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MG Gundam Mark II Build Log-FINAL

Okay, with my first fully-painted 2.0 all finished, I guess it’s time to jump in.

I don’t think there’s anything about the Mark II in Titans colors I can say here that I didn’t say before. All I can really say now is that with the entire kit built and painted, I now know how well the dark blue paint actually came out.

Holy crap, it ended up really dark! But, I’m very much okay with this. It feels more like the Titans colors would look in the real world, with an almost bitch-dark blue to make the suit seem almost invisible against the blackness of space. That’s how the Titans strike: your dead before you ever notice them.

At least, that’s how it would have been had they not allowed idiots like Jerid into their group…

This kit has a few quirks that were clearly the result of some of Bandai’s experiments early on in the 2.0 releases, some of which leaked over into the main Master Grade kits at the time. If you remember my review of the Destiny Gundam, it had that little tab underneath its waist that can lock in place for leg placement. This kit has no such tab, but the legs still have that joint. It works… decently, I suppose. Frankly, it’s a gimmick I’m glad they quickly moved past.

This kit also has little pistons in the feet! They’re made of chrome and are both need and… kind of pointless? Like, why make JUST these pistons chrome and not make anything else on the kit chrome? It kind of clashes. But hey, at least with these things already molded in the right color, you don’t have to worry about painting them and rendering them useless. That wouldn’t be good…

The articulation in the legs is pretty good. For whatever reason when I took these pictures I couldn’t get the legs to go all the way. Oops. Like the backpack, it uses those infernal fabric tubes. You do get enough length from these to make one or maybe two extras if you mess up but damn, I’m always worried when I work with these.

The Mark II has a pretty decent weapon complement, with a beam rifle with three extra e-pacs, two sabers, a hyper bazooka, a spare bazooka magazine, the Vulcan pod and a shield. There’s nothing really special about the two guns, but be careful when putting the bazooka away! I’m afraid I’m going to scratch the decals right off if I put it in all the way. The Vulcan pod is really cool though, and the plastic has enough stretch to make sure it doesn’t snap.

The shield is awesome, and it has a sliding mechanism that allows for different configurations! I like stuff like this. It doesn’t seem like it’ll scratch up at all, either.

While it’s been outdone by pretty much every other 2.0 to come after it, the MG Mark II 2.0 is a worthy purchase, especially if you’re really into Zeta. Really, the only reason you should ever buy the old Mark II is if you want the G-Defenser from the Super Gundam set… and even then, kind of a lot to pay for one accessory. Still, remember to keep an eye out for this at FPNYC! It’s worth a look.

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Upcoming HGUC Releases for the 4th Quarter

This has been quite the exciting year for new High Grade Universal Century releases! This is, of course, mostly due to Gundam Unicorn and its massive fanwank in episode 4, finally gaining us model kits of the GM II, GM III, the Nemo, and, for some reason, the Juaggu; and giving us some fantastic new designs like the Jesta, Anksha, and the Delta Gundam. It’s amazing that Bandai can put all of this great stuff out while simultaneously working on the AGE kit line AND HD Remaster SEED, in just this scale alone.

Some of the more recent releases in the High Grade Universal Century line have been pretty cool, and some you could have been predicted, in a way. Some things like the Base Jabber and maybe the Zaku Mariner took me by surprise (I don’t have to kitbash one anymore! Yay!!), but others I sort of saw coming, like the Hambrabi! The Hambrabi shares its weapons with the Unicorn Marasai, which was certainly a cleverly-placed hint on Bandai’s part. The Hambrabi is just hitting shelves for North American retailers now.

Speaking of hints, I just… can’t believe this actually happened. An honest-to-god GM Sniper II High Grade!! I had a feeling that we MIGHT be getting one of these after the Nemo came out, since the two share backpacks and leg thrusters, but I didn’t think it would actually HAPPEN. This is so exciting! Not only that, the kit even comes with a 1/144 Draken-E, so really, now you can’t say there’s a mobile suit from Gundam 0080 without a kit. Of course, the White Dingo version is a Bandai Hobby Web exclusive, meaning we probably won’t see that in America. Thankfully, my middleman has me covered. This one should be available on American shelves come next month… I already have mine on order!

The one suit that came out of nowhere in Unicorn Episode 4 is also getting an HGUC. Yep, you guessed it: The Byarlant Custom! It’s kind of odd that they’d give us this before the regular Byarlant, but I guess that’s the power of Unicorn for you. I’m quite anticipating this one, but not quite as much the Sniper II. I’ll be getting one eventually, though. Some pictures have shown it with a really big ugly EFF sticker on its shoulder. Yeesh. That makes me glad I use decals. Expect this one on shelves in November, most likely.

At last, we’re getting our first transforming Real Grade… the Zeta Gundam, of course! Now I’ll have to admit, I haven’t seen enough to completely sell me on this thing. I’ll definitely have to wait on the reviews for this, since fully-transforming 1/144s tend to have some issues. Also, the thighs on this kit look… oddly long to be? I’m not the only person who noticed this. The lineart doesn’t have this problem, so we’ll have to wait and see when the actual kit comes out. Still, it’s not a dealbreaker. Expect to see the Zeta launching in November or December.

Bandai sure knows how to keep us on our toes with new HGUC releases! Remember to always check and ask with FPNYC!

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The Return from Otakon 2012

Well everybody, I’m back from Otakon! It was quite an awesome adventure, and definitely one of the best cons I’ve had this year, and perhaps ever. I’d say the only really detracting factor for me was being in a room with a horribly loud snorer that made sleeping the first night… quite difficult. But hey, earplugs were invented just for this occasion. But anyway, enough rambling about that crap, let’s get on to the real reason why we’re here: the Gunpla contest and all the stuff shown at the Tamashii Nations/Bluefin booth!

Oh, remember how in one of my previous articles, I was talking about how I was going to enter a ton of kits this year? Well, it turns out there was a limit of only three entries. I’m glad I filled out the entry form online, because otherwise I would’ve brought about seven kits for nothing. Because of this, I decided to narrow things down to just the F91, Delta Plus, and the Qubeley, because despite all the problems I had with that thing, I’ll be damned if it wasn’t coming along.

I was one of the first people to get my kits put in the case, so I was able to land myself some prime real estate. I stuck my three kits in the top of the front case, with the Qubeley front and center just being fabulous.

The competition was pretty good this year. I was happy to see people bringing all sorts of well-assembled kits. It was nothing like New York Comic-con though… seriously, I’m afraid to enter there. However, for some reason, there was no Otakon competition this year, just GBWC. Even the people running the competition were confused about the lack of an Otakon competition. Apparently the Otakon people just never got back to them. As a result, the contest was limited to just Gundam stuff this year.

I can’t remember everyone’s names, so I’m going to list of the kits that won each category. Continue reading

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Master Grade Wing Gundam Endless Waltz Version continued!

By Loran

Okay, technically speaking, I’m still not done with this kit, so this won’t count as a full-blown review. What do you expect, I’ve never done a Master Grade this way before! All I really have left are the two sets of spare energy canisters for the Buster Rifle to complete. If I may go off on a bit of a tangent here, I love the idea of extra rounds for the Wing Gundam’s Buster Rifle. It always bugged me that it only had three rounds and that was it in the TV show. It’s not like it fired it very often, but still.

On the topic of the Buster Rifle, holy crap this thing is huge, bigger than the one on the regular Wing and maybe even bigger than Wing Zero’s. Unfortunately, that can work against it. Back when this kit was made, slots in the hands for weapons weren’t standard, so there’s nothing really holding the gun in place. You just have to get lucky with the fingers.

The canisters inside the gun were a pain to make, too, because there’s nothing you can really rest them on while painting. Also, because they’re cylinders, sanding them can be very tedious. It’s hard to get a good grip on them. And to make things worse, I get to make six more. Greeeaaaat.

I’ve come to notice that I really need to clean up the paint on this thing. It’s one of the problems I have with having to use my bedroom to build kits in the fall/winter months instead of my basement. The lighting isn’t very good, so paint can come out sort of splotchy without me noticing until I put it under better light.

Thanks to the transformation, the feet get some pretty nice joints that really help it with the “episode title” pose. However, all the joints there can kinda get mashed together just because of how many there are.

The Wings hold up pretty well, thanks to ABS friction joints. I’m worried they’ll get floppy over time, but the way they are right now, they can actually stay in a position.

One thing I was really worried about was the shield. I don’t like it when shields use wrap-around friction connections, namely when I’m actually painting the kit. However, it actually works pretty well here and hasn’t scratched any paint (yet), although I still do need to add some topcoat.

I’m not sure how I feel about the shield’s design, though. I always liked the look of the original, how it could double as the cockpit of a fighter for bird mode. I also liked how the beam saber stored away. Here it just feels like any other beam saber storage system. This is probably one of my least favorite parts of the design.

Once I have everything completed, I’ll cover the Bird Mode.

So far, I’m enjoying this kit, but I won’t be giving all of my final thoughts until I have everything done, panel lined and the decals applied. Once the extra canisters are done, I’ll probably let it sit before I get decals, then start on Epyon. I’m rambling. Remember to come for FPNYC for your Master Grade needs~!

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Master Grade Gundam Epyon Review/Preview

By Loran

Okay, well, I said I was going to buy all of them in order (ie, Gundam Wing, then Deathscythe, then Heavyarms, etc) but I lied. I couldn’t hide my anticipation for Epyon. It’s just so cool! I couldn’t hide my excitement for this thing last year and I certainly won’t hide it now. Naturally, I wish the Epyon Master Grade was something anticipated, otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered to put so much effort into the original 1/100. However, I guess that was a good thing in the long run, since it managed to prepare me for this project, learning how the design works and getting me more used to the colors.

Despite its almost unwieldy box size, this kit doesn’t have as many runners as I expected. In fact, including doubles, it manages to have less than the Wing Gundam! Yet it still costs more for some reason. I suppose it has something to do with the engineering. Not that it matters to me. So long as this kit ends up being just as fun if not more fun to build as the Wing Gundam, my money will be well-spent.

Surprisingly this kit uses just a few polycaps. Yeah, I’m sure this doesn’t surprise those who build MGs regularly, but the last new Master Grade I built was in 2008 and was during the “nah, we don’t need polycaps!” era. I’m glad that passed, personally.

ABS joints are used for the whip. This looks like it’s going to be tedious, but I can guarantee it won’t be as bad as the whip on the old kit was. These can at least be separated and dealt with one at a time, unlike that snake-like monstrosity. Continue reading

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Kitbashing the GM II Semi-Striker

I’m sure you all know one fact about me by now: I love stupid, obscure crap, especially when something is designed specifically to BE stupid obscure crap to drive people like me nuts. Fortunately and unfortunately, I take the bait almost every time. It really helps me add to my ranks, even if I tend to make these in lieu of cooler, more recognizable suits. But hey, I guess me buying all this stupid stuff helps pay for new stuff coming out. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.

For those who have yet to see it, episode 4 of Gundam Unicorn was a smorgasbord of obscure mobile suit designs and variations. I believe the official term for this is “mecha porn”. It seems as though Bandai’s using this opportunity to crap out as many kits as possible since they’re fresh in the public’s mind again, but there are some I won’t hold my breath on, like the one we have here: The GM II Semi-Striker.

I was never that big on the GM Striker as a design. It was interesting, but I always found the weapon kinda silly. For some reason, I don’t mind it as much here. Either way, my post-0083 Earth Federation needed more ranks, and I figured this would be as good of a suit as any to add to my forces. It had also been a few months since I’d done any kitbashing, and I figured this would be an easy way to get me back into the swing of things. Continue reading

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Best of 2011: Super late edition part 1

By Chris Troy

My 2012 is off to a brutal start, as the first day of the year started with me having no power in half of my apartment for 4 days, but rebounded when I went down to DC for MAGfest 2012 for another 3. The latter was rad, but explains my absence. NO WORRIES, NOW I’VE RETURNED, I CAN TALK ABOUT TOYS THAT CAME OUT LAST YEAR, SEVERAL OF WHICH YOU CAN STILL PURCHASE AT FPNYC!! So without further delay, my ultimately meaningless list:

Let’s start off with some import goodness shall we? While not the strongest year for Figma as a brand (IMO, people who love them some Madoka may disagree), Max Factory managed to pop out a few rad figures this year, one of them being the Figma based on Evangelion 2.2 ‘s Mari. In a sea of Asuka/Rei merchandise, Mari was a welcomed addition and her Figma, which came with a cockpit and a ton of variant parts and accessories, was great. In addition to that, the Dorothy (of Big O fame) Figma dropped as well, and I am bias as hell towards Big O merch, so that makes the list. Also Robocop, because, well, he’s Robocop; why wouldn’t he, right? 2012 looks solid too, as we’re expected to get a Figma based on Guts from Beserk, as well as Samus Aran of Metroid fame. This is best in life. We still have the Eva girls and Dorothy in stock BTW, as well as several other characters I couldn’t tell you about.

Revoltech had a stellar year, especially if you’re into giant robots. Evas? A ton of them, all of them rad. Zone of the Enders finally got some love, with the release of Jehuty, and more are on the way apparently, which pleases me to no end. A ton of American properties got some love as well, including the likes of Iron Man, War Machine, Optimus Prime, and Bumblebee, rocking their Michael Bay designs. 2012 looks to be full of more giant robots AND more movie stuff, including the likes of Pixar movies NOT named Toy Story. In the words of Achewood‘s Ray Smuckles “That’s alright, coz that’s okay.” And wrapping up the super pose-able import toy trinity is SH Figuarts: which, while delivering awesome Godzilla, Gundam, Dragon Ball Z, Megaman X, and One Piece figures, stole my heart with the release of their Tiger and Bunny line. This line is hot, and I think we had the Tiger and Bunny Figuarts in for like a few hours before they sold out. We do have a nice variety of non-T&B Figuarts still in stock though, so hey, it’s not a complete loss if you come in looking for some. We also got a ton of new Gunpla in this year, including kits from the new series Gundam Age. Continue reading

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New Arrivals: The Society of the Walking Vocaloids Revolutions

by Chris Troy

Yeah, even I’ll admit the title for this article is a bit weak.

Anywho FPNYC faithful, if you haven’t been by the store lately, you should probably check out the new display we have set up in the front window. While FPNYC has been slowing down on keeping Gunpla kits in stock, we been working to getting the best of Bandai SH Figuarts in stock! We have some Kamen Rider and One Piece figures currently in stock, but expect to see such legendary series like Dragon Ball Z & Gundam on our shelves during the coming week, as well as Megaman, and the newest anime hit on the block, superhero epic Tiger & Bunny. Really looking forward to reviewing those Figuarts over the next couple of months, as the show is fantastic, and the Wild Tiger we have on display look amazing. And speaking of import figures, I’d like to point out that we currently have the 100th Figma in stock, Miku Hatsune of Vocaloid fame in her Append version. And no, I have no idea what “Append version”, means, although it makes for a completely different look than the Miku Figma my wife has in our living room. Loran probably does though, which is why he’ll be reviewing this figure in a few weeks and not me. Either way, I think it looks neat, and Vocaloid stuff always flies off the shelf,  so if you want her, come pick her up ASAP!

Let’s move into some toys I’ve discussed in the past, but now we have in stock to I can shed a little more light on them. Square Enix’s Deus Ex: Human Revolution Play Art Kai figures are in stocks, and damn, they look good. The first time the acclaimed series had any sort of action figure tie-in, the series consists of main protagonist Adam Jensen, and 2 of his mercenary arch enemies Federova & Lawrence Barret. While I haven’t put the most time into the game,  the figures look amazing, are fully articulated, and come with variant hands, and a good selection of weapons. For $50 a pop, Square definitely delivers. We also have the 19th wave of DCU Classic in stock, which consists of Justice Society of American figures. I’m not too crazy about Kobra or the Golden Age versions of the characters, but Magog and Stargirl are definitely nice additions to the previous released JSA figures.

Wrapping up this week’s new releases, we have a line of comic booked-based  action who DON’T wear spandex. Image’s Walking Dead has been a huge in print and on TV, and McFarlane Toys has the rights to do figures based on both the comics and smash-hit live action AMC TV series. The first line of toys is based on comics, and consists of Officer Rick Grimes, the deadly and awesome Michonne, and 2 flavors of zombies, Lurker and Roamer. Both Rick and Michonne are fairly articulated and come armed with a variety of weapons (Rick with a ton of guns, Michhonne with a sword, knife, and some tools), while the 2 zombies have removable limbs and exploding parts. That’s awesome! Either way, each figures goes for about $15 a pop and this is the part of the article where I would say you should drag you corpse over to FPNYC to pick them up, but I’m better than that. At least I like to think so.

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End of the Year Gunpla Releases

By Loran

With episode of four of Gundam Unicorn just around the corner and Gundam AGE having just premiered a few days ago, it’s time to look at some new upcoming kits! Let’s see what we’ve got this time around…

First off, we have colored pictures for the GM II. I’m a bit sad that they went with the Titans colors for the GM II first, since the AEUG colors are WAY cooler and they’re still kind of outnumbered in terms of HGUC kits. But hey, that’s what paint is for.

It looks like Gunpla Builders is going to be continuing in some form or another, though I haven’t heard anything about a new OVA. The first of two new kits is the Beginning D Gundam, which I really, really like. A lot of people didn’t like Beginning G, saying it looked too “kiddy”. I didn’t mind it that much myself, though it was far from perfect. I like this take on it because it has more of a hardened real-robot “Commando” look to it. I’m really not sure what the color scheme for this thing is, though. It’ll probably end up with the traditional Gundam pallet, but I think it deserves better. Continue reading

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Gundam AGE kit releases

By Loran

Next month, Gundam AGE will be hitting the airwaves in Japan. I’ve made my thoughts on the show pretty clear in my last article on the series, though I think my opinion is starting to change. While I have no plans on actively following the show while it’s airing, I don’t feel as resentful towards it. Even if the show ends up being completely awful, a theme song by JAM Project will leave at least one good thing for us to enjoy. It’s nice to see them finally doing a theme for a Gundam series, especially one that looks like it might have a bit of Super Robot Spirits.

Like SEED and 00 before it, Gundam Age will be having an entry-level kit grade for the little kids. These kits have very simplified construction, often offering very little poseability and require a lot of paint to look nice. These ones seem more along the lines of the SEED no-grades, with the only poseability in the neck, waist, ankles, and shoulders. These are typically priced at less than $10 a piece, and are good for impulse buys to build on rainy days or while you’re watching TV. Continue reading

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More Fall Gunpla Releases

By Loran

It’s a new quarter, and that means new Gunpla! Actually, it’s ALWAYS time to look at new Gunpla, but what the hell, let’s take a look at some new stuff coming out in the near future. As always my focus will be on High Grades and Master Grades will be clearly marked.

OK, here’s one I’m REALLY excited for, the Dra-C. This suit originally appeared in Gundam 0083 and never got a kit. Heck, I can’t even think of any resin kits at this scale of this thing. It’s a pretty obscure, almost ridiculous suit, and honestly, I’m amazed we’re getting this before some of 0083’s far cooler suits, like the Gerbera Tetra. In fact, now that I think about it, the Gerbera Tetra is the ONLY suit from 0083 that doesn’t have a new kit planned. Maybe they’re planning on sharing its parts with a Gundam GP04? A girl can dream, I guess. Anyway, I’m sure the reasoning behind releasing a Dra-C now is because of Gundam Unicorn, as you can see a few of these fly around during some of the battles, a similar case to what happened with the Dreissen from ZZ. The kit will come in the more famous 0083 colors, but knowing Bandai we’ll probably see the pink one from Unicorn somewhere down the line. The Dra-C will include a stand, since well, it can’t stand on its own, and will be released in November. Continue reading

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HGUC Guards Type Geara Zulu Review

By Loran

Yes, yes, I’ve been sort of slacking with the Gunpla reviews. But don’t worry, I’ve got a good one this time! Yep, it’s the Geara Zulu, one of the kits I won at Otakon this year. Normally I don’t build kits like this. I much prefer to paint and stuff as I go, but I felt like doing a “rough build” this time around for the purpose of the review. I figured this makes it easier to tell what needs to be painted, especially when you consider that with a design like this… you’re going to need a LOT of paint.

The Geara Zulu is the primary grunt of Gundam Unicorn. This variant is called the “Guards Type”, which I believe is used by Neo Zeon officers. The kit itself is mostly made up of parts from both the standard Geara Zulu and Angelo Sauper’s custom unit. As a result, it has a bunch of spare parts, namely the sleeves, collar, and even the legs. I’m thinking of using some of them to construct a custom suit, maybe perhaps some blue and silver.

Also, I’m not one to complain about Katoki’s designs, but is it just me or do the legs seem REALLY long here?

There’s nothing too impressive as far as poseability is concerned. Bandai kinda peaked with their standard-issue HGUC poseability a few years ago. I do have some complaints, though. The skirt armor is a fused piece, which I’ve come to expect but it’s especially annoying here… it has to be cut down the whole seam. This could get messy.

Like all of the other Zeonic suits in Unicorn, the Geara Zulu has all sorts of little lines on it. Obviously this can’t be represented in plastic without any sort of paint applications, so this kit comes with TONS of stickers. I’m not going to bother with them of course, so I’m going to get myself a really, really thick paintbrush. I’m thinking of doing these details in silver instead of white, to better align the suit with the Sinanju. I might do those ugly yellowish details in gold, too. Continue reading

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New High Grade Model kits for August-October

By Loran

It’s that time again! Yep, I’m going to be looking at some of the upcoming Gunpla releases for the coming months, namely the stuff I’m interested in. That means one thing: It’s mostly gonna be HGUC stuff. If you prefer Master Grades, well, I struggle to wonder why you even read my reviews since I’ve only done… what, one or two of them? Yeah, they’re nicer kits, but they don’t really interest me… though I do plan on getting myself all five of the Gundams from Wing (Version Katoki, of course) plus Epyon once they’re all out. That’ll be a fun project.

With the release of the HGUC GM III and GM Cannon II earlier this summer, I’m actually really surprised Bandai is giving us another GM so quickly, and it’s none other than the GM II, one of the suits I thought we’d never see. So far the only pictures we’ve seen are uncolored resin hardcopies, so it’s difficult to tell if they’ll be giving us the Federation or AEUG colors first. Personally, I’d prefer the AEUG one myself. This leaves us with only two anime-original GMs that need HGUCs right now: The GM Sniper II and the GM Ground Type. Get on it, Bandai! The GM II launches in October.

Here’s one I’m excited for—the Jesta from Gundam Unicorn. I can’t quite explain it but I LOVE this design. It’s basically the sexy baby of the ReZel and the Jegan. It has this feel that reminds me of one of the GINN variants form SEED that punches for its melee weapon in the game. When I look at this suit I don’t see it shooting stuff or using its sword, I just see it running around punching other suits. And that’s awesome. The Jesta will start punching stuff in September. Continue reading

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Otakon 2011 Wrap Up

By Loran

Otakon has run its course once again, and I’d say it was pretty good to us this year. I got to see lots of people, work autograph sessions for Bandai Entertainment’s booth, and get my feet all cut up by boots that were two sizes too small for me. Whoops. All in all it was a pretty good con; not the best but very very enjoyable, despite finishing it off with a migraine Sunday night. But I’m not here to talk about all that stupid stuff! I’m here to talk to you guys about Otakon’s Model Kit Contest and the Gunpla Builders World Cup!

Unlike previous years, the contest wasn’t held in the Artist’s Alley—it was held in the dealer room at Bluefin’s booth, something I see as a VERY smart move. More people who are interested in Gunpla are going to look in the dealer room, and where they kept them in the Artist Alley always felt kind of far away from everything else. I personally wish they did a better job stating which ones were contest entries, though. They kind of just blended in with all the other merchandise. Continue reading

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Statue Report: Ms. Marvel Bishoujo Statue

By Chris Troy

Possibly due to  several minor disputes with my wife over the past few years, I’ve (rather impressively) held off purchasing one of the various Marvel Bishoujo statues; a line consisting of various Marvel Comics heroines based on the work of  Japanese artist Yamashita Shunya. Space issues aside, (yay current bigger apartment) I found it hard to justify spending $60 on a very small statue, especially when your average Revoltech/Figma/Gunpla kit is cheaper and roughly the same scale. For the record, my wife has to this day not given me any crap for the Queen’s Blade Revoltechs we own. However, since Kotobukiya started handling DC characters as well as marvel, the scale of the statues has grown while the price has managed to stay the same! And with entries like Black Cat, Catwoman, and Batgirl, the temptation to drop the money to buy one has grown as well! Then the Ms. Marvel Bishoujo Statue dropped, which made the line a ton more tempting. Granted, in terms of comics, I’ve read more- and probably prefer- both Cat-ladies and Ms. Gordon. I LOVE Ms. Marvel’s design, and since it’s a great big statue I couldn’t resist picking one up. Continue reading

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