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Shiny Shoujo Versus Sporty Shounen— FIGHT!

By Shannon H.

Well, this week sure leaves me happy, since three of the six or so books that I’m actively collecting right now are making their appearance (anyone familiar with this column doesn’t need to guess that means that among our new arrivals is the new Fairy Tail, Blue Exorcist, and Bakuman). For the rest of you, there’s still Vampire Knight, the shoujo-horror book of the hour, as well as another one of those 3-in-1 collections for the mega-beast of a series, Bleach. Beyond all that, though, there are a few sleeper hits that maybe you guys should tune in on, just in case you’re out trolling for something new to read.

In the boys’ corner, we have Slam Dunk, by Takehiko Inoue, who maybe you’ve already read without realizing it; he is the genius behind the beautiful samurai epic, Vagabond. Bet you never thought that his other big titles were shounen basketball stories, did you (I know I didn’t quite expect it!)? Both Slam Dunk, which has a new volume out this week, and Real, are high school basketball dramas, but they couldn’t be more different! Slam Dunk is a more traditional shounen sports story; it follows a juvenile delinquent named Hanamichi who that gets recruited to his high school basketball team and, with a team of other misfits, helps bring the once-unknown team to stardom. Real, however, is a much grittier, darker, and kind of depressing tale about three men whose lives are touched by basketball and what the sport means to them. Buzzer Beater, a third Inoue basketball manga, is a bit more out of this world — quite literally!! This story chronicles a basketball team from Earth that competes on an intergalactic level, and though it has never been published in the States, it might be worth your time to hunt it down should you decide you are now a giant Inoue fan. Continue reading

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Hold On To That Dream!

By Shannon H

Death and pestilence kept me from the Weekly Planet last week, and it would figure that on such an occasion, the robot manga gods of Japan delivered a book I’ve been clawing after for no less than half a year. That book would be Dark Horse’s new printing of the first Magic Knight Rayearth story arc, another CLAMP title that had been abandoned by lame-o Tokyopop, forgotten and left to rot in the archives of our memories for almost eight years now. I had nearly lost my mind when I first found out that Dark Horse seemed to be on this CLAMP kick, but the Magic Knight book kept falling behind schedule, and it was making me a very sad panda. It’s definitely one of my favourite CLAMP titles, not only because it was the first one I ever read, or because it changed the way I looked at comics in general, but because it’s just so damn awesome as well! Continue reading

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Dark Horse Set To Bring The US Lastest CLAMP Manga!

Over the years Dark Horse has done a fantastic job of bringing American fans the best in manga and translated novels (like the Vampire Hunter D series, one of my very favorite series). It’s no secret that they’ve done more than bring us the latest volumes of what you could classify as heavyweight and/or classic titles. Heavyweight classics like the omnibus collections of past series from the manga-ka (Japanese comic artist) super group CLAMP that have been released to US fans over the past months.

While this is all fantastic there is some more exciting news! Dark Horse is set to bring us brand spanking new manga from CLAMP. That’s right. Brand new. The series is called Gate 7 and it’s set to tell the story of an awkward teenage boy named Chikahito Takamoto who stumbles through a portal to a magical world via a legendary shrine. Turns out he meets some lovely magical ladies who’s powers don’t seem to work on him! Well if this doesn’t spell the beginnings CLAMP shenanigans I have no idea what does.

Even better? According to a report on ANN we’re supposed to get the first volume (192 pages) for $10.99 in October! That’s a pretty great turn around for a new series by such a notable group. CLAMP revealed the new series on their website April 25th.

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New Manga: Great Work Continues

By Mat K.

What work? Well, Katsura Hoshino’s D Gray Man Volume 19 comes in this week, and I still love this series. Every volume ends on a cliffhanger, and reveals something new and interesting. And frankly, the keeps getting better and better. Allen Walker and Yu Kanda (and Lenalee Lee for the gentlemen in the series) have become celebrity heart throbs amongst the Black Order. Not that this is part of the story or any big deal is made of it, but now and then you catch glimpses of how the other characters perceive them and work themselves to the standards of their “celebrities”. The are also definitely moe moments. They’re the hotties of the Black Order. In this volume we really start to get some pieces of why Allen and Kanda are special. Allen’s pieces are forming an interesting picture, while Kanda’s are still putting together the frame. Not to mention a fairly handsome gentleman in a big silly top hat appears. No spoilers. Read and enjoy.

Also continuing this week is Bakuman (finally), by the creators of Death Note Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. In Volume 2 of Bakuman Moritaka and Akito venture to publishing house Shueisha in hopes of capturing an editor’s interest. As much potential as these two rookies have, will their story impress the pros and actually get printed? I know everyone has been in love with the first volume, so here’s hoping the love affair continues with the second book.

Other books you love that are coming out this week? How about XXX Holic, Ultimate Muscle, Otomen, Lucky Star and Hikaru No Go just to name a few. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of other stuff too. I just figured I would entice you with the biggies first. Though I will bottom out the article this week with a look at a new series premiering. Continue reading

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Black Blizzards Beat Gundams

By Mat K.

So its a reeeeally small week this week, about 10 books. Three of those books are Mobile Suit Gundam related. First up is the 9th (and I believe final) volume of Gundam: Ecole Du Ciel. In case you were curious, Ecole Du Ciel first started coming out in the states in 2005. That’s five years to put out 9 books. The only excuse for that kind of fan-teasing is some horrible debilitating disease that left the artist minus both their hands for a couple years. On top of that, Tokyopop seems to think they are justified in raising the price on the book not only to $10.99 like they did the rest of their series, but instead this final volume is going to be $12.99, like anyone who even was reading the series 5 years ago hasn’t already fallen out of love with, or plain old forgotten about the whole thing. I know they had issues with a lot of downsizing in the last couple years, but it has been 2 years sine volume 8 released, and even that was really far behind it’s predecessor. At some point in the last two years you would think Tokyopop would have switched one of their crappy pseudo-manga books if just to finish a series that at least has pretty covers and nice artwork. But I digress.

The other two Gundam books coming out this week are Gundam 00 Season 2 Volume 1, (I hazard calling books by seasons, since it confuses people with the DVDs, but hey, that’s how it’s listed), and the first Gundam 00 Lite Novel. So, all you Gundam fans enjoy this week, despite the fickle weather. Continue reading

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