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August 6th at FP there is going to be…just read the post…

deadpoolArtist Reilly Brown will be with us at Forbidden Planet on August 6th at 6pm to sign copies of his new book Deadpool: Dracula’s Gauntlet. All you Deadpoo fans out there are losing your Deadpoo right now, we know, so make sure to get down here or “insert quippy Deadpool joke about him doing something hyper violent to you if you are not in attendance.” You’re welcome.

Khary-RandolphWEBOh yeah, and if that wasn’t enough we’re also going to have Khary Randolph here as well. Who doesn’t love Tech Jacket?
Satans-PrepWEBMOREMOREMORE! We will also have writer Gabe Guarente and artist Dave Fox in the Planet to sign copies of their new graphic novel Satan’s Prep as well. Okay, now you’re welcome.


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Fright-Rags does the Monster Mash

Today Fright-Rags released a limited edition Famous Monsters Of Filmland shirt designed by Jason Edmiston that will blow your mind

Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman, Mummy…these monsters have been an integral part of
horror for the better part of a century. They’ve been reproduced in countless forms of media
and have certainly become the most “Famous Monsters of Filmland”…

But what if they were all combined somehow?

Today I bring you the answer to that question…MONSTER MASH!
We’ve teamed up with Famous Monsters of Filmland, and the amazing artist Jason Edmiston
(Wacky Packages, Rue-Morgue, Mondo) to bring you MONSTER MASH, an exclusive limited
edition t-shirt.

Like a mad scientist, Edmiston carefully stitched together the perfect monster,
capturing each character’s unique qualities in striking detail. And we’ve reproduced his
brilliant artwork in 10 glorious colors, professionally screenprinted on our 100% super-comfy
ringspun cotton shirts.

But only 300 of them have been printed…make sure to grab one before they’re all gone!

You heard the man, there are only 300 of these babies so buy me one… I’m a Large.

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Playing With Toys: Huckleberry Hound Meets the Creature from the Black Lagoon, War Machine Meets the Wolfman, Wally Gator Meets Frankenstein and Dracula, But Nobody Meets Abbott or Costello

Despite what you may glean from the following video, Forbidden Planet is the pinnacle of professional geek retail that other purveyors of such items can only aspire to.  And no one gets kicked in the nards around here… more than once a week.

YouTube Preview Image

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Tuesday Toys 2/2/10

Select toys uploaded to forbiddenplanetusa.com today…

Battlestar Galactica Tigh & Gaeta 2-pack

TighGaeta2pkAccessories included:  sidearms, Dradis display, clipboard, and, of course… HOOCH!

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen N.E.S.T. Battlefield Bumblebee & Infiltration Soundwave 2pk.


Classic Monster Funko Force figures:





Creature from the Black Lagoon


and Frankenstein.


Fantastic?  Yes. But where’s the frggin mummy????

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Abhay Khosla’s adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.


Abhay Khosla is easily one of the best comic book critics, if he isn’t one of the best he is at least the most entertaining.   Abhay contributes to the Savage Critics website, as well as mostly goes off on pretty much anything on Ivan Brandon’s message board.

But now Abhay has begun an adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula and is doing it as as a regular  webcomic.

I should probably say that there is no way that this webcomic is in anyway Safe For Work, Safe for Children, or Safe for Republicans.  SO, warning, this is not only hilarious but incredibly Not Safe For Work.   Make with the clicky on the picture for three chapters of hilarity.


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