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By Loran

Like I said in the review for the Schuzrum Dias, I love it when Bandai decides they’ll throw us a bone with a kit of a suit that’s never been done before. The thing about the Schuzrum Dias, though, is that most of it was already done. There are many suits that existed solely in resin hell for the past 25-30 years and are just now getting kits. This is one that I though needed one much, much earlier on.

The GM III has never gotten a plastic Bandai kit in any scale. I think there were a few resin kits and conversion sets (but let’s be honest here, that would have to be one hell of a conversion set), but for whatever reason, the poor GM III always got neglected in favor for its younger brother the Jegan, even after appearing in both Double Zeta and Char’s Counterattack. In fact, it was the only new Federation model introduced throughout Double Zeta’s entire run. I guess during the 80’s, Bandai didn’t find new GMs all that profitable, though considering Double Zeta’s track record with rehashes towards the end, it makes sense that Bandai wouldn’t have wanted to take a risk on a new Federation suit.

The GM III is, more or less, a bulky GM II, however Bandai (for some reason) chose to release this one first. While it’s labeled as a Double Zeta kit, the design clearly borrows most of its influence from the Unicorn anime, not surprising considering that without it, we probably wouldn’t have this kit. It works for me, since I found the original design to be kind of… messy, at least in the lineart.

A clear visor with some great interior detailing adorns the head. I can’t wait to paint this. However, the antennae on the head look really thick, even by Bandai standards. I might sand them down to make them look a little less silly.

This kit uses a new GM joint system, not the same one originally included with the Hazels. I was a little upset at first, but this one works just as well. The arm joints are designed in a way that will be much easier to glue and paint.

The hips use stick joints, similar to the ones on the 30th Anniversary Gundam. The skirt is designed in a way that can be split, but of course, they aren’t pre-cut.

Also taken from the 30th Gundam are the shoulder joints, using the much more versatile ball-and-socket style. It’s nice to see this style finally becoming mainstream. Continue reading

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HGUC Zaku F2 Review

By Loran

I really don’t understand the logic Bandai takes in their MG and HGUC releases.

Bandai likes to release suits based on the series they appear in, like, for a period of time, they do a bunch of suits from say, Zeta, mixed in with suits from Char’s Counterattack or 0080. But the suits that get releases always come in some weird order, like don’t you think that a GM Kai would’ve come out about six months after the Powered GM? Most of the parts were all there! I mean the Ball came out how many years after they finished the original series? Geez. Continue reading

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