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REVIEWS: ‘Superman Secret Origin’, ‘Planetary’, ‘Captain America Reborn’

Time to catch up on a couple of reviews, this is a mix of a couple of books that came out this week, and last week.

Fantastic Four #571Pick of the week: Fantastic Four # 571 by Jonathan Hickman and Dale Eaglesham.  I’ve never been a Fantastic Four man, but this issue captured my imagination. From what I understand, Fantastic Four has always been about family and the impossible.  I don’t think it can get more imaginative or impossible that Reed Richards creates this machine that sends him to an extra dimensional  plane where the Reed Richards of parallel universes meet and help change everything.  In this issue our Reed helps kill Galactus, with an army of other Reeds armed with Ultimate Nullifiers.  He helps create a planet full of feed that will feed starving planets, and performs surgery on the universe.  Its a wild, beautiful look into Reed Richards and what he does to save everyone, including his relationship with Sue. To be honest, I wasn’t a Fantastic Four guy before, but I’m locked in from now on. Rating: 9.0

Superman Secret Origin #1Superman Secret Origin #1: This is like Geoff Johns doing his take on Smallville. I feel like every once in a while DC allows a writer to present their take on the origin of Superman.  Mark Waid did his take with the awesome Leinil Yu with Birthright, John Byrne did his seminal retake and now a couple years later, Johns gets his. Which is cool for people to come in and see Johns do this. Its just not that interesting, and doesn’t need to exist.  Though it does give a great explanation for the glasses, and that is kind of adorable. What can I say? I’m a softie. I don’t want to spoiler but that was pretty creative with the glasses handling the heat vision. Rating: 7.0.

Captain America Reborn # 3: Brubaker is a slow burn kind of guy.  He starts out Captain America Reborn #3 very slow, but usually by the end, you see that its worth it. His entire run on Captain America and Daredevil has been just like that, and those are easily the best superhero comics out there today. So there is no reason to lose faith on that when coming into this title.  However three issues in and we’re still on the same thing.  Steve Rogers is Quantum Leaping through his life and Norman Osborn is after Bucky, Falcon, Reed Richards and the rest. That’s been beaten like a dead drum for three issues and the only thing that has moved the story forward is it being revealed to the media that Sharon Carter was the second shooter. We don’t get any repercussions of that and its just the third straight issue of, you guessed it, Steve Rogers is Quantum Leaping and the Thunderbolts are out to kill Bucky and Black Widow.  Sorry, you gotta advance the story a little bit more than that for me. Butch Guice is nice to look at though. Rating: 5.0

Planetary #27 preview. This was in the back pages of Ex Machina #45.  It has the main characters talking about building a Time Machine, and in typical Planetary fashion, building the time machine that is already laced in popular culture. The one from H.G. Wells book, and also my favorite sci fi novel ever.  Time travel, and especially interpretations on Wells’s book, has always tickled my stomach.  Both amaze me even to this day.  So the fact that one of the best books ever written and drawn tackling something in regards to Wells’ Time Machine is something I can’t wait for. Planetary #27, the final issue hits stands Oct. 2.

With Ex Machina ending and the final issue of Planetary coming out, I can’t help but say those are the last two books from Wildstorm that I still read.  So…I’ll be interested to see what Wildstorm does when these two books end.

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It’s Wednesday! You know what that means.

New comics.

This week we have Steve Rogers coming back from the dead, in “Captain America Reborn”. Though it shouldn’t matter whether he comes back from the dead, it is sure to be a beautifully crafted story drawn by Bryan Hitch (“The Ultimates”) and Harvey nominated writer Ed Brubaker.   Marvel Comics released a prelude webcomic yesterday to wet your appetite until you can make it to the store.

We’re huge Grant Morrison/Frank Quitely supporters around here so the fact that “Batman and Robin” #2 comes out so quickly after the first issue leaves this writer extremely happy.  What I really enjoyed about this book was the rougher pencils on Quitely’s part and the straight up cheerful almost 60s Batman tone to it, and then cut to crazy creepy David Lynch sensibilities with Professor Pyg.

Marvel seems to be cashing in on the Deadpool craze, post “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” with yet another Deadpool mini-series “Merc with a Mouth“. The great news is, all of them seem to be a ton of fun.  This mini-series with gorgeous horror themed covers by Arthur Suydam, is written by Victor Gischler and involves Deadpool being set on a mission to save the universe by getting rid of Zombie Deadpool’s decapitated head, while running around the Savage Land.

More really great comics coming out today is the second part of the X-Men/Dark Avengers crossover. As well as what appears to be the really beautiful “Justice League: Cry for Justice” written by James Robinson with art by newcomer, Mauro Cascioli.

Of course, if these aren’t the picks you’re looking forward to swing by the store in Union Square or visit ForbiddenPlanetUSA.com.

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