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Transformers DOTM Shockwave Review

By Loran

Ah, Shockwave… one of those Transformers characters that never had a consistent personality. Remember how in the TV show he was as loyal to Megatron as Starscream was traitorous? Most people know that one, of course. But in the comics, he was even more of a bastard than Starscream was, to the point where he got Megatron to take orders from HIM! Seriously, that’s some balls. Loyal or not, being left in charge of Cybertron for millions of years, you’ve got to come up with some good plans, maybe amassing an army of your own. Let’s just hope he lives up to that in the movie itself. Continue reading

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The New Additions to the Dark of the Moon Family

by Loran

It’s almost time, dear readers. The new Transformers film, “Dark of the Moon” makes its debut in North American theaters on July 1st. But what would the movie be without the toys? Yep, those are even closer, with a street date of May 16th. Many retailers have actually broken the street dates, throwing the toys on the shelves a few weeks ahead of schedule. I can’t quite say I’ve been all that lucky, though. I guess people in Massachusetts really adhere to what they read on the box. Ah well, not that it matters. It’s almost tiiiime!

Now, I wanted to take a look at the two new types of Transformers toys we’ll be seeing with the new movie: The Cyberverse Action Series and the Human Alliance Basics, two sublines that build on concepts started by the previous movies and beyond. Continue reading

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