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Master Grade Duel Gundam Build Log Finished

Man, I have the worst luck when it comes to picking kits these days, don’t I? I love kits with removable armor and just “full armor” variants in general. The gimmick is just really cool and adds extra dimensions of display and such. But unfortunately, I have to be one of those crazy painter types who wants all of her kits looking awesome, and Bandai seems to have it out for us. And really, if I weren’t doing this review, I’d probably just keep the armor on all the time since it’s the superior form, so you guys better appreciate this review because I did it for you guys!

But before I get to the Assault Shroud, I’ll talk about the standard weapons this kit has.

The main beam rifle is pretty simple, but a cool unique shape. It actually has a scope cover, but not one mounted on a hinge. At least that prevents it from breaking, I suppose.

The shield is really cool, but I have some issues with it. I love this shield design, but it cannot sit in its hand worth anything. This could just be a painter problem, but the handle just won’t fit. Thankfully, it can still stay on its arm via the post in the back. This is how it fits on the forearm with the Assault Shroud equipped.

It has two standard Gundam beam sabers that peg into the hands. I like the hand pegs here. They’re hard to get in, but they’re incredibly stable.

My favorite weapon of all of them on the kit is the bazooka, which the Duel Gundam doesn’t exactly use. In canon, it’s used by the Astray Gold Frame to escape one of the colonies, and since the weapon is too powerful for it, it blows its arm off. That’s why all of the Gold Frame’s forms have Blitz Gundam’s arm. It’s a shame there’s no proper Astray MG because I’d love to give this gun a proper home.

But on to the Assault Shroud…

Really, it looks AWESOME. But it shares the problem every other swapping parts kit I’ve had, and it might be because I lack a proper paint sealant. All sorts of scratches end up on the armor underneath, but whatever, I can leave it on. It works pretty well when it’s all on, and I love the missile box on the left shoulder. My biggest issue is the front skirt armor, which has the hardest time staying on. It ended up with the most scratches, too.

In an awesome twist, the mounted cannon on the right shoulder is removable, and can be used as a handheld weapon. I love this idea, and I can just imagine Yzak wasting all of his ammo then pulling this off to use for more efficient firing.

It also has a little mount for Action Bases on the bottom. Very nice.

This is another one of those “if you’re a painter, you might have a bad time” kits, but it’s still a good kit. I’d recommend displaying it in one mode and not changing it if you build it. I still suggest this kit, and I definitely welcome it to my collection. If you’re after it, make sure to check FPNYC!

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Master Grade Dual Gundam Build Log Part 1

Sometimes, I can get extremely motivated when working on kits. Usually it happens when it’s something I’m really excited to build, like the Nu Gundam ver Ka MG. Others, it’s because of what it isn’t. You see, the past two projects (the G-Armor and the Sinanju) have both been incredibly draining, from the gigantic pieces, to the breaking pieces, to the slew of tiny and long decals. After a couple projects like those, it’s nice to kick back and relax with a simply Gundam-type mobile suit. Some people may not care for the Duel Gundam’s design, but I personally think it’s great.

As I’ve mentioned before, the Duel Gundam utilizes the same common frame as the Blitz Gundam. As a result, pretty much everything I’ve said about that kit rings true here. The frame represents much of what Bandai seems to be doing with their Master Grade kits these days: simpler and more stable. It seems that all the crazy details and functions go into the smaller (and more complex) Real Grade kits, with the Master Grades take a more “action figure” approach. Given my personal philosophy with toys these days “big, detailed, and stable” is pretty much the ideal combination.

The decals I’m using for this kit are by SamuelDecal, which they pretty much always are when I can’t get ahold of the official sheet (or the kit doesn’t have one, like this). These ones are great, and much sharper than the ones the Blitz Gundam had. Unfortunately, these decals aren’t lettered/numbered, so I’ve had to match them up with the ones on the included sticker and dry-transfer sheets. It’s gone a bit better than I expected, though I may have messed up one or two. That said, I love the silver on some of the decals.

The face on the kit looks great, and has that great “prototype” look the Duel Gundam rocks. For whatever reason, I love orange as a prototype color. I guess it just screams out “safety color” so they can monitor the suit from far away or something, I don’t know. Interestingly, almost all of the colors I’m using for this kit are actually straight from the jar. The only ones that aren’t are the color you’ll see on the weapons, and the orange. It’s nice when I don’t have to mix a lot of colors for once.

The articulation is excellent and smooth. Many of the joints have extra pistons on them to make them look cool, and thankfully, they actually work. They add some depth that wouldn’t be there already. It has the proper level of articulation I’d expect from this grade. It also has a pair of auxiliary waist joints for added articulation!

One awesome feature on this kit are the shoulders. They’ve been redesigned so they can accommodate the Sword and Launcher packs from the Strike! Unfortunately, I don’t have those yet sooo I can’t exactly demonstrate this…

The Duel Gundam is going well so far, and I’m excited to get it done. Remember, make sure to look for your Duel Gundam when you come to FPNYC!

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Master Grade Duel Gundam Preview

This kit, and the one I bought with it, are just a testament to horrible model kit buying habits. A few months ago, I needed some new Master Grades to build once I had my current backlog cleared out, so I went with a pair that actually went with each other. I received them in early November, finally, at about the same time as my GM Snipers. I bought a G-Armor shortly afterwards. After I did that, I bought the Crossbone Gundam. And I got the Guncannon from my friend. Then my Nu Gundam came in. Then I bought the Sinanju. I’ve done all of those in time since I’ve had this kit purchased. Now I’m finally getting to it, thank god.

The Duel Gundam was the first of the new Gundam SEED models to be released in honor of the TV show’s tenth anniversary. Quite appropriate, considering that the Duel Gundam was basically the “prototype” for the other four initial Gundams. The Duel was never one of my favorites, but its pilot Yzak is easily my favorite character in the Cosmic Era, so I figured I might as well get his Gundam (and his best friend’s as well).

This model introduced us to the SEED X-Frame, the inner skeleton used on all of the new SEED MGs (save for Aegis, of course). I’ve already experienced this frame with the MG Blitz Gundam, and I have to say, I quite like it. As the first kit to utilize this frame, I believe it’s the only one so far to use all of its pieces. Some people don’t like universal parts like these, but I love them. It adds a more uniform look to the kits and makes them feel more like they would in the show’s actual universe.

The shield is also designed like a more “universal piece”. I guess an MG Strike 2.0 was inevitable from the start! I’m looking forward to it, myself. Makes me glad I never bought the 1.0, ha.

One thing about this kit I’m really looking forward to is the Assault Shroud. Not only will it be my first “full armor” kit at 1/100 scale, it also leaves me with the opportunity to use my favorite paint color: Intermediate Blue! Awww yeah.

Once again, I’ve got the nice third-party decals from SamuelDecal. I’ve always found the custom waterslides for the new SEED MGs to be pretty cool. They all have these markings that wrap around parts of the bodies, but they’re asymmetrical. This sheet actually includes decals so, if one were inclined to, you could make them all symmetrical. I’m not into it, personally. I like the asymmetrical look, as I feel it adds a bit of uniqueness to the designs.

The Duel Gundam, while far from my favorite design from the series, is going to be a great project. I hope to build all five of the initial Gundams plus Freedom, and, if they do it; Justice. Buying this guy and his partner already put me ahead of the first five Wing Gundams, ha. Remember to look for this guy whenever you happen to find yourself at FPNYC!

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Gunpla Expo part 2-Master Grades

You know, this time last year, I probably wouldn’t even be making this a separate article.

Master Grades just weren’t my thing back then, but now, they’re pretty much my primary. I certainly haven’t given up on High Grades, but I guess I now just feel confident enough to tackle the big boys. Not like I haven’t been having a blast with these, heh. I just need some more bad guys and non-Gundams…

Once again, pictures are from gundamkitscollection.com.

In a move that I’m not sure surprises me or not, we’re getting a Master Grade Jesta! Considering how prominent this thing is in the latter episodes of Unicorn, I’m not that surprised, but it’s so close to just being a grunt that it seems odd to see it get a Master Grade. I’m not bothered by the announcement; I’ll just get to reasons why I’d rather see something else later.

Now this, this actually surprises me. While yeah, Bandai loves reusing molds whenever they can, I can’t say I was expecting a ReZel Type C kit in the MG line. The poor Creamsicle ReZels haven’t done anything in Unicorn so far except show up and get trashed by the Sinanju and Rozen Zulu. It’s a neat design, for certain, but I really don’t see it deserving an MG save for the obvious part recycling.

This one is pretty cool: The Sinanju Stein. I was actually not sure on this one’s origin at first, but according to my friend this is the Sinanju’s original appearance before Full Frontal stole it. I’m actually kind of interested in it, but it’s something I’d have to give a custom color scheme. But isn’t it sad that, aside from the standard Sinanju, this is the ONLY Neo-Zeon MS from Unicorn in the Master Grade line? I’m no rabid Zeon fan, but the Feddies have a SERIOUS advantage in 1/100 scale! The lack of even a Geara Zulu is just shocking. I’m sure plenty of crazy Zeon fanboys would eat them up.

The Strike Gundam is getting a 2.0, and I’m not sure how to feel about it. On one hand, it’ll be great to have a Strike to match the rest of the SEED Master Grades, but they didn’t do it for the Wing Gundam, so why do it here? I’ll definitely get this, but I’m just worried about the other weapon packs. Will I have to buy the old kits again and just waste the base Gundams, or will there be new ones? I guess time will tell.

And finally, some things we’ve seen already. Tallgeese is sporting the sleek yellow highlights from Hajime Katoki’s art, which I’m all for. I think it’ll match with the Wing Gundam and other ver. Ka/Endless Waltz designs perfectly.

As for the Nu Gundam… words can’t describe how much I’m in love with this thing. Just looking at it makes me want it even more. If you look closely, you’ll notice that it has a Psycoframe similar to the Unicorn Gundam! Not only that, it’s compatible with an LED unit, so parts of that might even light up!! Oh, and did I mention it actually comes with waterslide decals?! I can’t wait to start this thing, seriously.

A slew of kit announcements have made this Gunpla Expo a treat for fans of any scale. There’s also the possibility of a Master Grade Wing Gundam Zero TV VERSION, but that was just a sketch. Either way, remember to check in at FPNYC for your Master Grade needs!

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Upcoming Master Grade releases for the 4th quarter

This time last year, if you told I was writing an article solely on upcoming Master Grades, I would’ve thought you were crazy…

Bandai’s Master Grade line has been interesting this year, to say the least. We started the year off finishing off Katoki’s Gundam Wing line after almost two years, and then Bandai went on their next big project: the initial SEED Gundams. While I would have preferred Bandai give us the rest of the Endless Waltz designs, it’s good to see them do something kind of special for the show’s 10th anniversary. Aside from the HD Remaster line, that is.

Out this month is the Buster Gundam! Buster isn’t my favorite of the SEED Gundams (that clearly goes to Blitz), but I like it all the same. What can I say, I’m a huge Yzak/Dearka fan (but hey, who isn’t?). There seem to be some liberties taken with the design here. It all seems more… dynamic, overall. I wouldn’t say it’s as extreme as the Duel, but still pretty cool nonetheless. I’m very curious to see how the gun’s mechanism works. Hopefully this version can hold it all properly. Buster should be on shelves some time next month.

After that, we’ll be seeing the Aegis Gundam get a release. I’m going to be brutally honest here… I kind of hate the Aegis Gundam. It’s just so ugly and busy, and clearly built around a transformation gimmick that doesn’t even look that cool. Heck, most of the time the damn thing doesn’t even have a torso. With the liberties Bandai has been taking, though, I might end up liking this one. I’d just like to see some color photographs before passing my final judgement. Aegis should be available in either October or November.

Hot on Aegis’s tail will be the AGE-2 Dark Hound from Gundam AGE. Again, I can’t comment too much on this design since I have yet to actually see AGE, but this thing is just too cool for words. It’s like the Zeta Gundam had a sexy baby with the Crossbone Gundam. How can you NOT love it? The color scheme even looks like the Trombe colors from Super Robot Wars. I’m a little worried about the transformation on this kit, but well, I’m always that way. I don’t think I’ll be jumping over this one until I see the series, though. Dark Hound should be out in either November or December.

And of course, the one we’re all waiting for will be out for Christmas, hopefully: Nu Gundam version Katoki. Yeah, who saw this coming? I’ve got to say, I’m glad I didn’t pick up the regular Master Grade at Otakon. Now I’ll have something much better to go with. We still haven’t seen pictures of the actual kit, so we’ll just have to hold off with some sketches until then. If only there was a modernized Double Zeta; then we could have the “big three” (Zeta, ZZ, and Nu) in shiny, up-to-date Master Grades.

I don’t know how Bandai did it, but they managed to complete the SEED lineup incredibly fast. It’d be cool to get Providence or Justice, but I won’t hold my breath just yet. The real prize here is Nu Gundam, of course. Anyway, once these puppies are out, make sure to check for them or ask FPNYC to get your own!

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MG Blitz Gundam Build Log Final

You know, there’s really no better feeling than building a kit right when it’s new. I’ve done this a few times over the years, mainly with GM-related suits, but this is the first time I ever did this with a Gundam Master Grade. This can have its disadvantages, though. While a High Grade from 2012 is CLEARLY better than one from 2002, it’s less grating to go back to older kits because the technology doesn’t advance that much, since there’s less TO advance. With Master Grades, the technology advances every year so you don’t really get that. I noticed a huge jump in quality when I went from my Destiny to the AGE-1 Titus. That’s why you should always build oldest to newest!

That being said, the Master Grade Blitz Gundam is damn impressive, and easily my favorite of the Otakon bunch (until I build the Kapool, that is…).

Now being the meathead I am, I should warn readers about this: I accidentally broke one of the wing binder things on mine. Make sure you have them in correctly, or else you can snap them right off. I think I got mine to hold, but I’ve been having to go back and fix it sometimes…

It should be obvious that I love this kit. The articulation is excellent, very smooth, very satisfying. A lot of piston and hinge joints are featured on the legs and thankfully don’t interfere with the painting process or anything. I’ve been opting to go with gold on these SEED kits just because I think it looks better; on most of them, anyway. I figured gold in place of the yellow would better complement the black, purple, and red.

Another thing I really liked about this kit is the decals. I’ll admit, I didn’t use the included ones, save for some small stickers. I went with some reproduction water slide decals again, just because they’re easier to work with. The end result is awesome. All the markings on the suit really help bring it together. Also, decaling while I built helped, too. Continue reading

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Tamashii Fest!

By Loran

Oh dear, I believe it’s time for Tamashii Fest!

Usually, I find myself drawn mainly to all the wonderful Tokusatsu stuff at Tamashii Fest, I actually can’t discuss those here because it’s all Sentai stuff, which can’t be distributed in the US because of licensing issues with Power Rangers. However, that’s all well and good, because this time around, most of what’s been catching my attention is Robot Damashi releases, namely all the wonderful new Gundam releases (yes, I do tend to enjoy buying the action figures from time to time). So let’s take a look at some of my favorites…

(Images from CyberGundam blog)

First up, we have the Sazabi to go with the soon-to-be-released Nu Gundam! What, did you think Bandai was going to let this opportunity pass them up? Everyone knows the Sazabi is more popular! Heck, it even got a Master Grade before the Nu. He’s looking pretty mean here, but there’s something about the proportions that just seems… off to me. It’s similar to what happened with the Gouf Custom. It seems a little off-balance. Maybe it’s just me.

There’s also an effect part set for Nu Gundam coming, as well—the Fin Funnel shield! I might just get myself the Nu just to put these to use.

Gundam SEED is going to be continuing for its ten-year anniversary, and we’ll be getting the Duel Gundam with the Assault Shroud! No indication as to whether or not it’s removable, however, though going by some of the seamlines it looks like it can be taken off. Is it sad that I was actually expecting them to try and get more money out of us by releasing both configurations?

Altron Gundam! Heck yes. With the recent announcement of TV version Wing Zero, it looks like we’ll be getting all five Gundams in RD form. If so, that’d be great. This makes me want to track down the (webshop exclusive) Tallgeese II.

The one who stole the show for me and many others was the LEO from Gundam Wing. The Leo has more merchandise than Wing’s other grunts, but hey, that’s still cool by me. I’ll definitely be picking up at least one of these, since the accessories and base included are actually a second weapon set of sorts. Gotta put those to use, you know!

Now here’s one that surprised me: Dunbine RDs! Holy crap I hope these actually end up getting released. I have the High Grade kit of the Dunbine, and it’s… okay. Very flawed. But these action figures look fantastic, especially the Billbine. I plan on getting at least one of them for a Super Robot Wars group shot or something.

Taking a little departure (get it? GET IT?!) from Robot Damashi to Super Robot Chogokin for the last one, we have something I certainly didn’t see coming: Might Gaine! He looks great here, and this gives me hope that we’ll be seeing the other Braves in this format soon (J-Decker, please?). I’d love to have all of them lined up together.

So there you have it. Of course, this is but a small part of what was shown off at the festival. I just wanted to highlight my favorites. As always, hope to see all of these at FPNYC when they get released (provided they don’t end up as webshop exclusives, anyway…).

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New Arrivals: Model kit and Video games edition

By Chris Troy

SHAMELESS PLUG OF THE WEEK: From January 5-8, 2012, my ass will be at the MAGfest X (Magfest.org, which stands for Music and Games Festival) down in Maryland, and I highly encourage you hit the festival up as well! Nobuo Uematsu, the genius behind many a awesome Final Fantasy soundtrack, will be there performing with his new band, Earthbound Papas, as well as many other talented folk (like John St. John, the voice behind Duke Nukem!) , and most importantly, an 8-player X-Men arcade cabinet. It’s a good way to start up 2012, so make sure you register online before the 16th!

So it’s now December, which means shelves everywhere are filled with toys. Forbidden Planet NYC is no exception, as we have a ton of new merchandise in stock, most likely relevant to your interests if you’re reading this website. And yes, after selling out a few times, we currently do have My Little Ponies in stock again.

First and foremost, new model kits, we got them in stock! We’ve restocked Gundam SEED, WING, Unicorn, and Zeta kits, and we finally got the first wave of Gundam Age kits in. In addition to all the new Gundam stuffs, we also have a few model kits based on the various ship from the Shonen Jump hit One Piece. These kits are more Gunplay-like in assembly than say actual model boats, and offer something different to build instead of more mecha (although there is nothing wrong with building mecha. Nothing at all). Kits start at $25 and go up from there, depending on the kit and scale.

Since my shameless plug of the week was video game related, it’s only fair that we discuss some new VIDEYA GAME toys that have been released. The first wave of Gears of War 3 figures in, consisting of main character Marcus Fenix, supporting character turned Gear Anya Stroud, and the 3rd brother of the ill-fated Carmines, Clayton. Each figure is about 7″ in height and has about 30 points of articulation  and comes with a small selection of weapons packaged with them.They’re good figures, but Anya’s face could use some work. That aside, they’re still pretty good figures for less than $20. The 2nd wave should be hitting shelves soon. Continue reading

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Weapon Pack Spotlight: Launcher and Sword Strike

By Loran

While all the rest of you were out enjoying yourselves with NYCC, I was at a friend’s house staying up until 5AM playing Gundam SEED Destiny: Alliance vs ZAFT II Plus (geez, what a mouthful) at my friend’s house. Despite the subject matter, it’s a great game and it’s tons of fun. Well, I don’t know what exactly it was, but something just seemed to spark my interest in kit building again. Too bad all I want to do is from SEED now. Oh well.

But enough of that. Let’s talk about some goddamn Gunpla.

One of the few “innovations” That I’ll actually give the SEED franchise credit for had to be the swappable weapon packs for some of the units. It hadn’t really been done before-usually it would be something simple like a new gun, or a completely different unit altogether. Regardless, it got us to buy even more kits and feed the Bandai war machine. The first mobile suit in the series to get this treatment was the Strike Gundam, the hero’s mech of the first series. I like the Strike, honestly, and the additional weapon packs made it much cooler in my eyes.

Unfortunately, the High Grade kit only came with the Aile Pack, the one most commonly used by the suit. In order to get the Launcher and Sword packs, you’d have to buy the ugly, unposeable “No Grade” kits. They’re cheap enough, but man it feels wasteful just chucking out the extra Strike or using it as a paint guinea pig…

First up is the launcher pack. As you can see, I don’t have it equipped to the Strike Gundam-instead, I have it on a 105 Dagger. Yes, all of the Strike packs are fully compatible with any variant of the Strike and the 105 Dagger, which allows for some really fun “mix and match” potential. Continue reading

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By Loran

It’s no secret that I’m really not much of a fan of Gundam SEED, but once again that’s a discussion for another time. Time to talk about another kit, and you know, I have to say the first SEED series had some really underappreciated grunts, and it’s a REAL shame that only three got High Grades under the massive flood of Gundams. Sure, a lot of them had those cheesy no-grade kits, but those things are barely poseable, hard-to-paint, and just don’t look that good. It’s a damn shame we wouldn’t get an alternate universe High Grade line with a lot of grunts until 00. I’ve almost always find the grunts cooler than the Gundams themselves, but that’s just me.

Every series has its Zaku equivalent, and the GINN would be SEED’s answer to that question. It’s not as creative as the Leo from Gundam Wing or Jenice from Gundam X, but it’s pretty cool in its own right, looking sort of like a Gelgoog crossed with a Zaku. It proves that you don’t really need to be a fresh design to be a decent design.

Unlike most grunt suits, this design has quite the colorful head. While it doesn’t have a crystal monoeye or anything, it has three colors and all of them are molded-no extra paint needed, making painting a lot easier if you’re painting the whole kit. Continue reading

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History of Gundam part 4: The Double 0’s

By Loran

The History of Gunpla comes to a conclusion in the modern era, when Bandai placed most of their money in the HGUC and MG lines, with lines just for the two Alternate Universe series occupying most other slots.

First Grade: 1999

A 20th Anniversary special line, of sorts, consisting of 3 1/144 scale kits-the Gundam, Zaku, and Char’s Zaku at 1/144 scale. All of them have the proportions and details of their Perfect Grade counterparts, but they lack polycaps, and instead, are constructed like the original kits from the 80’s. As such, you get three very inexpensive, nice-looking kits that, unfortunately, break easily.

High Grade Mechanics: 2001-2002

A small line consisting of the three mobile armors from Gundam 0083. These were all produced at 1/550 scale and included similar scaled mobile suits from the series. However, the GP03 Dendrobium is out-of-scale, coming in MUCH larger than the Neue Ziel by comparison. Continue reading

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The History of Gundam in America part 2

by Christopher Troy

Welcome back readers! I’m going to continue with the article in a minute, but I wanted to do shamelessly plug something first.  Always the trendsetters, both FPNYC and I are on twitter and if you wish to follow us, you can add @FPNYC and @ Anarchris to your follower list! Warning: I curse like a sailor. Anyway let us continue!

War in the Pocket, MS 08th Team, and Stardust Memory

Even though MS Gundam didn’t live up to it’s expectations, the franchise still had some life in it. MS 08th Team was placed on Toonami, which was kind of an odd fitting, given it’s plot and setting. Stardust and War in the Pocket did fairly well on Adult Swim though, which I’m sure pleased Bandai, as 3/4th of that block were shows from their catalogue. However, merchandising behind these shows wasn’t as easy/strong as it was for Wing and original Gundam, but we did manage to get a few kits over here, and some figures as well. A handful of games were released as well for the Playstation 2, but they were pretty subpar (Most of the Bandai games are simple cash-grabs for the record) Continue reading

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Top 5: Favorite Gunpla Kits (part 2)

By Christopher Troy

By now, most of you have died due to suffering from anxiety attacks related to what 3 Gunplas I would pick to round out the top 3. To those who have survived, I admire you’re strength. So let’s reveal another runner up, and  reveal what I ended up choosing for my top three choices.

Runner Up:

Gundam Cherudim

Series Origin: Gundam OO

In terms of accessories and value, it’s really hard to top the Cherudim. He comes with a variety of firearms, both large and small, and the snap-off armor/floating shield gimmick is very neat. But why didn’t it make the cut? Several reasons: out of the 4 Meisters, it’s definitely the ugliest/least unique looking kit I built. The boxy look does not do well for Lockon, especially given how sleek and thin the Dynames was.  2nd of all, it suffered from a weak left elbow joint which fell off nearly all the time, something I didn’t have to deal with when it game to the OO.  While it is a better kit (in my opinion) than the Dynames, it’s a honorable mention at best, and probably has something to do with the fact that I’m a pretty big Lockon fan. Continue reading

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Gundam Astray Review

By Loran

When Gundam SEED came out in 2002, one hell of a merchandising push came with it. Several new model kit lines were introduced like the new and unposeable take on the No Grade kits and the short lived Quick Model series. The first kit in the No Grade series was the Gundam Astray-a design not featured in the series, intended for the very cool Manga series. It was the first time we got kits from a manga side-story released not only at the same time as the TV kits, but well before the manga was out. Just goes to show you Bandai’s motivation with SEED, eh?

Three versions of the Gundam Astray kit were released in High Grade form. Unlike the 1/100 kits, all three High Grades were identical aside from additional weapons-Blue Frame comes with a bazooka, Red Frame comes with a katana, and Green Frame comes with that beam rifle/saber combination… thing. Sadly, the Gold Frame never got a release I know of, so I took the liberty of painting up my own.

One thing I have to say before getting into the “limb breakdown” is about the assembly. This model was designed to be released as a Gold Frame kit. This is evidenced by the way the parts are attached to the sprues. Unlike most kits, where the frame attaches to the side of the part, they go underneath the part here, so as not to damage any chromed parts when removing them. While this can be a valuable asset on chromed kits, it’s downright annoying on kits that aren’t chromed. As a result, I’d only recommend this kit to people who glue and paint their kits as it would actually make this kit easier to deal with. Continue reading

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The Strike Series Variants part 2

By Christopher Troy

And welcome to part 2. We only have 2 kits to look at this time, so let’s cut to the chase right?

This is the MBF-02 Strike Rogue, which appeared in Gundam SEED towards the end of the series. It’s piloted by Cagallai Yula Athha for the most part, although Kira does so for several minutes in Destiny, before he acquires the Strike Freedom. Continue reading

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