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Con-trived Pun for a Title

Suicide Squad #8, out NEXT week from DC, BETTER clear up these rumors I’ve been hearing about a certain demise within that team’s roster. Hopefully we’ll be seeing one of the chief stars of that title return from the tomb toot-sweet, as audiences stop paying for shows that fail to star their main attractions. I’d say Johnny Storm of the FF wins for “Quickest attention grabbing death undone to regain readers,” except this is Easter Weekend and any mention of this subject seems sacrilegious.

Speaking of dates, and I don’t mean “those-things-I-don’t-go-on-because-I’m-playing-Minecraft.”

PAX East is THIS upcoming weekend, as is Anime Con Boston, proving once again that business people have as much foresight as a flounder. Anyone want to make a lot of money this weekend in the Bay State? Just rent a party van, throw in a Magic: The Gathering table and a flatscreen that plays Full Metal Alchemist DVDs, then  charge ten bucks a ride to ferry folks between the two events. Repeat until rich enough to buy tickets to the San Diego Comic Con this year on July 12-15.

I can remember the years when the MoCCA Art Fest, unfortunately, fell on the same weekend as The Mermaid Day Parade. Luckily, MoCCA is right around the corner on Saturday and Sunday, April 28th and the 29th, while the Mermaid Parade is in June. It is poor timing that the New York Convention for Gluing Broken Tiles to Light Posts will happen during MoCCA, but I think that’s only going to throw off a handful off attendees to both. These are a highly specialized group of people, and are used to such hardships.

Free Comic Book Day will be on the first Saturday of May, as always, which this year will fall on May 5th …as sad conflict with The New York Comic Con, which will be on October 11-14.  I say it’s a conflict because some of this year’s books are looking so good, I’ll still be reading them by the time October comes around!


I kid, I kid. I can’t actually read, I just like to look at the pictures.

Adventure Time #2 will look cool intentionally, if not casually, flopping out of the back pocket of a well scruffed pair of vintage, acid washed jeans. Action Comics #8 will close out the latest weird arch on Grant Morrison’s run on the Man of Steel…and speaking of Grant:

AS MENTIONED LAST WEEK, NOW is your chance to own the spectacular Flex Mentallo Hard Cover, reprinting for the first time the original collaboration between Morrison and Quitely that’s been out of print since 1996. Get it before Charles Atlas’ lawyers realize they’re letting people have fun and DC gets sued again! Continue reading

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Brothers, Homunculi & Alchemy, Oh My!

Obviously the book that is going to rush off the shelves this week is the second-to-last Full Metal Alchemist volume. That shouldn’t surprise anyone, but the excitement that’s building as the story dwindles to a close definitely will! Even if you are one of the new FMA fans that went hog wild over the rehashed anime, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, there is still a certain je ne sais quoi about reading the story as it was originally conceived in manga form (Frankly, it is for this reason that I’m not personally too crazy over Brotherhood. I was okay with accepting the old anime as something different; it at least forced people to read the book, whereas now I worry that having a cartoon version will just make everyone too lazy to do so).

Oh, no, wait; I’m sorry, what was that? You haven’t heard of FMA before? What, you live under a rock or something? Full Metal Alchemist blew up like crazy in the mid 2000’s when the original anime hit Adult Swim, and it’s only gained momentum since. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out; perhaps because you are wary of things that are stupidly popular; at least give FMA a chance, as it most definitely deserves nearly all the brouhaha.

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Akuryo Taisen!

Because I’m secretly waiting for a talking black cat to appear and tell me that I’m actually Sailor Mars, I’ve been practicing my divination skills: the spirits tell me that the next big explosion in the land of manga is going to be a little series called Blue Exorcist. Maybe you’ve heard of it, but then again, maybe not. It’s not got the squealing fanbase some other super popular things have (I’m looking at you, Black Butler, Hetalia, and Full Metal Alchemist.) – or at least, not yet it doesn’t. But the formula is there, and if the speed at which the books have been flying off of our shelves is any indicator, the legions of nubile fanatics are on the way. Even now I can hear them stirring deep within this planet’s molten core…

The newest volume of Blue Exorcist came out last week and after drooling over the artwork for the past couple months, I decided it was time to try it out. Boy, did that work out well! First off, as I said, the artwork by Kazue Kato is incredible. It’s super clean, despite her somewhat loose style, but still bursting with detail. Her characters are attractive and distinctive—practically begging to be cosplayed when the fangirl legion strikes—and even within the first few pages, bursting with personality. Even just based on the artwork alone, what could have been a potentially overdone concept is jazzed with something fresh and invigorating. Continue reading

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Phantasmagorical Fantasy

June is really proving to be quite the month for manga collecting! Another really full week is ahead of us, fellow otaku, so loosen those purse strings and get ready for excitements such as new Soul Eater, Higurashi, 20th Century Boys, NGE: Campus Apocalypse, and of course, Full Metal Alchemist. There are even some great reprints in store, like the Phoenix Wright manga, or Tenjo Tenge, and the first omnibus version of Negima. Suffice to say that it seems like this week’s grand theme for manga is fantasy and the unreal. Well, more unreal than what’s standard for manga, anyway. Continue reading

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