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“Lost” creators say no chance to comic; confirm Brian K. Vaughan has left the show.

Friday night, the creators of hit TV show “Lost” said during a talk at the Curzon Cinema that there is going to be no chance of a spinoff comic after the series ends next season.

Q: My question is about the fate of Lost, because I know it ends with season 6, but do you think because of Bryan Fuller with Pushing Daisies continuing it in a comic book, and I love Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk (Damon’s comic) and with Lost it has a disjointed timeline and it comes together in the end, do you think that you’ll do any spin offs in a comic book form?

LINDELOF: We feel that if we hold anything back for the final season of the show, it will be bad. People have come along this far, and they need a conclusion.

Nice to hear. In terms of comics, one of the show’s more popular writers, Eisner award winning writer for “Ex Machina” Brian K. Vaughan has left the show. Lindelof confirmed:

Q: What’s Brian K. Vaughan like?

DL: Unfortunately he has left for greener pastures. When he first came on the show Jorge Garcia was ecstatic because he’s a huge fan of his work.

That’s too bad, considering the only thing that kept me watching the show was him on the writing staff.  I guess I finally have a reason to jump ship.  Though, I can’t help but speculate that this means more comics, and from Vaughan, that can only mean good things. There has been a pit in my stomach since Y: The Last Man’s final issue came out.

Source: Transcript – Darlton and Bender Talk LOST season 6 at Curzon Cinema 7/03/2009

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When Writers Attack!

by Jeff Ayers

Further proving this writer’s hypothesis that damn near  everyone involved in the pop arts these days wants to be associated with comics & geek culture, an onslaught of prose novelists are releasing comics in the near future, led by this week’s Anita Blake: Guilty Pleasures #1 from Laurell K.Hamilton.  Other recent medium-hoppers of note include espionage/suspense  writers Greg Rucka (52, Whiteout) and Brad Meltzer (Identity Crisis, Justice League), as well as fantasists Raymond E. Feist, Tad Williams, and Orson Scott Card.  Movie and TV personalities are also jumping aboard as director Reggie Huddlin, Lost producer Damon Lindelof, Buffy creator Joss Whedon, and Allan Heinberg of The OC are all writing comics, too.

While this trend is anything but new, the sheer number of projects granted to these fledging comic authors is daunting to say the least.  One wonders if the job pool for established comic writers will soon be shallower by way of  this new wave, regardless of the former’s prior successes, their knowledge of the medium, and their ability to make a deadline.  Indeed, many of these newer ongoing projects from “outside” writers are plagued by release dates not met and rush-jobs churned out on account of the writer’s other, more profitable, obligations.  However, as long as their comics maintain a consistent level of quality and punctuality they are worth note.

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