G.I. Joe Retaliation Roadblock Review

For reasons unknown to me, Roadblock was always one of my favorite characters in G.I. Joe. I could never really understand why—heck, he only had, what, one GOOD mold during the entire O-ring era of G.I. Joe? I don’t know, there was just something appealing to me about a gigantic, muscular black guy who spends half of his time carrying around a big machine gun not meant to be used as a handheld weapon, and the other half as a master chef. Sure, he did all those godawful rhymes in the cartoon, but well, I tend to disregard the cartoon whenever I can. Roadblock was… just awesome.

When I first heard that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was playing Roadblock, I was a smidge skeptical. I just wasn’t sold. Yeah, he was big enough, but he just didn’t have… the look. Maybe it was his skin tone, or hair color, or something, but I just wasn’t sold on the idea. But, I tend to keep an open mind, and you know what? Once I finally got to see him in costume, my opinion shifted. One look at him said “That’s Roadblock.” And all things considered, I was pretty happy.

This is the second figure Roadblock has received in the Retaliation line so far, and it’s a certain improvement over the first one. This figure actually has two functional hands as opposed to a stupid gimmick hand that lacks any functionality whatsoever. Apparently early production samples had him with two of those hands, but thankfully, that’s not the case for the final toy.

I really like the head sculpt for this figure. While I think it could be a bit better, maybe with The Rock’s trademark “one eye bigger than the other” expression, it’s good for what it is. I actually like the lighter facial hair color here—it makes it look like he’s been out on patrol for awhile, going along with the whole “Night Ops” look. Continue reading

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