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A Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy

There’s a week to go before Free Comic Book Day…a full week of dreaming, scheming, screaming and camping out at the Forbidden Planet in order to get the finest free comics this side of Andromeda. Luckily for all of us, Forbidden Planet has TONS (literally) of amazing products to entertain while you wait, only this stuff is for pay.

Buying things helps you appreciate the free things better.


Did you ever wonder what makes the Planet so Forbidden? Why, it’s staffed entirely by galactic refugees who have escaped from the toughest alien jails in the Milky Way, naturally. Did you ever see “The Chronicles of Riddick?” It’s a lot like that, only in a comic book shop, and also we don’t generally drain the blood from slaves to view the future…only on special occasions.

Take Morgan Pielli, my editor here at the Weekly Planet. Morgan is a prolific  cartoonist (Indestructible Universe Quarterly) and mini-book reviewer with more talent in his little pinkie than someone less talented. He is also a wanted intergalactic felon known as “The Grinzzskt,” which is a kind of teleporting, flesh-eating ostrich found in the Cyper Belt. His crimes are numerous, but include space larceny, space loitering, space littering and a litany of other “L” related space maladies one can list.

If you wanted to buy amazing mini-comics to tide you over till Free Comic Book Day (May 5th!) then Morgan can point you in the right direction. If you want an illegal forged space license as well, he’s also your man.

Speaking of awesome minis:

Big Title #2, Alec Lewellyn (W/A)

Another cosmic creep, nascent ne’er-do-well and Forbidden Planet employee is none other than Jr. Manager Alec Lewellyn! Alec has a pretty dang swankaroonie self published comic on the shelf right now at the Planet by the name of “Big Title.”

What if I told you that $4 could buy you a wrestling yarn which playfully illustrates all that is best in this sport of kings while simultaneously skewers the shameful spectacle that is grown men faking at fighting? You will laugh, you will cry and you will feel emotions better left u-felt. Continue reading

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Frank Frazetta: Legend

By Devin T. Quin

Barry Windsor Smith

As the internet pushes the frontiers of fantasy and concept art to greater heights it becomes increasingly more difficult to remember a world without conceptart.com, imaginefx magazine, Spectrum and deviantart.com. The fantasy artist, likewise, has evolved into smaller, faster and more stylized professionals than ever before. If one would follow the evolution comparison we could argue that contemporary fantasy artists are a bunch of chickens!

Not because they are cowardly, but because they are a hearty, versatile breed of artists flourishing successfully. They are plentiful, and they are productive. Where fantasy art used to be relegated to the seedy covers of men’s magazines, and helpful instructors in this style unheard of, today’s fantasy artists can access peer reviews on countless internet forums or even in classrooms across the collegiate USA!

Some of these artists will never find work, and will live out their lives as internet trolls and nay-sayers, creating worthless chicken scratches of derivative quality and clucking their discontent at popular artists and peers to anyone who’ll read their bitter posts. Continue reading

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