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Rosie Psalm

Did you get some really cool comic books for free on Free Comic Books Day? Good! BECAUSE I GOT ARRESTED FOR PUBLIC NUDITY IN A CHURCH!

It’s all a big, stupid misunderstanding. There were these guys who were saying that Brandon Graham’s King City wasn’t one of the best graphic novels in the past five years, and I took great umbrage with that statement as I believe the antithesis. Go read that sentence back if you don’t believe me. NOW believe this: Brandon Graham’s King City is NOT ONLY one of the best graphic novels of the past five years, it’s also ONLY $19.99 for over 400 pages of pure comics dynamite!


There’s this guy with a magic cat trying to either win back his ex-girlfriend or stop the hell-beast of the Apocalypse from destroying the eponymous, sprawling, insane city he calls home. He’s on the fence because he can’t really figure out if he still loves this girl, or if it’s just his love of nostalgia, OR if this hell-beast thing could blow over without him getting involved because, really, he should probably be helping his luchador roommate rescue a water alien before she’s thrown into intergalactic sex-slavery by mobsters.

THAT is essentially the plot to King City as I loudly explained it to the two gentlemen in question right after they said that King City could “Eat it.” Now that I think about it, they may have been saying “Take this, all of you, and eat it, this is the blood of my body.” I did so many whip-its that day, it’s hard to remember. As I walked up the aisle of the bar to explain further, I rolled up my sleeves anticipating trouble, as well as taking off my shoes so I had a place to keep my glasses safe. I took my sock off so I had something to protect my other sock in, and I took my pants off to keep my socks company. It was only once I was PARTIALLY naked that I realized I wasn’t in a bar, but a church.

“Didn’t I hear you two guys about five minutes ago reading the new Image comic, Prophet?” I slurred. “EVERYBODY knows that this new Prophet reboot is amazing, and it’s drawn by Brandon Graham, too! LOOK at the difference in art styles! Graham has such a versatile pen that Prophet is the best looking sci-fi comic since Moebius, but King City is all in a fluid, funky cartoon/graphiti style…almost like Crumb drawing the Muppets!”

Now this smarmy SOB tried to take it all back, saying he was talking about “The Lord, our Prophet,” and not Image’s Prophet at all. Pfff. Like THAT’S a comic book at all.

By this time these two yutzes up at the roster where getting really pushy, and I noticed a crowd had gathered in the pews to watch the fight. First they just chased me, grabbing my shirt to try and pin me to the floor, but I escaped by wriggling out of what clothes I had left. HA! Grab THAT, Mr. Funny-Hat. Continue reading

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Assemblage Avenglllllllle!


As covered COPIOUSLY here at Unkiedev’s Amazing Stuff, comic book movies are awesome, but comic books are awesome with a side order of unicorn rainbow disco fries!  Not only are comic books CHEAPER than the movies, you get to re-read them as many times as you like for the price of admission.

Let’s get this firecracker lit!


5. Avengers The Kree-Skrull War HC

I’m not just recommending this because it’s on sale this week, I’m recommending it because this endures as some of the Avenger’s finest moments. Two alien races decide that Earth shall be the battleground for their cosmic mutual destruction, and Captain America, Iron-Man, Thor and a slew of others have to set these up-jump E.T.s straight! WHAM!

4. Essential Avengers

See where it all started…or forever be a poindexter know-nothing dweeboid! Great fun at a great value, a sure fire fun time for readers of all ages.

3. Avengers Disassembled

The dark tale of the darkest moment of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Decades in the making, Avengers Disassembled is a tight story about the terrors in our own back yard. Watch the machine fly apart when the Avenger’s find out the risks inherent in placing the good of the Universe before the needs of their own family.

2. Young Avengers

An uplifting counterpoint to Disassembled, Young Avengers gets everything about super hero comics right! Tons of bright fun with enough modern angst to make it a thoroughly modern read.

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The Weekly Pulse – Milestone in Riverdale!

Drama! Controversy! Comics! Dramictroversy! Dan goes over the latest and greatest comics in this week’s haul, plus the bru-ha-ha surrounding Kevin Keller‘s nuptials! If you’d like to show your support for comic that provide realistic (and super-realistic!) depictions of the gay experience, there’s a whole host of great comics to choose from!

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