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So Long, Harold Ramis

Saddened by the news of Harold Ramis’ death today. I had the good fortune of speaking with him a number of times as he was an occasional customer of Forbidden Planet. Terrific, friendly fella whose works stand the test of time and will continue to do so. I’m sure anyone who’s seen Ghostbusters or Stripes can easily quote dozens of his iconic lines.

Mr. Ramis in his prime was one of the funniest people on Earth (rent Stripes from Amazon Instant tonight, you already know Ghostbusters and/or Groundhog Day by heart) and as such should be remembered for all the haha’s he brought to your life. Here are the only two eulogies for him from people I know that’ve given me a chuckle.

And fellow FP manager Justin Bacolo… “If you can’t bust ’em, join ’em.”

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