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Is There A Porco Rosso Sequel?

Life, if done right, is long. It is also full of unfair twists. We start it off as mindless eating machines that get to take naps, everybody loves and wants to hold, and we get all our meals through breastfeeding. Six Flags! We end our tenure on Earth as interesting, battle scarred individuals that no one wants to talk to and who are routinely ignored for the new and unusual. Two flags.

I, and many of you other travelers, am/are “Middle Aged.” I’ve been around enough now that younger people call me “Mr.” and try to avoid listening to me, while at the same time they have to admire things I’ve done or powers I’ve accumulated.

Where am I going with this?

Well, it was recently announced by Hayao Miyazaki, “Mr. Totoro” himself, that we might get a Porco Rosso sequel! HOORAY!

QUESTION 1: What is Porco Rosso?

Pocco Rosso is an amazing animated film which, on the surface is about high flying adventure in dog-fighting seaplanes in the tense political climate of the Mediterranean Sea between World Wars, but which is actually about being middle aged. Specifically this aspect of Porco Rosso is about looking forward and looking back.

Did I mention the main character is a human pig because of a death curse from a bi-plane duel? Did I mention there are cute girls, handsome pilots, and more air pirates than you could shake a stick at? It is one of the best animated films from one of the best animated film directors of all time. Continue reading

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