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Forbidden Planet NYC on Flavorwire’s List of America’s Top Ten Comic and Graphic Novel Stores


Recently, we’ve been surveying readers and staff, and cluing you in to some of our favorite indie shops around the country. First we did bookstores, then we moved on to record stores. Both lists generated healthy debates, and lots of suggested additions. Now, we’ve asked our Facebook followers (along with some expert friends) to tell us about their favorite comic shops. The top 10 we’ve come up with is certainly skewed by our own prejudice for stylish, wide-ranging stores that also stock indie comics and graphic novels, rather than old-fashioned places that only cater to superhero devotees. And we’d much rather see a small, well-curated store than a big one that stocks the same stuff as every other big one.


Before you enter Forbidden Planet for the first time, take a deep breath… you’re going to want to buy everything.

While I don’t agree with one of the the article’s comments regarding the staff, and the picture of the shop they chose to use was taken ca. 1998, we’re quite honored.

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