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Roundup of news from Chicago Comic Con.

S.W.O.R.D. #1 Cover by Steven Sanders.
S.W.O.R.D. #1 Cover by Steven Sanders.

This weekend was Chicago Comic Con, and even though all of the major publishers declined to participate.  Wizard Talking Head Gareb Shamus still expected record attendance and said they were committed to the location and “As far as I’m concerned, we’ll be there forever.”

Even though no one had a presence on the Con floor, there certainly wasn’t a lack of news.

  • Another Buffy alum and comic book writer Emma Caulfield is premiering a webcomic called “Contropussy”.  Hahaha, yes. I couldn’t tell you what the hell this is about but the name alone suggests something fun and different. And I’m all for fun and different.
  • Marvel announced that Kieron Gillen and Steven Sanders will produce “S.W.O.R.D.” Intergalactic adventures with Beast, Agent Brand and Lockheed.  If the “Phonogram” writer and “Five Fists of Science” artist is going on intergalactic adventures, I want to go as well.
  • MTV Splash Page reports that Green Hornet’s Kato has been found.  His name is Jay Chou, and has no desire to display an homage to the character Bruce Lee made famous.  Another rumor has circulated that Edward James Olmos has joined the “Green Hornet” cast lead by Seth Rogen.  This movie gets weirder by the second. I’ll say though with Chou as Kato now, I’m disappointed because, well, Stephen Chow would have been awesome.
  • The DC Nation panel had Francis Manapul, Brian Azzarello, Freddie Williams, J.G.  Jones, and others on it.  The highlight for me though is that Azzarello and his “100 Bullets” collaborator Eduardo Risso will produce a new “The Shadow” book.
  • Good news! The Captain Britain team is getting back together for “Dark X-Men”.
  • Fred Van Lente, and Greg Pak reunite for the book called “Assault on New Olympus.”  Which involves the Greek Gods and their place on Earth, on Wall Street. Seems pretty interesting.
  • Shaun Manning has a great story of the charity event for John Ostrander at Chicago Comic Con. I’m glad things turned out well, and I hope everything is being done for Mr. Ostrander.

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