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Revoltech 119 Gurren Lagann Review

Note: I’m not sure if it came like this or I somehow misplaced it, but my Gurren Lagann is missing its left hip armor. I should have been paying attention. If this is a factory error, I’d keep an eye out.

You know, it just occurred to me that after all these years, I’ve never once reviewed a Revoltech. It’s not that I never wanted to; it’s more that the line hasn’t had an offering I’ve wanted in years. The last one I bought was the movie version of Yoko from Gurren Lagann and that was two years ago. I can’t even remember the last robot I bought in the line. It was probably King Gainer and the two Tetsujin-28 robots I bought back in 2008. Well, I now add another robot to my collection, one I think I’ve waited far too long to add: Gurren Lagann.

I remember when the show was first airing and someone took a screencap of this thing’s shoulder, showing that it pretty much had Revoltech joints on the animation model. As a result, I don’t think anyone was surprised when the first Revoltech of Gurren Lagann was announced. Back then, Revoltechs were some of the coolest robot toys out there. While opinions on them may have changed over the years, I’d say this figure is the best representation of Gurren Lagann that balances between value and quality.

For Revoltech 119, Kaiyodo did a reissue of Revoltech #50, but with a few new additions. The stand is now clear, and additional “kicking up dust” effect piece is now included, and the Wing Pack previously only available with the other Gurren Lagann releases is now included. While I really would have loved to get Enki and Lazengann, I think this makes things more convenient when you consider how rare those two are.

Like pretty much every other robot in the Revoltech line, Gurren Lagann is stylized to hell and back. But here, it works a lot better. Most of the other robots in the line were pre-2000, but as a more contemporary robot, it works really well here. The angular, dynamic look just… works. There’s no explaining it. Continue reading

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Revoltech Review: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Re-releases

By Christopher Troy
I’ll be honest, outside of the occasional Gundam related series or EVA revamp, there hasn’t been much anime that’s grabbed my interest as of late (Yen Press/Viz/Vertical still have me drawn to manga). This is mostly due to the fact that the independent American comic scene has been some great progress over the last couple of year (Image especially), and the fact that I really haven’t enoyed a series as much as I have since Gainax’s Gurren Lagann (available on DVD via Bandai America). This 26 episode series paid homage to a lot of great over the top mecha series of the 70s/80s, while delivering some of the greatest mecha moments in modern anime history. The series has been available on DVD since 2009, but was recently released in a single volume bundle that I highly recommend, as well as 2 seperate movies that recap the series, as well as add some new footage. It’s also available on instaque via Netflix. Continue reading

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