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By Unkiedev

“Spoilers” are like being buried up to your neck in sand, and having honey poured on your face to attract passing ants. I mean, most people don’t want it, but for a few folks “it’s their thing” and they’re welcome to it… just keep it off my web browser!

Still, there is a certain amount of fun in knowing things others don’t, but why do we need to have the actual intellectual properties we love ruined for that pleasure? NOT anymore, we don’t!


Introducing Unkiedev’s “SpoilerSpoilers.com!” We will NEVER spoil any of your favorite comic books, TV shows, video games and movies, but we WILL tell you WHO WILL and WHEN!


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First episode of “Crazy Sexy Geeks” premieres.

Friend of the blog, Alan Kistler, just premiered the first episode of Crazy Sexy Geeks, where he talked to “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” star and comic book writer Amber Benson.

This program, meant for every fanboy or fangirl is pretty excellent. Kistler, with co-hostJose Ramos, tackle a topic every episode and this time around it’s women superheroes. Give it a view, let us know what you think.

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