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Even more upcoming Gunpla!

By Loran

Boy, I sure have the worst timing, don’t I?

Shortly after I wrote the article on the HGUC kits Bandai has coming out this summer, bam, they announce a few more! And knowing my luck, they’re going to announce like two or three more a week after this article gets published. But hey, that’s just how it goes, and it’s always good to see new product coming out, especially when it’s something that seems to have taken them a bit long to put out. Since only two new Universal Century 1/144 scale kits have been announced so far, I’m gonna take a look back at some of the kits I showcased last time

July’s HGUC release is going to be one that a friend of mine and I were discussing about a week before the announcement-the GM III! This poor guy got little to no exposure when it was first introduced, only appearing a handful of times in Double Zeta and in the climax of Char’s Counterattack. It didn’t even get an old no-grade kit during the 80’s! Stupid Bandai and their GM hate. Much like the Dreissen, appearing in Unicorn seems to be this guy’s second wind, and I have a strong feeling it’ll be released under the Unicorn banner. Saldy, it seems like it won’t use the “universal GM joint system” that all GMs released since the Powered GM have used. Still, it looks to be a great kit, and I’m glad we’re finally getting some more post-Zeta grunts that aren’t Jegans! Now, Bandai… give us the GM II! Continue reading

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