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Footage from the Forbidden Planet Ollie Mongo Signing

Ollie Mongo creators Craig Singer and Arlene Klasky stopped by Forbidden Planet NYC for a FREE comic book signing on September 21st 2012. Here’s some footage from our YouTube channel!

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Forbidden Planet is on Google+

We are indeed on Google+. Come share wonderful, geeky stuff with us!

I’ll be Hanging out On Air at 4pm today… fingers crossed.  Still working out the logistics, but the plan is to chat from the new shop’s basement as we process this week’s shipment, discuss some of tomorrow’s new releases, make a really neat-o announcement  regarding a forthcoming graphic novel… and try not to be completely awkward as this’ll be LIVE!

If you’re not on Google+ you can watch a livestream of the Hangout on our YouTube channel, fptransmissions, and chat with us via Twitter (@fpnyc) throughout.

Trust me folks, this is the first step in a huge undertaking for us here at FPNYC.  There’s a lot more such content we’re going to be rolling out this fall.  I hope you’ll join us and enjoy.

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Lookee for January 30th 2012

Let’s take a look around the internet, shall we?

Today’s TeeFury design. Men’s sizes only printed on hideous cream-colored shirts.


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Quick TRON Legacy Check-In 11/23

Been a bit since last The Daily Planet caught up with news of one of my favorite subjects- the forthcoming TRON sequel.  Just 3 1/2 weeks to go, kiddies!

  • The Art of TRON Legacy is available as of TODAY.
  • The movie has received a PG rating from the MPAA
  • You can now insert yourself into the teaser trailer on the movie’s Facebook page.


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Stan Marsh Vs. Facebook (AKA The Master Control Program)

South Park, a program which I ashamedly admit I’ve only had a modest interest in since its debut despite a circle of friends who swear by its perpetual gut-busting charms, recently aired a spot-on episode titled “You Have 0 Friends” equating the ubiquitous behemoth Facebook to Tron’s Master Control Program.

Stan is digitized a la Kevin Flynn and sent to the Game Grid for having the audacity to attempt to delete his profile… and Facebook the MCP will have none of that!

So what sort of games are the conscripts profiles forced to play to gain their freedom? Jai Alai?  A Light Cycle race to the death?

NO!  Yahtzee!

Looove the episode’s Tron parody segments (the little touches go a long way- Facebook Saark is a more accurate cartoon depiction of a real person/character, actor David warner in this case, than any featured on The Simpsons in a long time… The MCP’s voice and the line, “I’m afraid I can’t let you do that, Stan Marsh.” ), but the episode’s real strength is its biting commentary on the Facebook phenomenon and the various social changes it has loosed upon the world. For better, but mostly worse.

Great episode.


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