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Upcoming Master Grade releases for the 4th quarter

This time last year, if you told I was writing an article solely on upcoming Master Grades, I would’ve thought you were crazy…

Bandai’s Master Grade line has been interesting this year, to say the least. We started the year off finishing off Katoki’s Gundam Wing line after almost two years, and then Bandai went on their next big project: the initial SEED Gundams. While I would have preferred Bandai give us the rest of the Endless Waltz designs, it’s good to see them do something kind of special for the show’s 10th anniversary. Aside from the HD Remaster line, that is.

Out this month is the Buster Gundam! Buster isn’t my favorite of the SEED Gundams (that clearly goes to Blitz), but I like it all the same. What can I say, I’m a huge Yzak/Dearka fan (but hey, who isn’t?). There seem to be some liberties taken with the design here. It all seems more… dynamic, overall. I wouldn’t say it’s as extreme as the Duel, but still pretty cool nonetheless. I’m very curious to see how the gun’s mechanism works. Hopefully this version can hold it all properly. Buster should be on shelves some time next month.

After that, we’ll be seeing the Aegis Gundam get a release. I’m going to be brutally honest here… I kind of hate the Aegis Gundam. It’s just so ugly and busy, and clearly built around a transformation gimmick that doesn’t even look that cool. Heck, most of the time the damn thing doesn’t even have a torso. With the liberties Bandai has been taking, though, I might end up liking this one. I’d just like to see some color photographs before passing my final judgement. Aegis should be available in either October or November.

Hot on Aegis’s tail will be the AGE-2 Dark Hound from Gundam AGE. Again, I can’t comment too much on this design since I have yet to actually see AGE, but this thing is just too cool for words. It’s like the Zeta Gundam had a sexy baby with the Crossbone Gundam. How can you NOT love it? The color scheme even looks like the Trombe colors from Super Robot Wars. I’m a little worried about the transformation on this kit, but well, I’m always that way. I don’t think I’ll be jumping over this one until I see the series, though. Dark Hound should be out in either November or December.

And of course, the one we’re all waiting for will be out for Christmas, hopefully: Nu Gundam version Katoki. Yeah, who saw this coming? I’ve got to say, I’m glad I didn’t pick up the regular Master Grade at Otakon. Now I’ll have something much better to go with. We still haven’t seen pictures of the actual kit, so we’ll just have to hold off with some sketches until then. If only there was a modernized Double Zeta; then we could have the “big three” (Zeta, ZZ, and Nu) in shiny, up-to-date Master Grades.

I don’t know how Bandai did it, but they managed to complete the SEED lineup incredibly fast. It’d be cool to get Providence or Justice, but I won’t hold my breath just yet. The real prize here is Nu Gundam, of course. Anyway, once these puppies are out, make sure to check for them or ask FPNYC to get your own!

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Best of 2011: Super late edition part 1

By Chris Troy

My 2012 is off to a brutal start, as the first day of the year started with me having no power in half of my apartment for 4 days, but rebounded when I went down to DC for MAGfest 2012 for another 3. The latter was rad, but explains my absence. NO WORRIES, NOW I’VE RETURNED, I CAN TALK ABOUT TOYS THAT CAME OUT LAST YEAR, SEVERAL OF WHICH YOU CAN STILL PURCHASE AT FPNYC!! So without further delay, my ultimately meaningless list:

Let’s start off with some import goodness shall we? While not the strongest year for Figma as a brand (IMO, people who love them some Madoka may disagree), Max Factory managed to pop out a few rad figures this year, one of them being the Figma based on Evangelion 2.2 ‘s Mari. In a sea of Asuka/Rei merchandise, Mari was a welcomed addition and her Figma, which came with a cockpit and a ton of variant parts and accessories, was great. In addition to that, the Dorothy (of Big O fame) Figma dropped as well, and I am bias as hell towards Big O merch, so that makes the list. Also Robocop, because, well, he’s Robocop; why wouldn’t he, right? 2012 looks solid too, as we’re expected to get a Figma based on Guts from Beserk, as well as Samus Aran of Metroid fame. This is best in life. We still have the Eva girls and Dorothy in stock BTW, as well as several other characters I couldn’t tell you about.

Revoltech had a stellar year, especially if you’re into giant robots. Evas? A ton of them, all of them rad. Zone of the Enders finally got some love, with the release of Jehuty, and more are on the way apparently, which pleases me to no end. A ton of American properties got some love as well, including the likes of Iron Man, War Machine, Optimus Prime, and Bumblebee, rocking their Michael Bay designs. 2012 looks to be full of more giant robots AND more movie stuff, including the likes of Pixar movies NOT named Toy Story. In the words of Achewood‘s Ray Smuckles “That’s alright, coz that’s okay.” And wrapping up the super pose-able import toy trinity is SH Figuarts: which, while delivering awesome Godzilla, Gundam, Dragon Ball Z, Megaman X, and One Piece figures, stole my heart with the release of their Tiger and Bunny line. This line is hot, and I think we had the Tiger and Bunny Figuarts in for like a few hours before they sold out. We do have a nice variety of non-T&B Figuarts still in stock though, so hey, it’s not a complete loss if you come in looking for some. We also got a ton of new Gunpla in this year, including kits from the new series Gundam Age. Continue reading

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New Arrivals: Model kit and Video games edition

By Chris Troy

SHAMELESS PLUG OF THE WEEK: From January 5-8, 2012, my ass will be at the MAGfest X (Magfest.org, which stands for Music and Games Festival) down in Maryland, and I highly encourage you hit the festival up as well! Nobuo Uematsu, the genius behind many a awesome Final Fantasy soundtrack, will be there performing with his new band, Earthbound Papas, as well as many other talented folk (like John St. John, the voice behind Duke Nukem!) , and most importantly, an 8-player X-Men arcade cabinet. It’s a good way to start up 2012, so make sure you register online before the 16th!

So it’s now December, which means shelves everywhere are filled with toys. Forbidden Planet NYC is no exception, as we have a ton of new merchandise in stock, most likely relevant to your interests if you’re reading this website. And yes, after selling out a few times, we currently do have My Little Ponies in stock again.

First and foremost, new model kits, we got them in stock! We’ve restocked Gundam SEED, WING, Unicorn, and Zeta kits, and we finally got the first wave of Gundam Age kits in. In addition to all the new Gundam stuffs, we also have a few model kits based on the various ship from the Shonen Jump hit One Piece. These kits are more Gunplay-like in assembly than say actual model boats, and offer something different to build instead of more mecha (although there is nothing wrong with building mecha. Nothing at all). Kits start at $25 and go up from there, depending on the kit and scale.

Since my shameless plug of the week was video game related, it’s only fair that we discuss some new VIDEYA GAME toys that have been released. The first wave of Gears of War 3 figures in, consisting of main character Marcus Fenix, supporting character turned Gear Anya Stroud, and the 3rd brother of the ill-fated Carmines, Clayton. Each figure is about 7″ in height and has about 30 points of articulation  and comes with a small selection of weapons packaged with them.They’re good figures, but Anya’s face could use some work. That aside, they’re still pretty good figures for less than $20. The 2nd wave should be hitting shelves soon. Continue reading

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End of the Year Gunpla Releases

By Loran

With episode of four of Gundam Unicorn just around the corner and Gundam AGE having just premiered a few days ago, it’s time to look at some new upcoming kits! Let’s see what we’ve got this time around…

First off, we have colored pictures for the GM II. I’m a bit sad that they went with the Titans colors for the GM II first, since the AEUG colors are WAY cooler and they’re still kind of outnumbered in terms of HGUC kits. But hey, that’s what paint is for.

It looks like Gunpla Builders is going to be continuing in some form or another, though I haven’t heard anything about a new OVA. The first of two new kits is the Beginning D Gundam, which I really, really like. A lot of people didn’t like Beginning G, saying it looked too “kiddy”. I didn’t mind it that much myself, though it was far from perfect. I like this take on it because it has more of a hardened real-robot “Commando” look to it. I’m really not sure what the color scheme for this thing is, though. It’ll probably end up with the traditional Gundam pallet, but I think it deserves better. Continue reading

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Gundam AGE kit releases

By Loran

Next month, Gundam AGE will be hitting the airwaves in Japan. I’ve made my thoughts on the show pretty clear in my last article on the series, though I think my opinion is starting to change. While I have no plans on actively following the show while it’s airing, I don’t feel as resentful towards it. Even if the show ends up being completely awful, a theme song by JAM Project will leave at least one good thing for us to enjoy. It’s nice to see them finally doing a theme for a Gundam series, especially one that looks like it might have a bit of Super Robot Spirits.

Like SEED and 00 before it, Gundam Age will be having an entry-level kit grade for the little kids. These kits have very simplified construction, often offering very little poseability and require a lot of paint to look nice. These ones seem more along the lines of the SEED no-grades, with the only poseability in the neck, waist, ankles, and shoulders. These are typically priced at less than $10 a piece, and are good for impulse buys to build on rainy days or while you’re watching TV. Continue reading

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The Cutting Edge of Anime

By Shannon H

It’s always going to be a big, fat mystery as to why the manga and anime publishers not only don’t keep more in step with what’s popular, but also why they don’t bring it over faster; most of the stuff to make it to our shelves is from at least two seasons ago in Japan. Obviously since fansubbers can get a new episode of an anime up within a few hours of its first air date, translation isn’t a problem. The issue of rights is probably the main snafu, but even then figuring out the worldwide anime market is apparently a giant business venture in Japan at the moment, so that’s not the problem. Really, it’s probably a question that will survive the end of all things, so I’ll quit expounding upon it, since my point is that there are plenty of new things happening in anime right now, and I’m here to help you keep ahead of the game. Here’s a quick run-through of fairly recent things I’ve watched and super enjoyed. Continue reading

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OD/ED: My thoughts on Gundam AGE

By Loran

A few days ago, thanks to scans provided from CoroCoro Magazine, we were able to take a look at what appears to be the new Gundam Series, Gundam Age. The series will involve a multi-generational story with the main character’s son and descendent taking the Gundam from him while Earth is caught up in the “100 Year War” against an invading force called the “Unknown Enemy”. The Gundam itself is named the Gundam AGE-1 and will have three forms, the standard form, the Sparrow Form, and the Titus form.

Now… with that out of the way. Continue reading

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