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Free Comic Book Day is One Week Away

Free Comic Book Day 2014 will soon be upon us, next Sturday 5/3 to be precise, and Forbidden Planet NYC (832 Broadway bet. 12th & 13th St. 212-473-1576) will be celebrating in style.

NOT ONLY will we be giving thousands and thousands of comics away (absolutely, positively FREE of charge) starting at 9am, NOT ONLY will all comics, graphic novels and manga be on sale at 15% off the entire day, but we’ll also be hosting two signings with superstar creators!


Fred has two free books coming out that day- Project Black Sky & Defend Comics– and Joe’s got the FCBD edition of Scam from Comixtribe to sign for you.

As with every Free Comic Book Day, we distribute bags of free books on a first come, first served basis. Get here early, boys and girls!

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Hellboy Day at Forbidden Planet NYC

To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Mike Mignola’s signature character this coming Saturday, 3/22/14, is officially Hellboy Day in the comics community and Forbidden Planet NYC will be participating!

Mike Mignola Forbidden Planet

Beginning at 9am we’ll be giving away a few Hellboy themed packages containing comics, posters and other swag as supplies last. We’re also running a sale- 15% OFF all Hellboy/BPRD/Abe Sapien/Lobster Johnson books and comics– through midnight. We’ll also be giving away a copy of Hellboy The First Twenty Years on our Twitter feed.

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Fifth Beatle Singing November 20th

We’re pleased as punch to announce that on Wednesday, November 20th, Vivek J. Tiwary will be signing copies of his new graphic novel- the highly anticipated The Fifth Beatle – right here at Forbidden Planet NYC!

Fifth Beatle Forbidden Planet signing, Vivek Tiwary, Andrew C. Robinson, Kyle Baker, event, Dark Horse Comics

The book, published by Dark Horse and releasing 11/19, has got a TON of buzz about it, with a feature film in the works. Vivek is an award-winning producer, writer, and financier for film, television, theater and music and The Fifth Beatle is his first major comic work as writer/creator… And he’s a swell fella. Heck, he even mentioned FP in his bio…

“Vivek’s earliest childhood memories include browsing the comic book racks at Forbidden Planet with his parents and listening to their Beatles’ records at home.”

NYC area pals, we hope to see you here Wednesday the 20th when the festivities kick off at 6pm. Can’t make it to our event? You can pre-order signed copies by mail!  Standard editions (only $19.99 retail!) can be purchased here and collectors editions can be purchased here.

Follow The Fifth Beatle on Twitter or check out the official website for more.

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Dark Horse Set To Bring The US Lastest CLAMP Manga!

Over the years Dark Horse has done a fantastic job of bringing American fans the best in manga and translated novels (like the Vampire Hunter D series, one of my very favorite series). It’s no secret that they’ve done more than bring us the latest volumes of what you could classify as heavyweight and/or classic titles. Heavyweight classics like the omnibus collections of past series from the manga-ka (Japanese comic artist) super group CLAMP that have been released to US fans over the past months.

While this is all fantastic there is some more exciting news! Dark Horse is set to bring us brand spanking new manga from CLAMP. That’s right. Brand new. The series is called Gate 7 and it’s set to tell the story of an awkward teenage boy named Chikahito Takamoto who stumbles through a portal to a magical world via a legendary shrine. Turns out he meets some lovely magical ladies who’s powers don’t seem to work on him! Well if this doesn’t spell the beginnings CLAMP shenanigans I have no idea what does.

Even better? According to a report on ANN we’re supposed to get the first volume (192 pages) for $10.99 in October! That’s a pretty great turn around for a new series by such a notable group. CLAMP revealed the new series on their website April 25th.

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Dylan Dog Dead Of Night

Italy’s best-selling comic and one of my personal favorites, Dylan Dog, has been adapted for the big screen once again!

I mentioned this to a customer I was pushing Dark Horse’s DD collection on and it hadn’t occurred to me to use the computer to find out what’s been up with production.

Now that I’m a blogger (hmm… one G or two?) I guess I should do more internet exploration. (Ahh… two, see its working already!)

So I dug up some wack posters, some lackluster footage and the official Production Blog, which is kinda cool.

Dyaln Dog Movie Dead of Night

So far, so bad!  I know I’m talking yang but I’m still gonna pay to see it, so there…

In the meantime pick up Dylan Dog Case Files– the only American edition.  And while you’re at it check out Cemetery Man, Michele Sovai’s Dylan Dog inspired film starring Rupert Everett.

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Board Games Make It To Comics

by Unkie Dev

Movie nerds are well aware of the upcoming deluge of summer blockbusters based on board games. To the rest of you I can only say “Yes, seriously, board games. ” Ridley Scott has an alternate reality flick based around Monopoly in the works. Films have been optioned off of Battleship, Risk and Kerplunk. Uh-huh.

It might not be such a bad idea, really. The 80’s “Clue” movie is still the benchmark for a smartly written ensemble cast comedy, though conversely that forgettable film based off of the game Mousetrap from the 90’s staring Nathan Lane and that OTHER guy from Home Alone was NOT so stellar. NO, not Joe Pesci, the OTHER other guy. There was also that cool movie “The Dark Crystal” based off of the board game Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal the board game… or was that the other way around? Finally, no board game to film run-down would be complete without mentioning the movie “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” which was a remake of the board game Chutes and Ladders. Doesn’t the ending make more sense now?


I mention this because IDW has announced they’ve secured the comic book rights to a slew of these future board game films…or rather the comic book rights to the board games themselves. Yep! Starting in August we shall see the release of Sorry! written by IDW Stalwart Chris Ryall and illustrated by Ashley Woods, as well as Stratego from Devon Greyson and Chris Bachalo, Guess Who? from Steve Nile and Richard Corben and ALSO Hi-Ho-Cherry-Oh the comic book by some anonymous IDW hacks.

Not to be outdone, Image is launching their own board game title, a big budget comic book based on Hungry Hungry Hippos. This last title will be written by the most appropriate talents: Chew’s own John Layman and the artist of Hip Flask featuring the Elephantmen, Moriat. Continue reading

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Of Monkeys and Masters

By Unkiedev

The end of a millennium is always an opportunity to look backwards in nostalgia, but it seems when we crossed over from the Twentieth to the Twenty-First centuries we never stopped looking back.

This is a nice way of saying that, while individual comics can still be a hoot, on the whole the medium seems to be treading thin water, idea wise.

Hit Monkey #1, Daniel Way (W) Dalibor Talijic (A), Marvel

Just as the Chinese have a revolving wheel of animals to represent a calendar year there is a somewhat established cycle of go-to-funny characters we cheap humorists use when we want to mail in a joke. I think it goes Pirate, Ninja, Robot, Monkey, Caveman, Zombie, Cowboy, uhm… Richard Simmons, Nerds, Santa Clause, Bigfoot, Filipinos. Something like that…

The point is that, while the separate elements of a business suit wearing, serious toned, silver pistol toting Rhesus Monkey as a hit man seem good on paper it is the complete lack of originality BEHIND the desperate quirkyness that make him fail. Continue reading

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