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Frankenstein The True Story screening and signing!

Forbidden Planet is beyond stoked to inform you about not one, but two upcoming events for the release of issue #38 of Little Shoppe of Horrors!





Dread Central & Forbidden Planet in association with Cinéclub/Film Society of Montreal present a FREE New York City Screening & Discussion of FRANKENSTEIN: THE TRUE STORY (1973) to celebrate the new issue of Richard Klemensen’s LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS #38 featuring Sam Irvin’s definitive study on the making of this beloved, all-star, two-part telefilm.

The screening will take place on Tuesday, June 27, 6:00-10:00 PM at the recently reopened Quad Cinema located at 34 W 13th Street. Seating is limited. You MUST RSVP to Dread Central to guarantee a seat. No one will be admitted to the theater who is not on the RSVP list. Email your RSVP request to Dread Central at: screenings@dreadcentral.com

FRANKENSTEIN: THE TRUE STORY will be projected from a unique 16mm print- which includes everything from the original telecast (including the James Mason introduction), plus extra seconds of censored footage only seen in the foreign theatrical release. Clocking in at an epic running time of 3 hours and 13 minutes.

The screening and Q&A will be hosted by Tony Timpone (former editor of Fangoria) and include special guests Sam Irvin (special project editor of the issue; director of ELVIRA’S HAUNTED HILLS, OBLIVION, DANTE’S COVE; co-executive producer of GODS AND MONSTERS), Alec Smight (son of the late Jack Smight, director of FRANKENSTEIN: THE TRUE STORY; Alec visited the set daily and has written an essay in the magazine; Alec is now the three-time Emmy-nominated director-producer of CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION and CRIMINAL MINDS: BEYOND BORDERS), Philippe Spurrell (film archivist and founder of Cinéclub/Film Society of Montreal (CFS); curator of the unique 16mm print that will be projected; Philippe has written an essay about the various cuts of the film for the issue), and James Anthony Phillips (expert on composer Gil Mellé who wrote a sidebar for the issue on Mellé’s score to FRANKENSTEIN: THE TRUE STORY).

Forbidden Planet will sell copies of Little Shoppe of Horrors #38 at the screening and all special guests will sign copies of the magazine at the conclusion of the Q&A.


If you can’t make it to the screening you will still have a chance to meet Sam Irvin and pick up an autographed copy of Little Shoppe of Horror #38 at Forbidden Planet NYC on June 29th from 6 -8PM. That’s two days after the free screening.


Wait… What’s that you say? You can’t make it to the screening and you also can’t make the in-store signing but you still want a copy of the new issue of Little Shoppe of Horrors autographed by Sam Irvin. Well don’t sweat it. Forbidden Planet has got your back as usual. You can pre-order signed copies from our webstore using the following link.




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The Weekly Pulse – Drive Your Enemies Before You

Lots to look at today! A couple more number sixes trickled out in the form of Batgirl, Batman and Robin, Frankenstein, and Suicide Squad. Plus more of everyone’s favorite enmouthed Merc and enlobstered Johnson! Most exciting of all, a new Conan book from Becky Cloonan and Brian Wood! Throw is some Dark Matter, Scarlet Spider, Memorial, The Strain, and Thief of Thieves, (editor’s note: currently sold out.  New stock shipping march 14th) and you have a busy week of comics reading!

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Cover Bland

This past weekend I picked up a back issue for a strange little 70’s monster comic called Creatures on the Loose #13 from Marvel. WHY? Because it featured a shaggy white monstrosity in a gold skirt walking out of a rainbow colored television while scaring the beejeezus out of some square. This monster then loudly proclaims “I-HAVE-COME-TO-TAKE-YOU-TO-KROGARR!!”

Now THAT is a cover you just can’t argue with!


So how was this inspiring trip to Krogarr? It was alright, if you like wacky monsters. Personally I can’t get enough of em’, that’s why one of the books to watch this week is DC’s Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE #5. Franky-baby is going to smack around O.M.A.C.: the One Machine Attack Construct who looks more like a One Monster Augly Contest. That was “Ugly” with a silent “A.” They’ll make slappy in the facey until one of them explodes or cries or goes home with a sniffle! YAY!

I took the chance on Creatures on the Loose because of the cover. While you can’t judge a book by its cover for legal reasons, you certainly get first impressions. This can be both good and bad. Continue reading

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The Weekly Pulse – December 14th, 2011

YouTube Preview Image

We’re back, baby! Another week’s recap of the latest in comics and toys with your host Dan Roth and Morgan on camera!

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Llama Ddrama

I’ve awoken, cold and shivering on the floor of my cave in a pool of leaves, vomit and mouse parts. I cannot remember the last week AT ALL. The only clues I have are half of a Halloween costume and excerpts from a Forbidden Planet column I have NO memory of writing.

The Costume is some sort of weird pudding bowl hair cut, cowboy boots, and a nail gun…but remember, I only have half of it. What kind of stupid costume is that? What was I supposed to be?

And this column I’ve found. Here’s an excerpt:

“To ward off the Llamas, I’m gonna’ git me a copy of Avenging Spider-Man #1 and a copy of Marvel Point One #1 and I’m gonna’ plop em’ both inna’ cage and I’m a gonna’ make em’ FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! There can be only ONE #1!!! Oh no, the llamas!!”


That last part actually makes sense (to me, at least,) but why on Earth did I want to put Avenging Spider-Man #1 and Point One #1 in a cage and potentially ruin their collectible value? Avenging Spider-Man #1 looks awesome!

Let’s put Ultimates 3 behind us and take a look at that gorgeous Joe Madureira cover. Man, if I could only judge this book by that cover I’d say it’s going to be more Spectacular than Spectacular, more Sensational than Sensational. This book looks too dang good to pass up giving it a try…plus it’s a number 1 and that’s for me.

Point One #1 is  a tougher pick up, but still pretty reasonable. Six or seven stories from top writers and artists setting up Marvel’s big event of 2012…which better be pretty dang big, as DC is mopping the floor with the “House of Ideas” in sales of late. Time to pull the bacon out of the frying pan, Stan.

AH! The Halloween costume! I get it now…I was Half-ier Bardem. Clever. But why was I eating mice? Continue reading

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Hurricane Reboot.

By Chris Troy

I like Jack Kirby as much as the next guy, but I really don’t feel the need for New York to be experiencing Kamandi: The Last Boy (available in an omnibus) -like conditions. The store will be closing at 2pm on Saturday, and chances are it won’t be open on Sunday because,  as you well know, a hurricane is going down.  With any luck it won’t be as bad as the media is making it out to be and all will be well come Monday sans some MTA nonsense. Just keep some important supplies on hand and make sure you keep your eyes and ears in tune to the news.

Anywho, enough of me repeating what’s probably been said on twitter, time to talk toys.

Flashpoint is concluding this week and apparently it’s a big thing, as it’s leading into a reboot which I’ve only mentioned half a dozen time on this blog ever since it’s been announced.  I’ve pretty much skipped buying/reading the entire mini-series because I don’t give a toss about Barry Allen or Geoff John’s obsession with the silver age meets “grim dark’, as well as the dozen various tie-in mini series (To be fair, I’ve heard from several trust-worthy sources that both the Batman and Frankenstein minis were solid). However the new Justice League also drops on the same day, which will be the first book set in the new DC Universe, and features Jim Lee on art duties. This is very much a big deal, as the 40 page book is the 1st time Lee’s done interior art since I believe “All Star Batman & Robin“, which if I remember correctly, took forever to come out and is currently on hiatus while Frank Miller continues to profit from his madness elsewhere. Either way, both book should be available come Wednesday at Midnight (That’s Tuesday night leading into Wednesday for those who always get that mixed up.) for about $4 a pop for all interested parties.

The thing that’s impressed me most about Flashpoint is that DC Direct managed to get the tie-in toy line out on shelves while the event was still going on (let alone on time!). This 4 figure set is based on the artwork of Flashpoint artist Andy Kubert, and continues the trend of having at least one Batman figure in it (Spoilers: To be fair it’s not Bruce this time around, but Thomas. Meaning once again DC has ignored the Dick Grayson Batman). Aside from Bat-Dad, there’s Barry Allen (I remain the jaded fan and refuse to refer to anyone other than Wally West as the Flash), a heavily armored  Wonder Woman with a sword, and Mega Man. Er, I mean Cyborg. All joking aside, Cyborg is probably the best figure in set, and the Kubert redesign is really good in my opinion, much better than that what he looks like pre or post reboot. You know the drill, $20 for each and I’m fairly certain most of them will be on the shelves when the store reopens. Be safe out there East Coast, and if you see any sharks swimming down your streets, assume the worse and that the Fantastic 4 will be by shortly to stop Namor.

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Fright-Rags does the Monster Mash

Today Fright-Rags released a limited edition Famous Monsters Of Filmland shirt designed by Jason Edmiston that will blow your mind

Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman, Mummy…these monsters have been an integral part of
horror for the better part of a century. They’ve been reproduced in countless forms of media
and have certainly become the most “Famous Monsters of Filmland”…

But what if they were all combined somehow?

Today I bring you the answer to that question…MONSTER MASH!
We’ve teamed up with Famous Monsters of Filmland, and the amazing artist Jason Edmiston
(Wacky Packages, Rue-Morgue, Mondo) to bring you MONSTER MASH, an exclusive limited
edition t-shirt.

Like a mad scientist, Edmiston carefully stitched together the perfect monster,
capturing each character’s unique qualities in striking detail. And we’ve reproduced his
brilliant artwork in 10 glorious colors, professionally screenprinted on our 100% super-comfy
ringspun cotton shirts.

But only 300 of them have been printed…make sure to grab one before they’re all gone!

You heard the man, there are only 300 of these babies so buy me one… I’m a Large.

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8MM Movie Matinee

Monster movie fans rejoice, the next 8MM Movie Matinee event is going to pay tribute to everyone’s favorite big green brute… The Frankenstein Monster.

Bucko Trading and Von Erickson Laboratories Present Franken-Fest 2011 A.D. (or… What Mary Shelley NEVER Imagined)

Now just try to tell me this doesn’t already sound awesome.  Watch me seal the deal.

Real films on real projectors……free popcorn! surprises and sometimes puppetry. Hosted by Pete of Von Erickson Laboratories, Ugly of Bucko Trading and writer Russell Atwood! Every third sunday of the month! Small cover charge that goes to buying more films and to build more puppets. It’s a creepy good time!

Did you see that, puppetry, (just forget that “sometimes” part and cross your fingers) I knew puppets would get you interested.

The Where:  Bar 82 136 Second Ave

The When:  Sunday February 20th 3-9 P.M.

What to do in the meantime: Check out Von Erickson Laboratories

See you there!

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Playing With Toys: Huckleberry Hound Meets the Creature from the Black Lagoon, War Machine Meets the Wolfman, Wally Gator Meets Frankenstein and Dracula, But Nobody Meets Abbott or Costello

Despite what you may glean from the following video, Forbidden Planet is the pinnacle of professional geek retail that other purveyors of such items can only aspire to.  And no one gets kicked in the nards around here… more than once a week.

YouTube Preview Image

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Tuesday Toys 2/2/10

Select toys uploaded to forbiddenplanetusa.com today…

Battlestar Galactica Tigh & Gaeta 2-pack

TighGaeta2pkAccessories included:  sidearms, Dradis display, clipboard, and, of course… HOOCH!

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen N.E.S.T. Battlefield Bumblebee & Infiltration Soundwave 2pk.


Classic Monster Funko Force figures:





Creature from the Black Lagoon


and Frankenstein.


Fantastic?  Yes. But where’s the frggin mummy????

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