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Of Monkeys and Masters

By Unkiedev

The end of a millennium is always an opportunity to look backwards in nostalgia, but it seems when we crossed over from the Twentieth to the Twenty-First centuries we never stopped looking back.

This is a nice way of saying that, while individual comics can still be a hoot, on the whole the medium seems to be treading thin water, idea wise.

Hit Monkey #1, Daniel Way (W) Dalibor Talijic (A), Marvel

Just as the Chinese have a revolving wheel of animals to represent a calendar year there is a somewhat established cycle of go-to-funny characters we cheap humorists use when we want to mail in a joke. I think it goes Pirate, Ninja, Robot, Monkey, Caveman, Zombie, Cowboy, uhm… Richard Simmons, Nerds, Santa Clause, Bigfoot, Filipinos. Something like that…

The point is that, while the separate elements of a business suit wearing, serious toned, silver pistol toting Rhesus Monkey as a hit man seem good on paper it is the complete lack of originality BEHIND the desperate quirkyness that make him fail. Continue reading

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