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Short Packed: Old and new arrivals at FPNYC!

By Chris Troy

Happy delicious candy-season at your local Rite Aid/Walgreens/CVS/Duane Reed FPNYC faithful! As yet another commercialized holiday approaches, let it be known that Forbidden Planet has received a ton of new toys and collectibles over the last 2 weeks, so instead of week old Peeps, why not get someone (or yourself) something a little more memorial for their Easter basket?

Coming in this past week were 2 figures based on Oni Press comic series turned beloved-but-underperformed movie Scott Pilgrim! And because no one wants a Michael Cera figures (NO ONE!), Mezco Toys decided to base the 2 figures on the graphic novel’s art style instead. These 6″ figures have limited articulation, yes, but seeing how there’s a severe lack of evil exes to interact with for the time being, it’s safe to say that the 8 points of articulation they sport will get the job done for display purposes. Final Battle Scott comes with his Love Katana (not an innuendo I swear), while Rock Showdown Scott comes with his bass. I’m fairly certain those aren’t the real names of the figures, but hey, it’s like 11:35pm, I’m tired, cut me some slack. Google’s failed me twice. Continue reading

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Iron Man Villain Spotlight

By Loran

Alright, big confession time: I was never into comic books as a kid.

Still reading? Well, okay. They just never appealed to me too much and I could never figure out why. Even superheroes in general left me kind of cold. I was pretty ashamed of it for quite awhile, but then a friend of mine took me to see the first Iron Man movie when it came out, and boy did I love it. I guess it was my love of robots and powered armors and stuff taking precedence over my general distaste for Superheroes at the time, leading me to find something new to like. Oh boy. I haven’t gotten much comics (there’s waaay too much stuff for me to catch up on) so I just buy the toys to fill that gap, so to speak.

So here we have a pair of Iron Man’s villains-both from good old Mother Russia (don’t you love it when supervillains really show what era a hero was popular?)! They’re two big, hulking villains to help balance out the 50 different Iron Man variants in the Iron Man 2 line, and for what it’s worth, it’s always good to have villains for your heroes to fight.

First up is Titanium Man. He’s the taller of the two, oddly enough, and comes in a very eye-catching green and silver. However, picking him out is kind of annoying as a result since at first glance he could easily be mistaken for the Guardsman figure from the same wave-I know I sure had that problem when I was looking for him. Continue reading

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