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Witch Doctor #0

The new Image title Witch Doctor dropped this week as the flip side of Walking Dead #85.

So after reading the Walking Dead (which was another mind blowing issue) I was all hyped on reading this Witch Doctor.  As a horror enthusiast I love seeing new genre comics being released. Especially a non-zombie related one, no offense. Honestly it was great… and following Walking Dead ain’t easy. Bringing a real scientific slant to an established horror mythos is a fantastic original idea. l’m looking forward to seeing more monsters on the shelves thanks to Brandon Seifert and Lukas Ketner.

So pick up the new issue of Walking Dead! Even if it’s just for the Witch Doctor, give Walking Dead a read. It’s a great jumping on point.

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Vampires in Comic Books

By Devin T. Quin

Depending on your point of view this could be the golden age of vampires in popular culture OR, as many “old school” horror fans feel, a time of a great and calamitous darkness. They feel like the elf queen Galadriel in the Lord of the Rings, that the once fun and fertile world of vampires as sexy, horrible undead monsters is slowly dying, transforming into a new age of emotional vampires with guilt and girlfriends, fueled less by hatred and more by teen angst. “I can feel it in the water,” they cry. “ I can feel it in the air.”

To this I and Dracula, say “Bleah!”

Vampires have been with us for one-hundred plus years, and while they go through many changes they always turn in a riveting performance. They’re the simplest narrative device to illustrate that power comes with strings, that immortality has its downsides and the oldest of adages yet: be careful what you wish for. Continue reading

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