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Hallelujah, It’s Raining Manga!

Hark! Dost thou hear the blessing of the manga gods as they shower a whopping TWENTY-EIGHT books upon our nerdy heads this week? Listen harder, then, BECAUSE IT’S HAPPENING.

Seriously, there are almost too many books to even know where to start, so I’ll go for the jugular and talk about one of my not-so-secret favourite things: YAOI. Might as well, since there are five whole books of this sordid ilk coming to us and inquiring minds want (need) to know, especially after such a dry season.

The first title to do a happy little dance for is the long-anticipated Volume 3 of Finder, which is the wonderfully dirty tale of Akihito, a freelance photographer who happens to take some incriminating pictures of the wrong scoop! With evidence of some of the Yakuza’s underworld dealings on film, Akihito is kidnapped by mobster, Asami, who then takes him as his personal pet. I tend to be a real jerk about art, especially when it comes to shoujo and yaoi manga, but I can safely tell you that Finder is far from the typical, almost lazy lackluster that can be found in those genres. Also, unlike a lot of yaoi manga, Finder doesn’t pull its punches with the sexy stuff: it’s definitely not for the underaged. It’s also got a decently convoluted, dark plot to make it more than just a pornographic indulgence, so if you’ve yet to add it to your yaoi library, here’s your chance to fix that! Continue reading

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