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Neon Genesis Family Guy

By Chris Troy

FLASH FACT: I am thrilled with any time I can get a chance to talk about toys that aren’t Batman-related on this blog (thus forever putting me at odds with Comics Alliance’s Chris Sims). DC Direct has shown me some pity and not released any new figures as of the time this article was written (although the Batman Inc. wave should be hitting shelves any day now), so this week gives me the chance to focus on some non-Super Hero stuff, which again, I am thrilled about. I think I’ll start things off with taking a look at one of the newer Figmas (by Max Factory) that FPNYC  has stocked. It’s Asuka Langley (Well, technically Shikinami Asuka Langley thanks to the slight retcon, also I don’t think this is her first Figma. Or was that Revoltech? There is a lot of Eva toys out there…) in her Test Plug Suit from Neon Genesis Evangelion 2.2 , which has been one of the best selling US anime releases on DVD/Blu-Ray this year, brought over by the fine people at FUNimation. I’ve spoken of both Eva 2.2 and it’s toys in the past (At least 2 different Mari entries come immediately to mind), so this mini-review shouldn’t come as much of a suprise to returning readers. Continue reading

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News from the Front: All I want for Christmas

by Christopher Troy

Greeting Forbidden Planet Faithful (and should you not like Faithful, how are you guys feeling about Planeteers? No? Alright then.) ! It’s now December, and that means we’re now in Holiday time ground zero. Time to whip out your credit cards and stand in line for stuff that’s going to be covered in dust 6 months later!

Usually at this time of the year bloggers will suggest what kind of cool gifts you should be buying for your loved one and friends. And really, the nerve of them. They don’t know your friends and loved ones that well do they? I bet they don’t. Therefore I’ll write about a person I do know well and am certain what I’ll list said person will want for Christmas-myself. Think of this as a really cool preview of stuff we’ll be getting in soon (hopefully), and you’ll have to fight me for once it reaches the shelf.


For the most part, I  prefer Revoltechs over Figmas because the former makes Mecha and Sci-Fi toys, while the later usually makes schoolgirls. However Figma’s December is looking pretty awesome, as we’re getting a Figma version of Evangelion 2.0’s Makinami Mari Illustrious and from Persona 3 (and Fes/3 Portable) Aegis (which is a re-release of a figure we stocked earlier in the year) and Metis.  Aside from the Persona 3 kick I’ve been on as of late, both Aegis and Metis are awesome looking figures with game accurate sculpts and accessories/alternative limbs and face, a great range of pose ability that Figma is know for and clear, sturdy, poseable bases. Also worth noting is that Metis also comes with Koromaru, the Persona using dog. That’s an instant-buy in my book. Anywo, expect these 2 to go around $35-$40 when we have them in stock/

And wasn’t I just signing the praises of the Revoltech Mari a few months ago. And why this version, versus say the new Prototype Mari that we have in stock from Revoltech. Both figures are great, don’t get me wrong, but the Figma version comes packaged with a Cockpit. That’s super near. That and the sculpt is slightly better, as are the joints. Also one Mari can stay at my work desk, and the other on my PC desk. EVERYONE WINS!


FACT: DeathScythe Hell was the coolest looking Gundam from G Wing. I refuse to hear otherwise, so don’t try to argue that point. So a new Deathscythe kit on the 1/100th scale is a severe do want on my X-mas list this year. Granted it’s a variation of the Endless Waltz design and not the Hell version, it looks cool as…well, hell, so I’ll take it. And according to several sources, we’re getting Deathscythe Hell Custom in the Master Grade line come 2011, so it’s a very good time to be a Gundam fan with some disposable income. IE me. The kit goes for about $50-55, and should be on our shelves any day now, if not already.


Confession: I didnt pick up any of the Mass Effect games until this summer, because I clearly things that are good. This of  course has been resolved, as I’ve since beaten the original and and about 20 hours into Mass Effect 2. I’m a big fan of the universe, and DC Direct is (in theory) there for me as they’re releasing their first wave of figures this month (originally slated to come out back in October). 2 lines have been announced so far and I’ve already trying to figure out where to put them on my work desk.

That concludes the list of things that I want that don’t have the words “Jack Daniels” in it. Again most of these figures should be out this month, with the exception of Deathscythe who’s out now.  All new releases come out on Wednesday, so start checking with the store every Wednesday to see what came in!

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Reviewtech: Fate/Stay Figmas

By Christopher Troy

Happy belated Labor Day FP readers. I’ve returned from Dragon*Con in Atlanta,GA, spending 4 days drunk and looking at people in odd fitting costumes. Now that I’m back, I’m here to feature some more cool toys from our store’s import section. Today’s selection is from Max Factory’s Figma line, which is the main competitor to the Revoltech line. While Revoltech tends to focus on mecha and sci-fi, Figma tends to foucs on what series/characters are super popular in Japan, such as Lucky Star, Code Geass, K-On and Haruhi. I’ll be focusing on three entries from the Fate/Stay series.

Series Origin: Fate/Stay Night originated in Japan as a Visual novel for the PC created by  game developers Type-Moon. While it’s origins lie in the adult-game genre, the novel proved to be so popular that it spawned a hit anime series (currently available in a box set published by FUNimation) and a on-going manga brought over to the states by Tokyopop.

Legacy: Aside from the series and manga, there have been several video games for the Playstation 2, and Playstation Portable, that have both expanded and provided alternate outcomes to the source material. A full-length motion picture was released earlier this year in Japan and expected to reach the States (legally) sometime next year. There have been a number of figures/statues/dolls released of the cast, mostly focusing on the female leads Saber and Rin Tohsaka.

Appearances and Equipment: Left to right, these are the 3 characters we’ll be looking at today: the newest F/S Figma Saber Alter, a dark version of heroine Saber, Rin Tohsaka in the middle, and Saber’s master, main hero Shiro Emiya. Male Figmas are a rare occurrence,  so his presence in the line is welcomed. From the get go, you can see the figures are all very well sculpted, painted and very articulate.  Worth mentioning is the there are Revoltech versions of  Rin and Saber Alter, but they’re based more on the novel versions of the character, and aren’t as well made as the figures we’re looking at today. Continue reading

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