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Review: Master Grade GM C-Type

By Loran

Like I mentioned in my last review of the Master Grade GP02A, I get impatient sometimes-why wait for an HGUC when I can just grab a Master Grade to hold me over? Yes, they aren’t usually my cup of tea, but it gets the job done. Sometimes I get a pleasant surprise, other times I’m really disappointed. But in this case, I’ve gotta say I’m left with a serious feeling of “meh”.

The GM C-Type, originally conceived as a full-on redesign for the classic GM for an obscure design series, made its official debut in the Gundam 0083 OVA. It got two releases-one in black/tan, and this one, in classic GM colors. The kit shares most of its frame with the previous Gundam Ver. Ka (Version Katoki, named for the designer that drew them), because they both originally appeared in the same design set. It’s one of my favorite “main” GMs, being the opposite of the GM Command, appearing more bulky as opposed to streamlined. The kit, while it looks nice, seems to have not much else going for it, however…

The head is your basic Master Grade head, with a nice crystal-clear visor that you can make any color you wish. I actually like using permanent markers for this, because you have a wide array of colors to choose from and they show up clear over the visor. There’s a polycap ball-joint for the neck, which works nicely. I’ve also always loved the antenna on this guy’s head. It looks so cool for some reason. Continue reading

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