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News from the Front: September 2010

By Christopher Troy

I completely missed an update for August, but low and behold the latest in Gundam/Gunpla news from the FPNYC blog. This week we’ll be looking into new releases, other series Bandai has shown love for in model kit format, and news on the Gundam 00 movie premiere in the US!

September Gunpla releases:

Probably the biggest release in September is the new version of the very popular Gundam Deathscythe from Gundam Wing. A master grade level kit, the design of this version of Deathscythe seems to be a hybrid of the first version of the mech, and it’s Endless Waltz counterpart. It sports better articulation than the original kit, as well as clean parts for it’s Beam Scythe and Beam Effects for it’s backpack and shield. Of course if you prefer the original Endless Waltz designs, we have you covered, as we still have the 1/100th scale EW kits in stock at our store and website.

Of course, Deathscythe isn’t the only new release this month. September also sees the release of  2 separate HGUC kits: A pair of Twin Balls (snicker snicker) and the Delta Plus. In terms of series that came out within the last 5 years, we’re getting a pair of new Gundam OO movie kits in the form of Gundam Harute and Raphael, plus the brand new series Gunpla Builder G is getting the Beginning Gundam and the Hi Nu Gundam GPB Colors. We’ll get back to that series in the near future, as it has a very unique premise! Continue reading

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Review HGUC GM Blue Destiny

by Loran

The Gundam video games, while seldom important to the “big picture” of the Gundam Universe, often give us nice little side-stories or chances to blow stuff up with our favorite mobile suits. But once in awhile, a game will come around that adds new mobile suits or teams that become really popular parts to the Universal Century, and one of the most famous is the Blue Destiny: a trilogy of first-person shooter games on the Sega Saturn that also spawned a manga retelling, and gave us one of the coolest trios of Gundam/GM-based suits ever-the Blue Destiny units. These were created using some crazy technology stolen from some Zeon scientist that had a Newtype girl trapped inside the-you know, I might as well not bother explaining it. It makes no sense. Anyway, it was called the EXAM system, and it’s a crazy berserker system sort of like the ZERO system from Gundam Wing.

Strangely enough, BD-1, the only Blue Destiny based on a GM, was actually the second BD unit to come out of the HGUC line, coming after the Blue Destiny Unit 2. All three BDs are pretty much the same, aside from the head and backpack in the GM’s case, and the weapons/shields in the case of all three. I own Blue 1 and Blue 2, but Blue 1 is probably my favorite, just because of how nasty its face looks. Continue reading

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The History of Gundam and America: Part 1

By Christopher Troy

Happy belated 4th of July everyone! I assure you while you were off celebrating your independence this weekend; I was off suffering through “The Last Airbender”, which was truly terrible.

Anyway, in celebration of the US’s birthday, I figured this week’s article would spotlight Gundam’s history in America, as it did not start off with Gundam Wing on Toonami. Oh no dear readers, the relationship goes back way farther than that…

Enter the Doozy Bots:

I’ll be honest- I never heard of the Doozy Bots until several years ago, at a Gundam fan panel at Otakon, where ironically, Loran was one of the speakers. The group managed to dig up the never aired pilot for the series, which is easily the worst Gundam-related idea for a series I’ve ever saw…and I’ve seen G-Savior. Continue reading

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Review: 1/100th Scale HGGW Epyon

By Loran

For today’s article I’m gonna do something special. Originally I was going to do a two-parter but I haven’t had much drive or energy to put the other kit together. Anyway, a few months ago I did an article commemorating Gundam Wing’s tenth anniversary in the United States. While not Gundam’s first appearance in the US by any stretch of the imagination, it was a first a lot of us. But Gundam Wing’s broadcast on TV brought one other thing with it-model kits and action figures to US stores!

What I have here is the 1/100 scale Gundam Epyon kit. The original release came in 1995 (possibly early 1996, not entirely sure), with the first American release coming first quarter 2000, I believe. This here is actually an original US release-denoted by the big red sticker covering the Japanese name on the front of the box. Full-English boxes came with the second waves of kits later on in the year. This, along with a 1/144 scale Tallgeese, were both birthday gifts given to me by a friend this past year. They’d been sitting in her room half built and unbuilt, respectively for ten years and they needed a home! So I figured, what better way to commemorate my-and probably many of yours’-ten years of Gunpla building, with a kit that some of you may have had as your first!

Continue reading

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Top 5: Favorite Gunpla Kits (part 2)

By Christopher Troy

By now, most of you have died due to suffering from anxiety attacks related to what 3 Gunplas I would pick to round out the top 3. To those who have survived, I admire you’re strength. So let’s reveal another runner up, and  reveal what I ended up choosing for my top three choices.

Runner Up:

Gundam Cherudim

Series Origin: Gundam OO

In terms of accessories and value, it’s really hard to top the Cherudim. He comes with a variety of firearms, both large and small, and the snap-off armor/floating shield gimmick is very neat. But why didn’t it make the cut? Several reasons: out of the 4 Meisters, it’s definitely the ugliest/least unique looking kit I built. The boxy look does not do well for Lockon, especially given how sleek and thin the Dynames was.  2nd of all, it suffered from a weak left elbow joint which fell off nearly all the time, something I didn’t have to deal with when it game to the OO.  While it is a better kit (in my opinion) than the Dynames, it’s a honorable mention at best, and probably has something to do with the fact that I’m a pretty big Lockon fan. Continue reading

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Retrospect: 10 years of Gundam Wing

By Loran

Today (3/6) is a very special day. It’s not the birthday of Gundam’s creator, Yoshiyuki Tomino, the day the first Gundam kit was released, or the day the first episode of Gundam aired. In fact, this day is mostly significant to those of us living in the United States.

It’s the day Gundam Wing first aired on Toonami.

While yes, it was not the first Gundam fiction, (that distinction goes to the novelization of the original series), or even the first piece of Gundam animation available in English, it was the first time any Gundam series had been shown in the West since the infamous Italian broadcast during the early 80’s, but that’s another story.

I was unfortunately not there from the first episode-I caught it after a friend told me about it on the playground. He mentioned two shows to me called “Dragonball Z” and “Gundam Wing”. I’d seen advertisements for the toys on TV, but had no idea what either of them was about. Wing was my first encounter with human-piloted robots, aside from Power Rangers and that horrendous CGI Voltron cartoon from the 90’s. My ten-year-old mind was astounded by these themes of war, character drama, romance-things I’d never seen before-well, with giant robots anyway. It was like… the storytelling I’d grown up with in movies like Star Trek and Star Wars that shaped my childhood became combined with the robots I’d come to love from Transformers. Continue reading

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