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Summertiiime, and the Livin’s Easy

Holy comicbooks, Batman, there’s no new manga out this week! That’s okay, since so much has come out in the past few weeks, you

probably need a little respite to catch up with all of it. Or if you’re on top of your game, you could use your regular reading time to start sewing some cosplay, because summer’s here and that means it’s convention season, baby!

I get a lot of questions from customers about conventions, and they’re lucky I’m here to answer them, as I’ve been regularly attending anime conventions for just about ten years now (and boy, have things changed in just one decade). Since I have the chance to this week, I figured I’d throw together a primer for all you FP customers who haven’t experienced a convention outside of NYAF, or are interested in starting yourself on the circuit. There are conventions all over the country of varying sizes and quality, and come summertime, there’s one pretty much every weekend somewhere, so don’t worry. Continue reading

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New Manga Releases Still Few

By Mat K.

Okay, after last week’s shrunken manga release list, we were really hoping for many awesome titles. Unfortunately the exact reverse is true. This week is even smaller. There are three, count them, three books and they are all coming to us from Viz. I can give you a run down of all three, but I think we will wrap up this one with a review. The first and most interesting of the releases this week is Fullmetal Alchemist Volume 24 by Hiromu Arakawa. In this volume Hohenheim finally gets his chance to stop the mysterious homunculus ‘Father’ who rules over Central City. Will Hohenheim’s surprise be enough to defeat the most powerful homunculus of them all? And when King Bradley makes a triumphant return, will the battle turn in the military’s favor?

Next on my extraordinarily brief list is Dorohedoro Volume 3 by Q Hayashida. Yes Q. I’m almost positive his real name is Kyu, but let’s just leave it at that. While En seeks out a new partner with unique magic powers, his crew has a run-in with an underground organization that controls the distribution of ‘black powder,’ a magic-enhancing drug used by weaker Sorcerers. Meanwhile, Caiman and Nikaido spend New Year’s in the haunted mansion of a mysterious doctor who specializes in the anatomy of Sorcerers. The doctor reveals to them the only known portal to the Sorcerers’ dimension. Mmm, black powder. I’m sure there is a very specific kind of “magic” these weaker Sorcerers cast. And I’m sure it’s very explodey. Continue reading

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Jump Comic’s One Piece: One Piece, Two Piece, Red Piece, Blue Piece

By Mat K.

Wow, it’s good to be back. The holidays this year were so nuts that we had to take a little hiatus. If any of you came by shopping last week you must have noticed that there were no new releases at all, in fact the only comics were some Fall Of Hulks thing and a Blackest Night issue. The good news is that it’s the first release week of the month and that means a million books you know you’ve been waiting for.

The first hunk of big news is One Piece. Now if you read Naruto, (or even if you don’t), you may remember the last couple years around this time Viz started pumping out 4 issues a month or so in order to catch up with the rapidly progressing Japanese issues. Well, apparently we started getting dangerously close to current Naruto issues, and they realized we were still desperately behind in One Piece, because in 2010 it’s Luffy’s turn. That’s right, this week 5 whole volumes of One Piece come out at once, 24-28. Continue reading

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Manga: Svelte Is A Fun Word

Svelte Is A Fun WordBy Mat K.

If you found the last two weeks of insane releases a tad hard on the wallet, you will be thrilled this week, there are less than ten titles showing up. Don’t get me wrong this week makes up for it in quality. It seems to be the kind of week for all those manga that regular people (ie: not otaku) read, Oishinbo Volume 6, Black Jack Volume 8, Pluto Volume 6, Vagabond Volume 30, and while those are all well and amazing, there is also Fullmetal Alchemist Volume 21, which came out really quickly this time around, Case Closed Volume 32 comes around, and Gurren Lagann Volume 3 is here. Like I said, it’s a pretty awesome week right?

Neon Genesis EvangelionUnfortunately, that’s really all there is to say about manga this week, they’re all series that are known and well on their way, and there are no brand new series this time for me to review and plug. Continue reading

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