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MSiA Extended Gelgoog (Igloo version) Review

While I was always more into the model kits, during Gundam’s short-lived heyday in America, I was actually a little more into the action figures. It was out of convenience, really. The American action figure line was very cheap, especially when compared to the models, and offered a huge variety. You could get stuff like the G-Armor, the GM Custom, the GM Cannon II, the classic Gelgoog… all suits that at the time, lacked high grades. Heck, you could even get mobile armors like Zakrello and Bigro! Those were some pretty cool times.

These days, those old Mobile Suit in Action!! figures have now been replaced with the much superior Robot Damashii, but a few weeks back, I was feeling a bit nostalgic, and decided to pick this guy up: Herbert von Kuspen’s custom Gelgoog.

This suit appeared in the CGI OVA MS Igloo, piloted by a Zeon officer who was totally a Nazi (seriously, you should see his damn coat…). By and large, it’s just a Gelgoog, painted in a rather nice gray-on-gray color scheme with some sharp brown panel lining—that’s something you don’t see too often.

The body for this figure was used several other times in the Extended MSiA line, including the mass production model, Char’s unit, Johnny Ridden’s High Mobility Type, the Gelgoog Cannon, and Thomas Kurtz’s Gelgoog cannon; so basically, every canon design save for Anavel Gato’s unit. Since I’m not sure about the order in which these kits all came out, I can’t account for anything like mold degradation, but something tells me the mold for this thing looks like Swiss Cheese at this point.

Since this is the only Extended MSiA I own, I have to say I was quite blown away by this figure’s articulation. It’s ridiculous! Almost everything on it has a double joint—the knees, the elbows, heck, even the shoulders! The only old MSiA that came anywhere close to this was the Gundam version 2.0, and while that one was awesome, it had its share of flaws. Continue reading

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