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MG Destiny Gundam Build Log Part 3

One of the coolest parts of the Destiny Gundam is easily its weapons. While most of the designs towards the end of Destiny felt like total rehashes (seriously, is Legend Gundam even any different from Providence Gundam?) or rehashes of rehashes (I’m looking at you, Strike Freedom), the Destiny Gundam honestly felt like a breath of fresh air, even if its signature move was stolen from the V2 Gundam (much like how Impulse’s gimmick was ripped off from the Victory Gundam). The Destiny Gundam managed to take an idea from SEED’s universe, and do something different with it, even if it didn’t exactly make much sense.

For some reason or another, Destiny incorporates the two long and short range Striker packs into its design. This would make sense if this were one of the suits stolen and used by ZAFT in the first SEED, or an OMNI suit, so why this unit has them kinda confuses me. But really? The execution works out pretty well.

In the launcher department, we have the “Palma Fioncia” beam cannon. This thing is huge. It’s meant to be held in the suit’s left hand. It folds up for storage on one of the slots on the backpack, and has a mechanism that lets the handle and “scope” pop out. It actually folds up pretty nicely. The only problem I have is the little red piece on the end, which likes to pop off when I move it out. I’ll just glue that in place.

The first of the sword weapons we have is the colossal Arondight anti-ship sword. I always loved the concept of the anti-ship swords in SEED, even if they look like giant potato peelers. I mean, come on, if you’ve ever played a Gundam video game the best strategy for killing ships is to charge at them with your melee weapons. Like the launcher, this one folds up and stores on the back, but it’s a bit trickier here. You’ll really need to play with the bendiness of the blade to get it to fit in properly. The sword also has a special hand for it to be held in, which is good because I doubt the regular hands would be able to do so. Continue reading

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