTerra: The Journal of Extreme Culture


Shade Rupe of Dark Stars Rising!

*          *          *

About Chad Hensley and EsoTerra…

EsoTerra serves up a fringe gallery of malcontents, misanthropes, seekers, sorcerers, ecstatics, jesters, and visionaries, all of them living life on their own terms and taking a carnival mallet to the head of consensus normality. If you don’t find something among their ideas and endeavors to enhance your own life, then you’re probably beyond resuscitation already. Put this one on the shelf between the seminal Apocalypse Culture and the classics from Re/Search, in whose company it deservedly belongs.”
Brian Hodge, author of World Of Hurt and Mad Dogs

“Chad Hensley’s EsoTerra fanzine was probably one of the greatest American sources of inspiration and mind fodder for the disgruntled subcultural youth of the ’90s. That’s why it’s actually so nice to flip through this newly published tome. Not only for the contents in themselves, but also for the time capsule aspect of it all. It is very much a zeitgeist-ish anthology, in what people write and talk about, and how they do it. But yet it still packs a punch. Many of the phenomena and people are still “cutting edge”. This truly wonderful anthology draws some pretty dark and disturbing elements out of our chaotic times and into the light.”
Carl Abrahamsson, editor of The Fenris Wolf

“Chad Hensley’s magical magazine, EsoTerra, brought together rock stars and demons and scary visionary thinkers. It pulled no punches, presenting provocative glimpses into a new and improved consciousness. EsoTerra was like the Bible of Extreme Culture!”
George Petros, author of Art That Kills

A crafted reporter on cultural extremes in music and art, Bram Stoker Award-nominated author Chad Hensley saw several years of his writing on underground subjects as EsoTerra: The Journal of Extreme Culture, through Creation Books in 2011. Hensley’s work has appeared in such praised publications as Apocalypse Culture 2, Terrorizer, Spin, Rue Morgue, Seconds, Gauntlet, Hustler, and Juxtapoz. Making his home in New Orleans, his label “Last Hurrah Records” is proud to present Sean Yseault of White Zombie‘s new band Star & Dagger as their second vinyl release.

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