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New Comics Get A Boost

Dark Horse has Buffy the Vampire Slayer #39 out this week, but their hottest title to hit the stands might just be Evelyn Evelyn a hard cover graphic novel from the Dresden Dolls front woman Amanda Palmer. The GN is an account of how she “discovered” her latest musical project, that of conjoined twins Evelyn and Evelyn.

Dark Horse has been turning to rock lately for a publishing boost and I hope to heck they have another hit on their hands like they did with The Umbrella Academy. Comic Books needs all the talents it can have, no matter where they come from!

DC has more Batbooks than one can comfortably conceive of this week, but the one I’m most amped about is the Batman 80 Page Giant #1. YES, this is indie talents digging their hungry claws into the fertile ground that is Batman’s rogue gallery, a tried and true method that worked on Batman Black and White and the DC Spotlight books. But those were great books! When lightning strikes twice? Ooooh, dats nice!

Image? Oh, Image has a new one: Marineman #1. Sure, I’ll nibble. You have 1 issue to show me something new, Marineman. Ready, set, GO! Continue reading

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NYCC/AF Recap & Play Arts Kai Preview/Review

By Christopher Troy


One week and $240 later, another NYCC/NYAF has passed. Despite the Saturday crowds, I had a blast at the convention, scoring some cool sketches, autographs, t-shirts, cds, toys and action figures. However all of those aren’t blog related, so let’s get to the stuff that is!

Chris’ short Gundam OO movie review: Was very excited for the film upon hearing it was going to be screened at the con. That didn’t last too long once the actual film started. It looks nice and yes, the Gundam fights are very much awesome, but man, the rest of the film is a convoluted mess. Gundam OO  faithful should see it (I guess, assuming you survived season 2) for some closure to the series, but it’s not going to win any haters over. But hey, on the bright side, the Gundams themselves are awesome, and we have most, if not all their respected Gunpla in stock, so pick up a kit or 2 to deal with the disappointment!

Bandai announces new Gundam releases: Shocking no one, Bandai of America announced that they’ll be releasing the Gundam OO movie in the US, as they have with every Gundam release ever. They also announced that the Turn A DVDs will be Sub-only, which hopefully means for a single box collection with a lower price point (2 sets also work for my nerd needs, as I desperate want to watch CURLEY MUSTACHE Gundams legally). The biggest news  is the fact that the ORIGINAL Mobile Suit Gundam series is being released on DVD in America next year, with a Japanese audio/American sub track, something the originals that tied into the Cartoon Network airing lacked. As for the dub end of things, we’ll be getting the Cartoon Network dub again, but hey, at least we’ll have the option of changing languages this time around.

The Gunpla Booth/Import toy booth was also stupid awesome. I’m fairly certain most of the drool on of those display cases came from me. Unforunately, the prices were still pretty high, even though no real importing was happening (strong yen/weak dollar etc), so my spending was limited there. As in I bought nothing from them. Continue reading

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Is There A Porco Rosso Sequel?

Life, if done right, is long. It is also full of unfair twists. We start it off as mindless eating machines that get to take naps, everybody loves and wants to hold, and we get all our meals through breastfeeding. Six Flags! We end our tenure on Earth as interesting, battle scarred individuals that no one wants to talk to and who are routinely ignored for the new and unusual. Two flags.

I, and many of you other travelers, am/are “Middle Aged.” I’ve been around enough now that younger people call me “Mr.” and try to avoid listening to me, while at the same time they have to admire things I’ve done or powers I’ve accumulated.

Where am I going with this?

Well, it was recently announced by Hayao Miyazaki, “Mr. Totoro” himself, that we might get a Porco Rosso sequel! HOORAY!

QUESTION 1: What is Porco Rosso?

Pocco Rosso is an amazing animated film which, on the surface is about high flying adventure in dog-fighting seaplanes in the tense political climate of the Mediterranean Sea between World Wars, but which is actually about being middle aged. Specifically this aspect of Porco Rosso is about looking forward and looking back.

Did I mention the main character is a human pig because of a death curse from a bi-plane duel? Did I mention there are cute girls, handsome pilots, and more air pirates than you could shake a stick at? It is one of the best animated films from one of the best animated film directors of all time. Continue reading

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Marvel’s Inaugural Flick Under Disney Banner: Dr. Strange?!


As reported by Deadline, Marvel Studios has commissioned Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer,  writing team behind 2011’s CONAN, to write a Dr. Strange film.

Marvel Studios has hired Conan scribes Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer to write Dr. Strange, marking forward progress on a long-gestating superhero property which will likely be among the first Marvel films generated under the Disney banner.

If green-lighted further down the chain (and there’s no guarantees there, as Stephen Strange’s possible big-screen adventures have been in development hell for nigh on two decades) this may be one of the first, if not the first, Marvel Studios films produced under the Disney banner.

Why should Dr. Strange fans be excited and/or scared?

Excited because Messrs. Donnelly and Oppenheimer are two very very “IT” genre screenwriters right now, their stars ascendant with not only CONAN looming, but also the forthcoming DYLAN DOG (starring Brandon Routh), and credits on an UNCHARTED film and an early draft of COWBOYS & ALIENS.

Scared because Dr. Strange seems a strange choice (pun intended) for a feature film in this era.  Iron Man and Hulk and Thor and Captain America and The Avengers have all the whizzbang action and ‘splosions the folks pony up twelve bucks to see these days.  Dr. Strange’s adventures are ethereal and mind-bendingly psychedelic- not exactly typical fare for the target popcorn crowd .  However, CG effects and the now-ever-present possibility of 3D make such a film an intriguing film if well-written.

Scared also because the writing team have screenplay credit on SAHARA, one of the worst films of the 21st Century.

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Tronorail, Tronorail, Tronorail

lylelanleyWell, sir, there’s nothing on Earth
Like a genuine,

Greetings, Programs!  Personally, it’s been a tough week, so please forgive me my second Tron Legacy related post in four days.  Gotta go with what brought a smile to my face today.

First, the new teaser trailer for the film released earlier in the week.  It features Bruce “The Box” Boxleitner returning to the role of Alan Bradley/TRON, a return to Flynn’s Arcade, a classic Tron stand-up featuring the ENCOM logo, a Recognizer, Light Cycles, and Oscar-Winner Jeff Bridges as CLU (the purported villain of the film and CG-enhanced to look like Bridges ca.1990) and as Kevin Flynn ca.2011.

Let’s take a look:

YouTube Preview Image

…And second, Disney World is emblazoning Epcot’s monorail with Light Cycles and jet walls.


“Is there a chance the track could bend?”

“Not on your life my Hindu friend!”


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A WALL-E Comic? Sign me up.


More WALL-E goodness is good for everyone.  The Oscar winning animated movie had to be one of the most beautiful movies across the board in years, and likely will continue to be.  (Sorry, Jim Cameron, I simply do not have any faith that Avatar will be able to challenge WALL-E in visual beauty, as well as characters that people can relate to and adore).

Boom! Studios is bringing this Pixar property to you, and from what I understand their Incredibles book is pretty awesome too.  J. Torres is writing it with art by Morgan Luthi.  Good guy, Shaun Manning (who is now a dad! Congrats dude!) of Comic Book Resources spoke to Torres about the book:

The new series will take place before the events seen in “WALL-E.” CBR News caught up with Torres to discuss the new comic.

Pixar’s “WALL-E” began on an inhospitable Earth, where even the robots assigned to clean up the ecologically devasted planet have ceased to function. One WALL-E model robot survives, though, carrying out his duties in his own idiosyncratic fashion, with only a friendly cockroach to keep him company. Eventually, circumstances lead the robot to meet a more advanced droid named EVE and venture to a spaceship where the last human survivors dwell lazily.

One notable feature of “WALL-E” was that it was largely without dialogue, as the two main characters communicated using only a select few words, including their names. “‘WALL-E’ is a very visual comic, much like the first act of the movie in which there’s very little ‘dialogue,'” Torres told CBR. “So, think of comics like ‘Gon’ or ‘Owly’ or ‘Actions Speak’ by Sergio Aragones. Although, I do use more sound effects. The sound design in the movie was terrific and I actually love using sound effects, especially in comics aimed at kids. Makes them fun to read out loud.”

WALL-E also had some of the smartest political commentary in cinema, how that is going to translate to this book will be extremely interesting to see. Torres tackles that aspect as well:

The thing is, the creators of ‘WALL-E’ have said that they didn’t really plan on making any political statements with the film. It apparently all started with the simple concept of ‘the last robot on earth,'” Torres explained. “They decided he would be a trash compacting robot and it went from there. I’m not saying there isn’t a message there, one that’s become more and more relevant since they started developing ‘WALL-E,’ but the lesson is really more about the character’s arc and growth, you know what I mean? It’s the same in the comic book. Despite the title ‘Trash Planet,’ it’s more of a coming-of-age story for WALL-E than a morality play about the environment. But I do drive a hybrid and use reusable shopping bags and bins!”

Though one thing I must mention now with Disney’s deal with Marvel and Disney owns Pixar, I hope that Boom! does not get the shaft, as they have been producing some wonderful adaptations of Pixar properties.

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