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Power Core Combiners Sledge Review

By Loran

Possibly the best “feature” of the Power Core Combiners line has not been the unique alt-modes, nifty Minicons, or combination gimmick, but rather its abundance of new characters. So far the only “heritage” character, as Hasbro calls it, has been Huffer. Even some characters with reused names in this line manage to come off as completely new characters. It’s a breath of fresh air, really, when you consider all the reused names we’ve gotten over the years-Bumblebee, Hot Shot, Ironhide, Ratchet, Arcee-the list goes on. I think a continuity-ambiguous series with a bunch of fresh new characters is just what the brand needed.

The name Sledge has been seen in Transformers a few times before, but none of them really stand out-just a Minicon, two Micromasters, and a limb of the Energon Constructicon team. Like every other incarnation of the name, though, Sledge transforms into a construction vehicle, but this time, it’s something we don’t see too often.

The Power Core Combiners Sledge transforms into one of those strange giant excavators with a buzzsaw attached to the front. I have no idea what exactly the purpose of this vehicle is, but I know we saw it before on the Cybertron Metroplex figure. Here, though, it looks more like an actual vehicle mode. It still isn’t perfect, with those blue combiner ports sticking out like sore thumbs and the obvious ball joints and hands on the shovel. Still, it looks MUCH better than Metroplex’s vehicle mode, which just looked like a robot presenting… Continue reading

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Pursuit of Cobra Snake Eyes Review

By Loran

Snake Eyes is quite possibly the most overused character in G.I. Joe. Over the past 30 years the guy has gotten over fifty figures. It’s not without good reason, though. His image is rather iconic as far as 3 ¾” Joes go, but not quite as much as Cobra Commander. He’s often considered the Wolverine of G.I. Joe, since he started off as a side-character that pretty much became a main character with all sorts of stories revolving around him. Sure, Snake Eyes’ backstory makes much more sense than Wolverine, but it’s still a central part of almost every continuity. I’m pretty sure every Joe fan has at least five figures of the guy.

And there’s a damn good reason for it. Continue reading

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Marvel Universe Series 3 Wave 1 line review

By Chris Troy

This is a very unique February for Marvel fans across the US. Comic wise, Marvel’s launching it’s .01 initiative, special $2.99 priced 1-shots that help new readers get caught up to date on Marvel’s big heroes ( like Spidey, Wolverine, Iron Man…..Deadpool?!). Tonight’s the Super Bowl, which as a Jets’ fan, I’m once again super-bitter than Gang Green couldn’t get it done once again in the division finals (go Packers!), but we’ll be seeing trailers for both Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger. Also, in about 2 weeks, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 drops for the PS3 and Xbox 360, which as a Marvel AND a fighting game fan,  I am 50 exciteds for. So, to complete this theme, today’s article will be on the latest wave of Marvel Universe figures.

Fair warning, my digital camera’s battery is shot and my wife’s not home with her’s at the time, and I dare not use cellphone photos for blog use, so it’s going to be Goggle-found image day! I found some pretty reliable images though,so everything should be okay. Anywho while this is technically the 13th wave, Hasbro is calling this Wave 3 series 1 as the difference is that Steve Rogers (aka Captain America) is now features on the box, replacing Norman Osborn, Series’2 representative, who originally replace Nick Fury. Back in the day, you got S.H.I.E.L.D or H.A.M.M.E.R file cards, which offered brief descriptions of the character you bought.  Now you get a stand with the character’s  name on it, which is extremely helpful, as these some of these figures aren’t exactly that great at standing to begin with. Why they are even bothering  with slapping  Steve on the box now is beyond me, but hey, it’s current with the current Marvel Universe in terms of who’s top cop, so I guess that’s cool. Anyway, this wave consists of World War Hulk, Doc Samson, Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Woman, Captain Marvel and Heroic Age Iron Man. Continue reading

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Power Core Combiners Steamhammer Review

By Loran

It seems that even the most disliked of Transformers lines all seem to get that one wave that people just go ga-ga over when the prototype pictures get revealed. Love the line or hate it, this wave was looking pretty awesome from the pictures-Constructicons and Dinobots? Everyone loves them! Could adding some of the most popular subteams in Transformers be just what this line needed for people to warm up to it? Let’s take a look at the Constructicons, shall we?

The leader of this team is Steamhammer. I like this guy’s character. Yeah, there’s another team of Constructicons out there, but does this guy care? Nope! The name was actually used for a Constructicon back in 2004, unsurprisingly enough.

Even more unsurprising is his alt-mode-a bulldozer. We’ve had one of these on just about every Constructicon team, so it’s appropriate that we’d get one here. He comes molded in that delicious green color we’ve come to love our transforming construction vehicles in, though I would’ve liked a splash of purple for that nice G1 feel. Unfortunately he has some empty space in his middle, and those ugly blue Power Core pegs behind his treads.

His shovel is HUGE, and actually has some articulation. Most importantly, however, is the weathering on it! It looks all chipped and worn with some silver drybrushing. It’s awesome. Continue reading

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Iron Man 2 Air Assault Drone Review

By Loran

While it’s pretty much the second time they’ve done it so far, I have to say I quite commend the live-action Iron Man movies for using one of my favorite mecha clichés: the “evil version”, where the bad guys take the technology of the hero’s robot and pervert it to their own devices. In the first movie we got this in the form of Iron Monger, and this time around, we have a series of drones made from armor that didn’t quite work because Justin Hammer, well, isn’t that good at his job.

The Air Assault Drone, or as it’s more commonly known, the Air Force Drone, is one of the many drones released in the Iron Man 2 toyline. All four drones managed to get released, although the only drones that saw any mass-release were the Marine and Air Force drones. It’s a shame that the other ones were all Toys R Us and Target exclusives, but at the same time, they were some of the only ones that could actually be FOUND because this wave was so poorly-distributed. See, retailers? This is what happens when you over-order the first few waves. Nobody’s able to get the later stuff! Continue reading

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Short Packed: Square Enix Explosion

By Chris Troy

I remembering pointing out some time last year (post New York Comic Con) that Square-Enix’s Play Art division is schedule to explode in terms of non- Final Fantasy related content. That’s finally come to be, as FPNYC has been hit with a ton of new Square Enix product not related to the RPG monster (For the record though, all 3 waves of the Final Fantasy 13 Play Art Kai are in stock, and are fairly awesome). I’ve already covered entries from both the BLEACH and Bayonetta series, so today we’ll be looking at what else Square Enix has released over the last few weeks/months.

And yes, why I already covered the Bayonetta Play Arts, I recently picked up Jeanne on the cheap and figured I show the girl some love in this review. In the hit SEGA game, Jeanna plays the role of  Bayonetta’s rival, which is ironic, as this Play Arts is the polar opposite of Bayonettas. She’s slightly less poseable than her counterpart, but she’s also a lot more sleeker and slimmer in term of design, which is also no where as nearly complex. It’s a cool counterpart to Bayonetta, I just wish Square just had the dual-heel guns pre-attached to her shoes, as slipping them to the back to Jeanne’s feet has been a severe pain. Also, I really wish Square tossed in a stand for Jeanne, because if there’s a line that needs help standing, it’s this one. Continue reading

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Transformers 2010 Hailstorm Review

By Loran

New characters, new characters, new characters! Once again Hasbro adds a new character to the Decepticon ranks. Instead of going with a 100% new character, this time Hasbro has gone with sort of an homage to something very unexpected-a reference to a comic-only character from Generation 2! While a later incarnation of the mold actually shared that character’s name, he’s… nothing really like that guy, in terms of backstory or personality. So forget all that. Let’s just take this guy here for what he is-a new Decepticon tank. Get ready to meet… Hailstorm!

Hailstorm transforms into one of those weird little rocket launcher tanks that are usually seen getting blown up by Zakus in Gundam or getting stomped on by Godzilla or something. It’s similar to Universe Dropshot’s vehicle mode, but much more compact. It’s honestly kind of cute, really. He has a very neat green/black/white camo scheme on the sides of his cockpit and along the missile tubes.

Some people seem to think that Hailstorm’s missiles don’t fire. I guess they weren’t around for the Cyberjets, then. These missiles aren’t spring-loaded, but are actually “pressure” missiles-you fire them by pushing on the ends. No annoying springs that’ll just wear out after use, though they can be kind of painful to your fingers if you do it over and over again.

Right above the missiles themselves are two 3mm clip bars. Points if you get the reference with this picture. Continue reading

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Transformers 2010 Oil Pan Review

By Loran

Even in the repaints, the 2010 line has given us some pretty clever homages.

I’ve noticed these quite a bit since 2008. Hasbro’s been taking a lot of regular-sized figures and making them Micro-size with the power to surprise! No, they don’t downscale them, they just repaint them to resemble Micromasters! It’s a great idea, seeing as how in some pieces of fiction they started out as normal-sized Transformers and got downsized to Micromaster size. Oil Pan doesn’t actually share the name the G1 character he’s based on-not due to copyright reasons, but more due to the fact that they already used his name in the ROTF line (Skystalker) and because kids would be kind of confused at the concept of a car named Skystalker…

Oil Pan is a redeco of the Revenge of the Fallen Breakdown figure, who was an homage to the G1 Breakdown. He transforms into a little Lamborghini-esque sports car. He’s very, very orange, with only some black detailing and white racing stripes to really break it up. His front wheels have some annoying clearance issues that were present on the first version of the mold-they don’t quite roll properly. He also has a Decepticon license plate-not suspicious at all! Continue reading

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Review: Transformers 2010 Terradive

By Loran

While the Hunt for the Decepticons/Reveal the Shield/Generations lineups have given us amazing updates of classic (and movie) characters, their new characters have been the best part. With Breacher, we got an all-new character inspired by a Micromaster with a new name. Terradive here is a bit different. While he may use a name that’s been seen time and time again, his personality and design are completely new, and let’s face it, half of those previous Terradives were Minicons. It’s time for this guy to get an upgrade and become a Decepticon again, now with some actual articulation!

Terradive’s alt-mode is based on Russia’s Sukhoi Su-47 Berkut, an experimental fighter plane we’ve seen in Transformers before as Space Case, the dumb-but-fast Cyberjet from G2. Most people recognize it as the Conquest X-30 from G.I. Joe, however, one of my personal favorite Joe vehicles. You’ll notice right off the bat that this guy is very orange. Some people have even been repurposing him as Sunstorm. I can see why, but personally, I like Sunstorm as a Starscream clone.

He does have some unfortunate visible robot legs in his vehicle mode, though, but he still manages to keep flat unlike the first movie Starscream, ROTF Jetfire, or Universe Silverbolt. I can ignore them, but I can see it being a problem for some people.

Transforming this guy is nice and challenging. Like a lot of other contemporary figures, he manages to pull off a complex transformation without feeling overly frustrating. Take care to make sure the black part of his nosecone folds behind the orange part, which will allow his torso to peg in properly. He has a lot of turning pieces and pegs for his transformation that all stay in nice and tight, allowing for a very solid robot mode. Continue reading

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Transformers 2010 Breacher Review

By Loran

This little guy is Breacher. He’s one of the newest molds to come at this price point, and he’s been getting quite a bit of attention since the first pictures of him showed up. Really, I couldn’t see why. He seemed like a neat little Scout, but none of the figures at this price point have really grabbed my attention since Beast Machines-heck, before I got this guy I only bought three during Revenge of the Fallen! So, does Breacher live up to his hype? Let’s see…

Breacher’s alt-mode is one that we don’t see too often-an APC! I think the only other noteworthy toy with this vehicle mode was Wreckage from the first movie. It’s a really nifty, compact alt-mode. He does, however, have a little bit of “blank space” in the area behind his cockpit, and the turret seems a bit high up. These are easy enough to ignore, though.

His neat double-barreled cannons use the gimmick of this year’s toys-the 3mm clip system! But we’ll get to that in a bit…

This guy’s transformation is really complex for a scout, and can be kinda tricky. There’s one little panel that needs to be flipped out in order for his robot mode to properly lock into place, and I forget about it almost every time I transform him.

But check out this robot mode! Really, if I just saw pictures of him without anyone around him, I’d think he was at LEAST Deluxe. They packed a LOT of toy into this little guy. Sadly he suffers from a little problem I’ve noticed on a few car/truck ‘formers over the past few years-his doors end up on his forearms, creating some extraneous kibble. It creates a neat-looking shield thing, but from a functionality standpoint, it’s kind of annoying and gets in the way. Continue reading

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Review: DCUC Green Lantern Kyle Rayner Review

By Christopher Troy

Happy New Years Forbidden Planet Faithful! Hope you rang in 2011 with style and class, or if you’re like me, with a Four Loko and Rock Band 3 with several friends. Anyway, it’s my first post of the year, and I’m going to make sure it’s a good one!

Nothing is more satisfying when one of my favorite pop-culture characters get the plastic treatment and gets his own figure in a popular adult collector’s line. The first line of the DCUC Green Lantern Classic spinoff line is on shelves now, and it has a nice diverse roster. The six figure line-up consists of Black Lanterns Black Hand & Abin Sur, Sinestro Corp members Mongul and Low/Massh (swappable heads kind of makes it 2 figures in one. Kind of.), a Manhunter Robot, and the Torchbearer himself, Honor Guard Green Lantern Kyle Rayner (a fancy way of saying Kyle’s the man in the DCU). As a reported Rayner fan-man, it makes since that he’d be the first figure I’ve picked up from the series, and I’ll be discussing him today!

The first thing I want to point out on this figure is that the left shoulder joint on Kyle does not move, which I’m fairly certain is factory error, not a intentional part of the design. It sucks, as it’s something you really don’t expect to keep an eye out for when purchasing a figure, but Mattel dropped the ball somewhere during production. It’s not enough to deny my enjoyment of the product/give it a proper review, but it’s a bit of a let down that I can’t take advantage of the full-range of pose-ability these figures are suppose to offer.

With that out of the way, I can discuss the pros and cons of Kyle. First off, I’m happy to report that Kyle is a 100% all-new sculpt. I was initially afraid Rayner would just be a repainted Hal Jordan body with a Kyle head slapped on it, something Mattel is not afraid to do, especially when it comes to Lantern figures. But no, it’s all new as he’s taller and leaner than Hal (and Sinstero, as seen  in the photo on the right). It’s also nice that is a sturdy figure that has no problem standing on his own, something I’ve had problems with when it comes to certain DCUC figures.

In terms of accessories, Kyle is pretty stacked for a DCUC. The first photo in the article showed that Kyle is packing his own unique lantern, keeping up with DC continuity. It’s solid plastic, and it’s accurate in terms of design, I wish just Kyle could grip it better and that the “made in China” emblem was maybe stamped underneath it, and not directly on the side of the Lantern itself. Shown on the left is Kyle’s other accessory, a construct Lantern Gauntlet and broadsword, which easily snaps onto Kyle’s right hand. There’s a nice amount of detailing on the gauntlet and the sword, which is nice to see, as Kyle’s one of the more creative Lanterns when it comes to his constructs. The Collect and Connect piece Kyle is packaged with is the Right Leg of Sinstero Corp member Arkillo, which is something I would like to own, but can wait for the less articulate but cheaper DC Direct version of the character to drop.

It should come as no surprise that I encourage people purchasing Kyle Rayner and the rest of the first wave of the Green Lantern Classic DCUC line. Faulty shoulder aside, it’s great figure, and you’ll need him for your  own Green Lantern Corp. We carry the line for about $20 a figure, and you come swing by ASAP before Lantern-fever hits this country later this year when the Green Lantern movie premieres in theaters!

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Review: Pursuit of Cobra Ripcord

By Loran

Sometimes, toys get canceled. In some cases, it can be a mercy killing. Other times, though, it’s really sad to see that awesome toy we wanted get the axe. But in some rare cases, like almost every Pursuit of Cobra figure, that awesome figure does make it out, but with some changes. It’s been a mixed bag so far, with the Duke figure looking much more like a true Duke, while some like Destro look kind of boring without the movie likeness. But there’s one in the line that’s getting released as a new character, and right here, I have the unreleased base figure we’ll be seeing soon as Pursuit of Cobra Skydive: Ripcord.

There’s nothing I can say about the character of Movie Ripcord that hasn’t been said, but one thing that bugged me about the Rise of Cobra line was a proper paratrooper outfit for him. Thankfully, the Pursuit of Cobra line was scheduled to have one… and then it got cancelled. Myself and many others were able to get a hold of a pre-production sample to fill that slot. Was he worth it? Let’s take a look…

Underneath all of his gear, you have your typical modern-era Joe. Like the Jungle Strike Duke figure, he uses the standard Reactive Impact Armor torso, which is fine by me. Besides, it’s not like it’s gonna be visible too often, right? His head is the regular Marlon Wayans Ripcord head, which looks much better unpainted than painted…

His arms are nice and puffy, previewing the look with the rest of the gear on and don’t look too awkward without it. His legs remind me of the Tiger Force colors, and on his boot is a very nice working holster. Really, I don’t think you see these often enough. The pistol even looks like a new sculpt, to boot.

But now we move to his gear. Holy crap, look at all of this stuff! It’s amazing that Hasbro can include this much stuff with a 3 ¾” figure and keep it at the $7-$8 pricepoint. Bandai USA can’t even give us good articulation at that price!

Getting all of this stuff on him is kind of annoying, just because of how much of it there is! When it’s all on, though, you’ve got one awesome paratrooper of the future. So many pouches! So many cables! So many things I don’t know what they are! So much STUFF THAT REALLY LIKES TO POP OFF. Yeah, if I have one complaint about this guy, it’s how easily stuff comes loose. While typing the review I misplaced one of the cables for the helmet. D’oh.

Of course, his poseability is REALLY hindered by the sheer amount of… stuff strapped to him, but that shouldn’t come as any surprise. Like the Para-Viper from 25th Anniversary line, he’s a display piece. And what a display piece he is. I’m hoping to get two Skydives when they come out to make his escorts. Gotta have some grunts, right?

He also has a spring-loaded backpack akin to the ones also from Rise of Cobra and Resolute. The painted detail on this is awesome, even if the design is rather questionable. Really, I think even with his helmet on those missiles would cause Rip here to go deaf, or at least singe his flightsuit…

Unfortunately, all the other accessories kind of killed his gun budget, as he only got saddled with the standard-issue Rise of Cobra machine gun. It’s a nice gun, don’t get me wrong, but it’s kind of overdone, and I have more of these than I need…

Ripcord here is one AWESOME figure. It’s a shame he got canceled, but if we’re talking colors, Skydive wins, generic head aside. I’d say this mold is awesome enough to be bought regardless of what colors or character he is. When Skydive hits our shelves, you’d better be first in line to get him!

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Review: Transformers Generations Repaint Rumble!

By Loran

Like every other Transformers line in history, Generations is chock-full of repaints (well, redecos) and retools. Of course, this got some people’s panties in a twist, but what do you expect? It’s Transformers. I guess repaints were only acceptable in the first few years *shrug*. Unlike Universe 2.0, however, these repaints don’t use molds from lines like Cybertron or Energon, instead focuses on using its own molds over again (with a few from Universe). A lot of these were designed to be made into these new characters to begin with (as indicated by the instruction sheets of several of the initial figures). So today, I’m going to sort-of revisit some figures I’ve done before, with Blurr, Dirge, and Skullgrin!

Blurr reuses the mold from Generations Drift. Instead of going for the wacky robo-samurai look, Blurr is a sniper. How THIS GUY got to be a sniper, I have no idea, and really, I don’t care HOW little sense it makes when the figure is this cool. I guess he takes one shot, runs away REALLY fast, then shoots from another spot. His whole appearance is, unsurprisingly, based on his IDW Comics appearance. A lot of people don’t seem to like his head, but I rather like it. It looks like they crossed his G1 head with the Autobot symbol. Sadly, he loses Drift’s awesome light piping…

But Blurr’s main attraction has got to be his guns-they ROCK. His sniper rifle is HUGE-it’s taller than a Scout class figure! It even stores on his back, just like Drift’s sword. Not only that, it has a second handle so he can properly snipe! What a weapon. In the place of Drift’s two small swords, he has two smaller guns. Not as cool as the rifle, but he can DUAL WIELD, and that rocks. Continue reading

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Doctor Who 101: What to watch, read and play with

By Chris Troy

Every Christmas, a strange man with a funny accent comes to visit in an odd flying device. Granted his Christmas adventures usually don’t make it to US shore until 6 months after they air, BBC America has done a bang-up job of changing that, as this year’s special actually aired on US TV on Christmas Night. Great hustle BBC America. Of course by now, you’ve probably figured out I’m not talking about Santa Claus, but the Doctor himself (that’s right, his name isn’t Doctor Who, it’s just the title)! The long running British-sci-fi show has always been popular in it’s native company for some time now (some time being half a dozen decades or so), being a cult-favorite at best in the States. But thanks to actors like David Tennant and Matthew Smith, the good Doctor has been a hit for BBC America as well.  And as luck would have it, Forbidden Planet New York is the PREMIERE locale for Doctor Who merchandise in the tri-state area. Today we’re going to get into what’s worth looking at in the WHO-verse, just in case you were curious and didn’t know where to start.


The easiest place to find the Doctor is on DVD. The 5th season starts off current Doctor Matthew Smith’s run on the show (the 11th actor to play the role), and isn’t that bad of a place to get your start on the series, assuming you’re prepared to do some research. If you’re not and you have some cash to blow, then start with Season 1, featuring Christopher Eccleston as the 9th Doctor. Eccleston’s run was short, as he passed the role over to David Tennant and went on to play role in Heroes and GI Joe:Rise of Cobra. Yeah, maybe not the best career choice in the long run. Tennant played the role from season 2-4 obviously, as well as a bunch of made for TV Doctor Who movies. He’s probably the  most well known current Doctor (See, made sure not to upset the Tom Baker fans with my wording), and my personal favorite for reasons I won’t get into here. Anyway, aside from the 5 dvd box sets, there’s a bunch of episodes featuring adventures of older Doctors available as well on DVD if you want to give classic Who a shot. Feel free to check the website or the DVD section of FPNYC for more information!

Literature and comics!

I’ll be honest, I haven’t look into much of the Doctor Who novels, because I am terrible when it comes to reading books without pictures in them. However, comic books make up my very being, so I’ve checked those out. IDW is where you can get your comic Doctor fixed, and they’ve been doing an excellent job bringing out new and old Doctor Who comics! The ongoing, BBC approved Doctor Who series just switched over from the 10th to the 11th Doctor, and is a ton of fun. As for classic Who, British writers such as Grant Morrison and Alan Moore have spun tales of the Doctor in comics, and have been collected for your reading enjoyment. Just don’t go in there expecting “JLA” or “Watchmen”. In addition, FPNYC also stocks several Doctor Who magazines that usually only reach British newsstands, and they are definitely worth checking out between seasons to get your Who fix.


No American toy company has attempted to release any collectibles based on the hit show, but that’s okay. Character  Options have us covered. They’ve been putting out an insane amount of Doctor Who figures the last couple years, covering classic and modern Who. The sculpts and articulation isn’t exactly the best, but hey, it’s something.

And what you really want is your own Sonic Screwdriver, because well, it’s awesome. While these collectibles arent as handy as they are in the show, they can light up, make sounds, as serve as actual pens. That counts for something, aside from just looking cool right?

There you have it. A good primer for Doctor Who merch! Season 6 is just around the corner, so if you want to catch up, I suggest you come the store or check out the website ASAP!

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Review: Transformers Generations Thunderwing

By Loran

Once again, Hasbro dives into the classic Marvel Comics villains for their new toylines. This time, it’s Thunderwing, the insane Matrix-obsessed Decepticon that once came close to taking out Unicron. Like most classic villains, his original figure demands absurd prices on the aftermarket. This is mostly because, well, his original figure was kind of ugly, and most kids just passed him up on the shelves. The same holds true for Bludgeon. For the longest time, getting characters like Bludgeon and Thunderwing could only be done by dropping ridiculous sums on eBay for the original figures (probably with missing parts, to boot), but now, Hasbro gave us a chance to get all-new figures of these tyrants of yesteryear. So how well does the new Generations Thunderwing fare? Let’s take a look.

Thunderwing’s alt-mode is some sort of Cybertronian jet, unsurprisingly enough. It comes across looking FAR more coherent than the original G1 toy. Underneath his cockpit is a little drone plane, reminiscent of the original toy’s inner robot. It doesn’t actually DO anything, unfortunately; it seems to just be there for fanservice. Underneath his wings are a couple of gigantic missile launchers.

This mode is sadly where the problems start to show up. For one, his cockpit looks HUGE. I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems out-of-scale with the rest of his body. Also, he suffers from a problem the Classics Jetfire mold also has-exposed arms with nowhere to go. Seriously, that’s the most offensive kind of “airplane undercarriage”. In-package, his head is exposed under the plane, but that’s just a packaging error-you can easily flip up his chest to cover it. Continue reading

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