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The Semi-annual big ol’ look at Marvel toys

HUMBLE BRAG: PAX East is in a few days, which means next week I’ll have a fun little write up about the show next week. Insert your jealousy/rage/apathy/excitement here.

Happy St. Paddy’s day FPNYC Faithful! I thought about doing a special themed article tied into the holiday, but doing an all-green or all-Irish toy list would be lame, and writing up posts drunk is genuinely frowned upon. So instead the theme I’m going with will be “Oh man, lookit new Marvel toys”, a topic I am certainly super-familiar with.

We’ll start with taking a look at a pair of newish Non-Hasbro made Marvel figures! NCA is producing a line of 1/4th scale Avenger figures and is starting off with Captain America himself. It has the best likeness to Chris Evans to date (excluding the Hot Toys stuff) and stands at a whopping 18″. Articulation wise we’re looking at about 25-30 points overall. and when it comes to accessories, you get a pair of alternate hands and Cap’s iconic shield with functional straps. Not bad for about $90, but I wish the shade of blue they went with was a little darker.

And if you want something a little more high end, the Hot Toys Black Widow figure is currently in stock. Hot Toys could have been lazy and just reused their Iron Man 2 Widow, but no, the figure is all-new and rocks a super-eerie likeness to ScarJo herself. It’s actually a far superior figure overall when compared to her IM2 counterpart, and may be one of the BEST female Hot Toy releases to date. This amazing figure comes with a stand with her name on it, a Chitauri weapon, extra hands, 2 pistols, and alternate “Widow Bite” fists/gauntlets. It will set you back about $200, but these are Hot Toys. You pay for what you get.

The Marvel Universe line comes out swinging in 2013, with not only a new wave, but with 2 new 3-packs as well. The first MU wave has a few re-releases (Golden Age Cap, the Hulk in both classic and World War Hulk flavors, Beast and Ultimate Spidey), but makes up for it with some really obscure characters. There’s classic Angel (with a red and white variant), Nova (the Rich Rider Nova-Prime version), Nighthawk, the 80s version of Hercules (with a mace!) and Puck (with Snowbird in bird form). I’m a big fan of the Nova figure myself, but for a wave consisting mostly of B and C-listers, this is a solid set. For the “Greatest Team” 3-packs there’s 2 classic team being represented. The West Coast Avengers set comes with classic Hawkeye (a retooled Dark Avenger Hawkeye if I’m not mistaken) his then-wife, now ex, Mockingbird and War Machine ( a repaint from the IM2 comic line). The other team is the late 80s/early 90s X-men with brown and yellow Wolverine ( I think a reworked Dark Wolverine or one from that Cap/Logan two pace from a few years back, but  I could be wrong), Art Adams-era Longshot, classic Jim Lee era Rogue and X-baby Cyclops. Considering it’s 3 figures for a price that’s cheaper than buying them separately, it’s quite a deal.

Look at that, we’ve ran out of time and we didn’t even get a chance to even look at all the new Iron Man 3 stuffs! It’s like I planned it out this way for a future article or something…. (hehehe I r smart!).

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G.I. Joe Ninja Dojo Set Part 3 Beachhead

As much as I hate to say it, Beachhead is one of those characters in G.I. Joe that never really jumped out to me. While I was more of a comic fan, the toys came first. If a character didn’t have any cool toys, they just weren’t interesting to me. Beachhead was one of those unfortunate few. I never cared for any of his molds back in the day. They either looked too fat, or too lanky, or too goofy. Some of them looked too mean, while others didn’t look mean enough. There was just no winning in my eyes.

Now, while I could accept Roadblock in this set as a ninja since it seems like he trains to become one in the movie, I have no clue why Beachhead is in this set. He never struck me as any sort of martial arts guy. If he ever were to use his fists, they’d probably just be to choke some poor Cobra solider or something, not use a sword. Maybe someone at Hasbro said, “Hey, Beachhead wears a baklava; that makes him like a ninja, right? LET’S PUT HIM IN A NINJA SET.” Their logic never ceases to amaze me.

Since it looks like we won’t be getting a 30th Anniversary Beachhead any time soon, I think this figure is the closest we’re going to get. This figure uses a pretty obvious selection of parts: the head from Pursuit of Cobra Beachhead and the body of the 30th Anniversary Snake Eyes and Stalker. It’s a GREAT body and one I’ll never get tired of, and it’s used incredibly well here. Everything that body used is still here; the silenced pistol, the knife, the kneepads… it’s good to see that Hasbro didn’t skimp out on the accessories. His vest is also a new sculpt; the same one included with the Snake Eyes figure in the other two-pack. Continue reading

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G.I. Joe Retaliation Snake Eyes

Another year, another Snake-Eyes figure.

But well, what do you expect. The movies looks like it’s going to be loaded with all sorts of Arashikage Ninja action, so of course we’ll have a ton of new Snake-Eyes figures to deal with. But hey, I say that like Hasbro ever had a REASON to make fifty Snake-Eyes figures in any given year. Still, I’m a big enough fan of Snake-Eyes and the G.I. Joe movie aesthetic in general to justify my buying of another figure, and besides, it wouldn’t be as fun having the new Storm Shadow without an appropriate Snake-Eyes to fight him.

This new Snake-Eyes figure, well, certainly is a Snake-Eyes figure. I have to wonder if Hasbro ever gets tired of his design and tries to do something new with him. That’s probably how Temple Guardian Snake-Eyes came about, you know, one of those toys I never found. Ah well. I guess this figure will hold me off for awhile, even though I feel as though he’s inferior to the “God Tier Snake-Eyes” from 2010 in almost every way.

Seeing as Hasbro almost never changes Snake-Eyes’ design, it feels like he’s one of those characters whose design can never go wrong, not even in movie form. Well, okay, there was that hideous mouth on the suit for the first movie, but thankfully, that isn’t the case here. It’s back to the old look here.

In fact I really like this head. The wrinkled/slightly baggy look is very reminiscent of the Snake-Eyes mold introduced in 2005. In fact, now that I think about it, the whole figure kind of is. That’s pretty cool and all, but honestly, I’d like something a bit more “new”. Maybe we’ll see something like Paris Pursuit Snake-Eyes soon. That was a fun toy.

Much like the new Storm Shadow, there is no sacrificed articulation here. He’s got it all: hinged wrists, ankle rockers; again, pretty much everything save for the fabled double-elbow. However, he’s not as good as Storm Shadow in the knee department. The “fabric” on the back of his pants hinders some of the articulation, preventing the legs from going back all the way.

My biggest issue with the figure is the accessories. His sword is cool, as is his gun (despite it being… blue. What is this, 1993?) but he has no cool webgear. No backpack, no straps, nothing. The lack of any kind of webgear is really disappointing to me. Without any, he just feels so boring and plain. Continue reading

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Transformers Prime Arcee Review

I gotta be honest here, I really wish I was able to get all the first editions for Transformers Prime. For the most part, they all seemed better than the main release counterparts. Unfortunately, most of them didn’t show up in my area, and the ones that did left the shelves about as fast as they appeared. Thankfully, I had the NYCC two-pack of Bumblebee and Arcee, which covered those two. But unfortunately, Hasbro decided to roll out a main release Arcee, and you know what? I actually like her a bit more.

How about that.

Also, I think this is the first time I’ve covered a female Transformer here. Yay?

Arcee transforms into a very compact motorcycle. This mode is very nice, and it’s actually scaled to work with G.I. Joes! Well, rather, she WOULD work with G.I. Joes if she didn’t have so much extra junk on the sides. Damned kibble, always ruining cross-toyline play features!

You can also attach her weapons in this mode, but the look neither sensible nor insanely awesome (like Wheeljack’s stabcar mode). They just look stupid.

Arcee’s transformation is actually quite simple, not nearly as confusing as her First Edition counterpart. Everything folds out nicely, although separating her wheel halves can prove to be quite the annoyance.

Arcee’s robot mode has one thing that beats not just most of the mainline Prime toys, but also many of the first editions: It’s RIDICULOUSLY accurate. Yes, a lot of her transformation has been simplified and a lot of fake parts needed to be utilized, but overall, it’s a huge improvement. The only real issue I have with this mode is the gigantic backpack, but it gives her accurate wings, which kind of makes that point null. Continue reading

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Transformers Prime Wheeljack Review

By Loran

Over the years in Transformers, we see characters take on a lot of different forms, pun not intended. We’ve seen a Smokescreen that was a Decepticon jet. We’ve seen Inferno as a crazy pyromaniac ant. We’ve seen Prowl as a ninja motorcycle. But once in awhile one comes along that just feels so… off, it becomes hard to accept, and the most recent example is Prime Wheeljack. While yes, Wheeljack was a traitor in Armada, he at least carried a different design that made him stand apart. But this time, we got a Wheeljack that was a fantastic update to the original… but with the personality and schtick of Drift. What the heck? Still, as time went on I came to accept it, and I’m glad I did… because he’s a damn nice toy.

He’s certainly not the Lancia Stratos of old, but damn he’s got style (Editor’s note: the design is actually based on the Lancia Fenomenon concept car). He’s one of those few cars that manages to get that futuristic concept car look without looking too ridiculous. Next to Cliffjumper, I’d have to say this is my favorite car mode in the line thus far. Props to the designers for this one; I don’t get excited by car-formers too often based on vehicle mode alone.

Wheeljack’s transformation is simple, yet satisfying. He’s one of the few Transformers I own that I could probably spend all day transforming back and forth. The only part that bugs me are the lower legs, which I keep forgetting how to do properly…

Wheeljack’s robot mode is, well, the original Wheeljack in the Prime style! I have to admit, I wish they took a few more liberties with the design, but hey, it’s Wheeljack. The long arms look is a bit odd and ape-like, but that seems to be a recurring theme with the Prime designs, so I’ll accept it. Continue reading

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Transformers Prime Soundwave Review

By Loran

The Transformers Prime mainline is finally here, even though it’s being called Robots in Disguise for some reason (because it’s not like there was another toyline/cartoon with the same name…). Either way, like they say, a rose by any other name is still a rose. I’m glad the line’s finally here, even if it took what, a year after the show came out for the toys to hit shelves? And those were just the first editions (which I wish I had…). Let’s hope that despite some potential ups and downs that this line is going to be around for awhile, and the cartoon as well.

One of my most highly-anticipated entries into the Prime toyline was Soundwave. He’s a first in Transformers, changing into a Reaper drone. The transformation is unfortunately not perfect, coming with a lot of visible robot kibble in vehicle mode. I can’t say this is all that surprising considering his vehicle mode. Nothing like this has been done before so there will definitely be some sort of a learning curve for Hasbro and Takara until they get it down.

There’s nothing too fancy about Soundwave’s transformation, but it’s nothing too complicated either. His arms gain quite a bit of length from the transformation, which is probably my favorite aspect of his design.

Even without the long, extended arms, this incarnation of Soundwave is probably my favorite take on the character. You can tell by looking at his creepy, slender form that he’s one of the guys the other Decepticons don’t associate with much. He’s the ‘con who spends all day at his post working and everyone else is too afraid to go near him. The fact that he never says a word is just the icing on the cake. Continue reading

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Initiative War Machine Review

By Loran

For reasons I can’t explain, I just… love War Machine. He’s one of the few, if only, cases I can think of where a sidekick has a cooler uniform than the main hero. Heck, if anything, Iron Man should be HIS sidekick! War Machine is Iron Man plus guns with a slavish black and silver or black and white color scheme. This is just way too cool to me! I’m sorry, I have a weird obsession with War Machine. I’ll stop now.

In the six inch Iron Man: The Armored Avenger toyline, Hasbro experimented with new comic series designs and a bunch of (pretty heinous) repaints of the Iron Man 2 figures. On the comic side of things, Hasbro gave us some great-looking figures like Crimson Dynamo, Titanium Man, and what we have here: Initiative War Machine.

I wasn’t sold on this design originally. I tend to prefer War Machine in black and silver, but I picked this figure up on impulse because hey, when WILL we get another six inch War Machine. I figured he would be a good counterpart for the new Marvel Legends Iron Man, because I think if you need one, you gotta have the other.

When comparing him height-wise to the new Marvel Legends Iron Man, he actually comes up a little short. I think this is mostly due to the Iron Man figure’s height, not War Machine’s.

Like many other War Machine figures, one of his shoulder guns is spring-loaded. It’s… an interesting design, to say the least. The launcher extends after the missile is fired, making it go from huge to comically huge. I really wish Hasbro would make the missile launchers on War Machine swappable instead of making the missile one the default configuration.

Both launchers are mounted on hinges like the four inch figures. It manages to not hurt much of the design, although his chest feels a little long and he kind of leans backwards. That could be a design choice, however. What I DO have a problem with are these stupid cables attaching to the guns and limbs. I hate these. They always pop out and just look so intrusive. I just took them off.

The paint applications are pretty lackluster as well. The while is so sloppily applied it feels more like he’s a Toybiz-era legend than a Hasbro one. I do like the spray apps on his arms and gun, however.

His articulation is thankfully standard for a figure of this type, using the old-style hip joints. Again, those weird circle things get in the way but can be moved. Unfortunately his head doesn’t have a hinge joint in it so he can’t properly look up, but it’s not as bad as the first Iron Man movie figures.

He manages to avoid having intrusive shoulders, as well. The metal bolts in the shoulders actually look pretty cool, in my opinion, and add to the overall appearance.

I like this rendition of War Machine. He isn’t perfect, but he’s definitely worth getting, especially if you have the new Extremis Armor Iron Man. I’d recommend getting him from FPNYC if you plan on doing just that!

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The Return of Marvel Legends

by Chris Troy

Happy President’s Day FP Faithful! Was that wish an excuse to use an overplayed Marvel-based Abe Lincoln image? Yes, possibly, but hey, it’s the thought that counts right? Hopefully those of you who had the day off did something rad with it, as I slept for about 10 hours and spending most of Saturday drunk. Good times.

Anywho, let’s buckle down and talk toys. Toy Fair was last week and a TON of new offerings for 2012 were shown off. I was happy to see that Square Enix ended up with the Mass Effect license, and will end up making a plethora of rad figures later this year. The new GI Joe stuff looks great, and I’m sure Loran will be happy to talk about that soon. NECA is FINALLY making toys based on Valve products and I for one am excited for them. And Hasbro is going to make a killing off of that Marvel license, between the Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man, and their comics stuff. Which brings us to today’s topic….

After what seems like like an eternity (despite the existences of several retailer exclusives), the fan-favorite 6″ Marvel Legends line has returned. As cool as the Universe line has been over the last couple of years, this is the line collectors has always preferred. Granted the quality and articulation took a bit of a hit when the licenses went from Toy Biz to Mattel, it improved greatly before the line’s “death” a few years back. Luckily fan demand called for its return and it’s back, complete with the build-a-figure pieces that it made famous first.

For the most part, the line is solid in terms of sculpt, paint, and variety. However there are some faults.  First being the price. When the line first debuted back in 2002, you could pick up your average figure at about $7.99 at retail. Now? $20 is the CHEAPEST you’ll be finding them. Yes I know the economy and inflation and what not, but damn, that’s pretty expensive, especially when half the figures don’t come with accessories. And while the articulation is there, it’s still not on the level that it was when Toy Biz was calling the shots. But enough with me bitching, let’s take a look at the figures.

Let’s start off with the Avengers trinity. Here we have Steve Rogers, rocking his “Heroic Age” era outfit. It’s not a bad figure, but the head sculpt is a little whack. Iron Man is rocking his Extremis -era outfit, and why I’m not crazy about the wrist joints, it’s a pretty solid figure overall. Both Cap and Iron Man have variants, Cap with his Ionic shield and black paint job, Iron Man with a blue stealth version. Rounding out the trio is Thor, wearing his modern costume, and is easily the best of the bunch, at least in terms of the Avengers. He’s slightly larger than the others, has a great sculpt, and comes with his hammer Mjolnir (or “Mew-Mew” if you will).  The only downside is that Thor does not come with a Terrax built a figure piece, whereas Cap comes with his lower torso, and Stark with his right leg.

I have no idea which version of Ghost Rider this figure is based on, as it’s certainly not the modern female, or Nicholas Cage. But it’s slightly smaller than Thor, exists in both a blue flame and orange flame version and comes with both Terrax arms. Why he didn’t he come with a bike instead of the arms is beyond me. Hope, the only mutant and female figure in the line, is my personal favorite. She comes rocking a huge-ass gun, which would make her adopted daddy Cable proud. She also comes packaged with Terrax’s head and axe.

Rounding out the wave are 2 villains, Constrictor and Klaw. Both are accessory-less, like Iron Man, but both are crazy articulated and well sculpted. Also I’m fairly certain that,  much like Hope, this is the first time either one of these dudes got the Legends treatment. In terms of build of figure pieces, you’ll get  an upper torso from Constrictor and a right leg from Klaw.

The return of the ML line isn’t perfect, but hey, it’s a start right? The first shipment is nearly sold out, so needless to say, there’s a demand. If you want em,  be ready to grab ’em upon sight.

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Kre-O Sentinel Prime Review

When I was a kid, I was really into LEGO, even more than I was into action figures. As the years went on, though, I noticed the sets were declining in quality, mostly due to the amount of effort they were funneling into the Star Wars sets. As a result, I got more and more interested in Gunpla and began focusing my efforts there. I can’t say I regret it, since I’ve gotten much better at that than I ever was at LEGO. Still, once in awhile, I go back to it or maybe even those neat HALO Mega Bloks sets. But I’m not here to talk about those—I’m here to talk about Kre-O.

Now as much as we want to forget it, Built to Rule happened. It was a great concept, but horribly executed. For those who don’t know, Built to Rule was Hasbro’s last attempt at a building block series, and it wasn’t very good. The bricks rarely stayed together and the end products were pretty disappointing once finished, especially the Transformers. This time, though, it seems Hasbro got a few things right, but there’s still room for improvement.

I made my first foray into Kre-O with Sentinel Prime, since I like buying the characters we DON’T see every year. And because he was cheap for me, but that’s neither here nor there. Unsurprisingly, his design here is based on his appearance in Dark of the Moon, but there are a few other influences which I’ll get to later.

His vehicle mode is the similar to the airport firetruck he transforms into in the movie, and it is surprisingly big; certainly bigger than any time LEGO did a vehicle like this. He has opening doors and a positionable, spring-loaded water cannon as well as ladders that don’t really do anything. Unfortunately he only has one seat for the driver, but I can’t say I’m that surprised. Continue reading

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Marvel Universe: The Wolverine Buyer’s Guide

By Chris Troy

Happy post Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday (who says the holidays are commercialized) FPNYC Faithful! If you’re anything like me (which if so, I’m sorry to hear that), you probably spent most of your weekend in a food/football/shopping coma. If not, I’m extremely jealous of you, unless you were working.

So let’s talk toys shall we? I’m going to attempt to start a new feature for the blog, highlighting the evolution of certain popular characters throughout a particular line. The easiest would be Batman, but that would be a month’s work of articles (hmmm..). Instead we’ll go with something a littler easier, Marvel’s most popular mutant/Canadian: Wolverine!

Single Carded:

Surprisingly, the 1st Wolverine figure that came from the Marvel Universe line was not in his modern costume, but his X-Force costume (back when it was written by X-Men:Evolution creators Craig Kyle & Chris Yost, and was mostly all claw-based characters). It’s actually a really great figure, despite Wolverine never actually using a gun during that run of the book. Post-X-Force Wolverine’s release, Hasbro released several Wolverine figures in his classic yellow costume and brown one in the Wolverine: Origins line, as well as several figures based on Hugh Jackman’s version of the character. Since that took care of the iconic costumes, the Marvel Universe line saw the release of 3 other variant Wolverine costumes: his maskless yellow/blue jumpsuit from Jim Lee‘s run on Uncanny, his Weapon X Operative outfit (also designed in the 90s, which explains the pouches) and his classic first appearance costume from Incredible Hulk #181. I’m not particularly thrilled with ANY of these figures to be honest, but different strokes for different folks and all that. Continue reading

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Of Arkham City and Marvel Universe figures

By Chris Troy

Happy Halloween FPNYC Faithful! Hope whatever you have planned for this/weekend doesn’t involve being dressed as M.O.D.O.K. and drinking a ton of tequila, because that’s my plan for the year (and as of writing, it’s been 12+ hours later and I’m STILL hung over). That being said, anybody pick up Arkham City for their Xbox or PS3 yet (I think PC users still have to wait a bit)? The game is damn good, as it improves on several things from Rocksteady‘s previous release, the million units selling Arkham Asylum. If you’re a fan of Batman and/or excellent video games, it’s worth your time.

And if you’re a Bat-video game fan, you REALLY need to pick up the Arkham City tie-in graphic novel. I know, I know, tie-in books usually blow and are usually widely ignored when it comes to the actual game’s, but things are different with this one. It’s written by the game’s  head writer Paul Dini (who was also one of the original creators involved with the 90s Batman Animated series, as well as runs on Bat-books like Gotham Sirens & Detective Comics) and drawn by the game’s concept artist Carlos D’ana. The hardcover collects the mini-series & web-only episodes, which connect the 2 games, as well as some behind the scenes artwork. A solid collection to add to your book shelf.

Last week I mentioned I picked up some new Marvel Universe figures, and promised to give a review of them this week. So unless I want to be labeled a liar, I better do so. X-23 & Commander Steve Rogers were the 1st two ML figures I’ve purchased since Spider-Woman, and man, the line has come a far way since then! Hasbro has been getting better with these figures since their debut a few year back, but now it’s really showing how much the line has improved. Continue reading

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Renegades Snake Eyes Review

By Loran

The Renegades keep marching in now, with another constant of the G.I. Joe Universe: Snake-Eyes! Yeah, I figured I should just get the “big three” out of the way first, or else I’d probably never buy them. I always like to focus on the side-characters first and make up my own backstories for them and whatnot, then add all the “big names” later on. I mean, there are always gonna be Snake-Eyes and Duke figures, but how often do we get, say, a new Low-Light, Airtight, or Sci-Fi? Not often enough, I would say… and I still need to find a Low-Light…

Renegades Snake-Eyes borrows heavily from Resolute Snake-Eyes. Actually, that’s a lie… pretty much his entire mold is Resolute Snake-Eyes. That’s not a bad thing, mind you; Resolute Snake-Eyes is a great mold! I remember searching high and low for him back during the first movie and the total elation I experienced when I finally did find him. Admitted, I already had the mold from that Target-exclusive four pack, but I still wanted the full experience. For awhile he was my default Snake-Eyes, up until the Pursuit of Cobra Wave 3 one came out. Come on, we all KNOW you can’t top that one.

…and, that’s really the main problem with this figure. Until Hasbro (somehow) tops it, Wave 3 Snake-Eyes will remain the DEFINITIVE version of the character, and all other versions will just be living in its shadow. Sure, you can do some gimmicky figures like Temple Guardian, but no matter what, they won’t beat the real thing.

In fact, the only NEW parts to this figure are the arms. The head is the same as the alternate one we saw in the Wave 3 version. A nice head for sure, though I would’ve liked to see something new. Personally, the visor look never did much for me. I always preferred goggles, and one of my favorite molds for the character is the 1991 “Hockey Mask” version. I don’t know why, but I always dug it.

The new arms work well enough, avoiding the wrist problem Duke had. I don’t see the point of giving someone like Snakes the dual-joint system, since it’s not like he has any rifles to hold. The hands themselves are nice and tight, and Hasbro was smart enough to NOT band the gun to his hand itself in the package. I hate it when they do that.

Unlike Duke, Snakes got off with a pretty good assortment of weapons. He comes with two swords, a knife, a sai, a backpack, and some kind of phase machine gun? It’s odd, but it suits Snakes. Not only does he come with a lot of weapons, but he can actually store them all! Wooo! The sai and knife store in his backpack, the gun on a new-sculpt holster, and his swords in… some kind of pouch thing? Whatever, I’ll run with it.

If you already own Resolute Snake-Eyes in some form, you’re really not getting much new here aside from a pair of new arms and gear. Between him and the Wave 3 Snake-Eyes, the choice is obvious, but if you can’t find that fantastic figure or if you like Renegades, he’s good enough. Snag them from FPNYC before they disappear just like the show did!

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Countdown to New York Comic Con part 1

By Chris Troy

HOWDY FPNYC FAITHFUL!  We are only a few short days away from New York Comic Con, and as of the time of writing, FPNYC is SOLD OUT of all passes for the biggest comic & pop culture convention on the Northeastern Coast (Fairly certain east coast as well, but there’s a small chance that I may be wrong). Myself and Loran will be at the con all weekend (well Loran for a day), covering the convention for Bleedingcool.com and tweeting 140 character one liners over at @anarchris if you want to keep tabs on the convention and see what X-Men related characters I dress up as during the weekend (yup, cosplay is happening).

For the first time at the  convention, Hasbro is finally showing NYCC some love by hooking the con up with not 1, but 2 Marvel exclusives for the show. Representing the Marvel Universe line is the “Compound Hulk“, who appeared in a single issue of Jeff Parker‘s current run of “The Hulk” title. Much like the silver age Composite Superman-Batman, Compound Hulk is half Green Hulk, half Red Hulk, possibly the strongest there is. Possibly. And why SDCC got a exclusive Avengers themed Mini-Mugg box set, NYCC gets one based on the 90s crossover “Maximum Carnage.” This mini-5 packs gives us Carnage, Eddie Brock/Venom, Spider-Man, Demogoblin, and J. Jonah Jameson, with mean this 5 pack is a menace and a threat (to my wallet!), and well worth the money already. Continue reading

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Marvel Universe Ms. Marvel Review

By Loran

In my… unfortunately limited experience with comics (seriously, I’m working on it!), there are a few characters I’ve really taken a liking to, and one of them is Ms. Marvel, and I can’t quite explain why. Maybe it’s because she’s one of the few characters with classic AND modern outfits that I like, or maybe it’s the fact that she’s a bit easier to take seriously than her male counterpart. Either way, I’ve taken a liking to her, especially her Dark Avengers counterpart (a figure I haven’t had any luck finding, so I’ve decided to settle on this one).

For this figure, Ms. Marvel dons a variant of her classic outfit, more along the lines of Dark Ms. Marvel. I actually don’t mind this change that much. I think the covered stomach looks better here, since well, superpowers or not, showing THAT MUCH SKIN is a bit excessive, I think. I’d actually say this take on her outfit is probably my favorite. Shame they never made her classic figure in Marvel Legends scale. Maybe we’ll get to see one when Hasbro revives the scale next year. Continue reading

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30th Anniversary Sgt. Stalker Review

By Loran

Some people tend to really hate repaints and remolds. I could never really understand why. Sure, if it’s a reuse of a bad figure then it’s perfectly understandable. But what’s wrong with buying a great mold more than once? Sometimes repaints can be pointless, yes (Tuner Mudflap, I’m looking at you) but other times they can be great improvements over what came before, like the recent Reveal the Shield Bumblebee figure. It’s a cost-saving move for Hasbro, and sometimes that can bring about some neat stuff. I mean heck, the only 100% unique mold in the first year of G.I. Joe was Scarlett!

Which brings us to what makes this new Stalker figure so great. When the absolutely amazing Pursuit of Cobra Snake-Eyes figure came out, I was hoping we’d get other members of the Original 13 with it, and Hasbro answered with the ever-popular Stalker. It’s a shame Stalker doesn’t get much exposure in media outside of the comics. I always liked his character, and found him to be one that no collection should be without thanks to his involvement in Snake-Eyes’ backstory and the backstory of the whole mythos. He’s always standing at the forefront of my Joe team, and now he can finally do it in style.

Really, everything I said about this mold the first time I reviewed it holds true here. The hinged wrists are awesome, the removable knee pads are awesome, the holsters are awesome… it’s all just awesome. I really hope we see a few more characters with this mold, maybe like Short-Fuse or Zap. Continue reading

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