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Where most internet era writers/critics/entertainers go wrong (Chris Harwick, Harry Knowles, are you listening?) is that they talk about themselves to a criminal degree. The solution is NOT to “Think of the reader first.” That’s impossible. All writers are narcissists, that’s why they write. No, the ACTUAL solution is having a bigger arsenals of word boomerangs. For example:

Out of the pages of Dark Horse Presents comes this week’s Buddy Cops one-shot, a sci-fi fantasy crime comic reminiscent of Quantum and Woody, the “classic” era JLA of Booster Gold and Blue Beetle and to a lesser extent Nextwave. Written by Nate Cosby, a former Marvel editor and Harvey Award winner, Buddy Cops would SEEM like the adventures of a drunk Buzz Lightyear with a traffic cop version of Kryten form Red Dwarf. It would seem that way because it is. Sometimes a banana is yadda yadda yadda. Derivative or not (and it is) it is still the only alcoholic sci-fi cop comic out this week, and the cover does seem to imply they’ll fight giant monsters. Sounds great, Mr. The Kid!


A fine, professional piece of reviewing that says the exact same thing as this, more honest if less palatable, write up:   I like humor comics, so I’m going to buy Buddy Cops this week. Hope it doesn’t suck. The subject matter is the beginning of the end for impartiality. You, the reader, would rather hear about this week’s BIG books, Batman #18, The Walking Dead #108 and Age of Ultron #2. Instead I’m writing about obscure Dark Horse comics that weren’t on your radar, books that could fail.   Lookit, you’re going to buy hit books whether I plug them or not. They’re going to be great, don’t worry (well, except for Age of Ultron #2. Phew!) You don’t need me to tell you that good comics are good.   My job as a comics reviewer is to try and expose you knuckle heads to fun stuff that might spark other interests. If you like Uncanny X-Men #3 (it’s been good, so far!) I can only hep you kids to stuff already on your radar. MORE Bendis (Powers) MORE Bachalo (Can’t beat his run on Generation-X or Vertigo’s Death) and more x-titles. If you like Buddy Cops (and I feel that’s a 50/50 proposition) THEN I can show you an entire genre of comics you might not know but could love.   Ever Hear of D.R. and Quinch, the crazy Alan Moore/Alan Davis sci-fi comedy? It’s fun! Have you ever read Judge Dredd? Phil Folgio’s Girl Genius, The Change-o-Bots?


YOU love comics and I love comics. You’re probably reading this column because A)It came free with your purchase, B) you’ve read your comics and your bored on the subway/toilet or C) you’ve occasionally read this in the past and besides the weird jokes about mummies, cave life and the Penguin I’ve mentioned comics you MIGHT like.   Some hot picks this week include Constantine #1 (Could be good, we’ll try!) Batman and Robin #18 (Damn well better be good after all this hype,) Star Wars #3, GI Joe #2, All New X-Men #3 and the Adventure Time Hardcover reprint.   Explore, search, try new books. Listen to others recommendations. Figure out YOUR tastes. I always want you gals and guys to get the most out of your trips to the Forbidden Planet. Hopefully you catch some sparks. Till then, I’ll keep writing and reviewing.   NEXT WEEK: More mummy jokes in a cave with some Merpeople, we promise!

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A Whale of a Con

San Diego Comic Con is THIS WEEK! While all of the top talents booze, schmooze and chanteuse their way through the biggest pop culture festival in America, the publishing industry that started it all will still be turning out great titles.

Join us this week, here in the hallowed halls of The Forbidden Planet, for the amazing, incredible weekly comic book extravaganza known as “New Comics Wednesday,” a.k.a. “Business As Usual Con, 2012,” which is now in it’s 28th week running!


Titles premiering the week of SDCC can be astonishing! In 2002, Mike Mignola’s Amazing Screw On Head hit the stands on opening week, and in 2006 it was Alan Moore stealing the show’s thunder with a little slip case bound, three volume set of Lost Girls.

This week?

Image wants the world to know they’re launching a spin off to the once obscure, now high-profile bizarro crime comic CHEW this week with Chew Secret Agent Poyo #1. Will this be the big, big book of the Con? I dunno’, IDW is launching their own #1 with Battle Beasts #1 and I cannot WAIT to read that sucker and find out how they squeaked a narrative into THAT tiny 80’s toyline.

Dark Horse is keeping in the spirit of BAUC 2012 with the latest issue of Buffy Season 9, as well as the latest issue of their continuously impressive neo-horror comic Creepy (#9).

Creepy has been a sleeper title, a blink and you miss it treat where some of comics best established creators in horror and beyond let their scraggly hair down to have a little fun. Monthly horror stories from all sides of the tracks, with contributing talents such as Bernie Wrightson, Kelly Jones, Steve Niles, Peter Bagge, and more!

Dark Horse is adding another monthly horror book on to your pull list this week with the premier of Eerie #1. Will lightning strike twice? I sure hope so!


Rumors are already spoiling Marvel’s thunder, as many of the big announcements The House of Ideas plans to reveal are already common knowledge online. Rumors such as a wide spread relaunch of several big name titles, such as X-Men and Avengers, with new creators, costumes, and rosters. While not launching at the same time, most of these new books will start over with new #1 numbers on their cover.

Now where did they get that idea, I wonder? Continue reading

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