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Christopher Golden Signing at Forbidden Planet NYC December 3rd

Christopher-GoldenWEBChristopher Golden Forbidden Planet signingNew York Times bestselling author Christopher Golden (Baltimore: The Plague Ships, Hellboy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) will be our guest Wednesday December 3rd from 6-8pm, signing copies of his new Sons of Anarchy original novel Bratva, the paperback printing of Snowblind, and Alien: River of Pain.

Pre-Orders are already available for those of you who don’t want to miss out on getting a signed copy of one, or all three of these awesome new books. Also, if you can’t make it to our event- or if you don’t reside in the New York area- we will gladly ship signed copies to you! Just follow the links below.


Sons of Anarchy Bratva

Alien: River of Pain

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I have had MANY spectacular adventures writing about comics. I have been kidnapped by merpeople, (though they prefer the term H-2 Hombres) I have been transformed into a mummy, I have even been shrunken down to the size of a pretzel rod and eaten by a drunk. In all that time I can honestly say I have NEVER been pestered by a leprechaun…until last Tuesday.

Now he’s staying in my cave and he won’t leave me alone! He keeps poking me with sticks while I’m trying to sleep, and the most annoying part is that he denies he’s doing it. He puts the stick behind his back and shakes his head saying “No I’m Not, Boy-Oh.” DUDE, I can see the stick right behind you!


One of the few advantages to this arrangement is all the free comics I could wish for! See, Leprechauns LOVE comics, and they like to read them in advance, so he keeps using his Leprechaun magic to summon up the week’s titles BEFORE they hit the street! I’ve already read the SMASH first issue of IDW’s new relaunch of Mars Attacks #1! INCREDIBLE! I sure envy you guys reading that book for the first time this Wednesday, because Chew writer John Layman knocks it out of the PARK! That big secret thing that happens on page 7?! BRILLIANT!

I’m probably going to have to go to the Forbidden Planet to buy the Mars Attacks: Classics Vol. 1 book of reprints from the past. Same goes for IDW’s Complete Bloom County Vol. 5, also available on new comics day. The Leprechaun can’t magic up reprints or collections. Weird. I’m not sure how he got that new copy of this week’s Chew #27, as it’s more of less a reprint…must be all the new material jam packed inside.

Whatever, I have plenty of other, magically summoned new issues to get through! The long delayed first issue of Dark Horse’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer tie-in title Drusilla hits this week and, as promised, it is written by Drusilla herself, Juliet Landau. As a guy who read most of Anthony Daniel’s comics featuring C3-PO, I can tell you first hand that actors writing their own material doesn’t ALWAYS play out, but “HEY, If it’s on the crazy Leprechaun’s pull list, who am I to argue?” Continue reading

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The Weekly Pulse – Drive Your Enemies Before You

Lots to look at today! A couple more number sixes trickled out in the form of Batgirl, Batman and Robin, Frankenstein, and Suicide Squad. Plus more of everyone’s favorite enmouthed Merc and enlobstered Johnson! Most exciting of all, a new Conan book from Becky Cloonan and Brian Wood! Throw is some Dark Matter, Scarlet Spider, Memorial, The Strain, and Thief of Thieves, (editor’s note: currently sold out.  New stock shipping march 14th) and you have a busy week of comics reading!

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The Busiest Shopping Day of this Blog

If you can’t find Holiday presents for your friends and family at Forbidden Planet then you’re not opening your eyes. The place is a minefield of spectacular sundries for the geek or geek-curious! Kick-ass T-shirts, action figures, Manga, games, prop replicas, cut rate black-market diamonds, and of course, COMIC BOOKS!

You didn’t know about the black-market diamond ring that operates out of the Planet? Ask at the counter; you just have to know the password. Be subtle: “Hey, you got any non-crystal light refractors?” or “Where is your alternative glass cutter section?”


If you or anyone you know owns a torso and could use a breezy torso cover, the Forbidden Planet offers a wide array of cloth; durable breast-wrappers guaranteed to conceal your naked flesh while ironically proclaiming your love of sci-fi, comics, and horror. Tailored to leave your arms free for swinging and tattoo display, Forbidden Planet “T-Shirts” come in ALL sizes and almost any TV show, horror flick, or comic book character you could want.

Don’t see the size or shirt you want? ASK! The holidays are a busy retail time and MAYBE we have it in the back…under a crate of bootleg diamonds.

I’m checking out the online shirt database for what they have…that Angry Birds of Prey Shirt would look mighty fine on you favorite gift-receiving gal or guy. Continue reading

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Free Digital Comic When You Visit Forbidden Planet NYC!

Forbidden Planet NYC is teaming up with Dark Horse Digital! Come by the store and pick up a special coupon for a FREE download of  “Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9: Magical Mystery Tour,” featuring the Beetles! It’s a great way to get pumped for the upcoming release of the new series Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9! So stop by and pick up your coupon today!

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Wizard World Big Apple Comic Con New York May 21-22

Smash those piggy banks kids cause coming up this weekend is the Wizard World Big Apple Comic Com!

MAY 21-22, 2011



Penn Plaza Pavilion
401 Seventh Ave. @ 33rd Street
New York, NY 10001-2062

Click Here for Hotels and Travel Info

Rub elbows with James Marsters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, ask Ryan Ottley to sign every copy of Invincible that you own, get in a fight with wrestler Dawn Marie, and don’t forget to bring the kids.  If they’re under 10 they get in free.

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Dylan Dog Release Date Announced!

I recently talked a lot of yang on Dylan Dog Dead Of Night the upcoming film adaptation of the world famous Tiziano Sclavi comic. Having one of your favorite comics, TV shows, or movies being remade/adapted for a modern audience can be a very nerve-racking experience.  At the same time, I also promised I will see it in theaters regardless of how bad it looks.  Luckily with the announcement of a US release for April 29th, a new poster design, a new trailer, and an official website, things are looking a little better for us skeptical fans.

Here’s the new trailer.

YouTube Preview Image

Looks like they’re going for the Buffy The Vampire Slayer fans, and don’t take that as a complaint. I may not love Buffy, but its not like it makes me cringe.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the movie might suck but if it gets people into the comic, more power to ya!  Lets hope it doesn’t blow and that the interest is so overwhelming they’re forced to release more editions in English.

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New Comics To Take Your Money

By Unkiedev

Boom-shanka! I decided the cave I lived in needed a little refurbishing so I stole me a shovel and got to diggin’. Now I live in a swanky duplex cave with a top floor, a bottom floor and a set of stairs in between…well, by stairs I mean a tree trunk with rocks shoved through it.

I also discovered dinosaur bones in my basement! What a thrill! I can definitively solve the ancient mystery of “Did Dinosaurs have feathers?” The answer is YES they DID! They also made crude tools out of rocks and wore leather moccasins if my dinosaur burial ground has anything to say about it.

On to the comic books:

Tony Daniel is one bad mamma-jamma, tearing up both writing and art duties in this week’s Batman #706. Did you know that two of DC’s biggest girl stars are having milestone issues this week…and that they’re both the same person? YEP! Supergirl #60 has some new talents telling the story of Kara Zor-El, Superman’s cousin, while Power Girl #20 continues the adventures of the OLD Supergirl, Kara Zor-El from an alternate dimension which is really just the silver age Super Girl from Earth 2.

Oh DC, you are so wonderfully confusing.

Hmmm. I’m hearing the noises of Tom-Toms, which is odd as the newly renovated cave walls of my basement had many paintings of tom-toms, tee-pees and natives hunting buffalo. Kinda’ a weird thing to find in the grave of a dinosaur, wouldn’t you say? Continue reading

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Buffy Birthday Party at FPNYC

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Birthday Party #40 Chen

Buffy’s 30th birthday is this Wednesday, January 19th, and to celebrate we’ll be running some specials, a costume contest, a sing-along, and a whole lotta good times.

Via Dark Horse Facebook:

To celebrate the birthday of Buffy Summers and the finale of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8, join…  fine comic book shops around the country for prizes, games, and more!

Dark Horse editor Scott Allie had this to say about the event, “It’s been a long strange ride to the end of Buffy’s 8th Season, and when we realized that her 30th birthday fell on a Wednesday, the day new comics go on sale, we realized we had to move our release date to coincide. We’re excited to celebrate this landmark occasion and hope we can gather good crowds of Buffy readers and fans together to wish her well as she heads off for Season 9, a little bit older, her head hung low . . . “

THE FP DEETS (updated from the Buffyfest blog):

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011
6 pm to 10 pm

The Fun:
6 pm – Buffy’s Birthday Party begins!

Forbidden Planet will be having amazing sales all day.  All back issues (#s 1-39) of Buffy Season 8 will be $1.  If you come in Whedonverse Costume, they’ll be 50 cents!  In addition, issue #40 will be on sale for 50% OFF and all Buffy graphic novels will be 25% OFF.

7 pm – Costume contest! Winner to be announced on Buffyfest the following day.

8 pm – Trivia, Prizes & Fanterviews: read the issue, get the final word on Season 8

9 – 10 – “Once More, With Feeling” Sing-Along

Swing by, eat some cookies, buy some comics, do the wacky.  It’ll be a time.

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New Comics Get A Boost

Dark Horse has Buffy the Vampire Slayer #39 out this week, but their hottest title to hit the stands might just be Evelyn Evelyn a hard cover graphic novel from the Dresden Dolls front woman Amanda Palmer. The GN is an account of how she “discovered” her latest musical project, that of conjoined twins Evelyn and Evelyn.

Dark Horse has been turning to rock lately for a publishing boost and I hope to heck they have another hit on their hands like they did with The Umbrella Academy. Comic Books needs all the talents it can have, no matter where they come from!

DC has more Batbooks than one can comfortably conceive of this week, but the one I’m most amped about is the Batman 80 Page Giant #1. YES, this is indie talents digging their hungry claws into the fertile ground that is Batman’s rogue gallery, a tried and true method that worked on Batman Black and White and the DC Spotlight books. But those were great books! When lightning strikes twice? Ooooh, dats nice!

Image? Oh, Image has a new one: Marineman #1. Sure, I’ll nibble. You have 1 issue to show me something new, Marineman. Ready, set, GO! Continue reading

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How is Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8?

Buffy season 8 started out as an exciting new development in the history of comic books. Where Television had disappointed fans by ending a popular show, comic books would pick up the slack and give the official account of our heroines  continued adventures, brought to us by the actual TV writers who made us fall in love with the Buffmeister in the first part.

How did they deliver on that promise? Grading on a curve (as we have to do for today’s America) I would give Buffy season 8 a B-, though in my heart I’d have to say these are C books at best.


There are three big flaws to Buffy Season 8. The first is the artwork.

Apart from Spider-Man dying/getting unmasked/getting magically divorced or other milestone comic books like Superman and Batman’s Massachusetts wedding (coming up in this week’s Batman #703) Buffy season 8 was the highest profile comic book for the past three years…so why didn’t it have a superstar artist?

Don’t get me wrong, the artist was fair, but not great. The fact that I’ve read all of the issues and still can’t remember the guy’s name is indication enough that the artwork was not the book’s selling point. In a comic about petite blondes and brunettes stabbing bloodsuckers, it’s VERY hard via the artwork to keep all the characters distinct. Continue reading

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New Comics and Great Stuff

SEEDLESS OGN, Corey Lewis (W/A), Image

I love cartoonist Corey Lewis, a.k.a. “the Reyy” even though he comes off as an arrogant, preening twerp. Check out his insufferably smug blog reyy.com and see what I mean. So much talent in such a scruffy mirror junkie.

Corey is a comic book pretty boy with a high energy, fast graphitti style he used like a razor on fan art for Transformers, Thundercats and you name it. Back in the Deviant Art days he’d post a new sketch in marker a day. You could buy them cheap or commission em’ at rock bottom prices. He was cute and prolific. He was a media darlin’.

A smart lad, he turned that attention into output. He’s done some great work in the past: Street Fighter back-ups called Chop-Socky in the classic Udon Street fighter II comic, a fairly entertaining graphic novel about volley ball called Ping! and the crown jewel in his productivity: Sharkknife, the Scott Pilgrim-esque “We all live in a video-game” comic book about a sushi chef with a fantastic alter ego that came out WELL before Scott Pilgrim hit the scene. Continue reading

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What to get after Free Comic Book Day…

Good ole’ Free Comic Book Day has come and gone. What do we have to fill up the void in our hearts that it has left behind? How about this upcoming Wednesday, a day so amazing in its selection of incredible new releases I just had to declare it:  NOT-Free Comic-Book-DAY!


Dude, Darkhorse is bringing the thunder! New issues of their two biggest heavy hitters this week in the forms of Buffy the Vampire Slayer #35 and Hellboy in Mexico (One Shot) from Mike Mignola and Richard Corben.

In the sequential pages of his mainstream titles Hellboy has yet to make a trip south of the border. The copy for Hellboy in Mexico promises vampiros, Luchadores, tequila and all manner of wacky hijinx! Looks like we’re in for some Amazing Screw-On Head style weirdness from Mignola, which is to say Mignola at his best! Continue reading

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Back to Work To Buy Those Comics

By Unkiedev

IMPORTANT NOTE: Shipping this week is DC’s Nemesis The Imposters #1. Just so we are clear this is NOT the new Mark Millar comic from Marvel staring modified versions of DC’s Batman and the Joker. Let there be no confusion: the Marvel comic featuring evil Batman will be called Nemesis, too. I mean Nemesis #1, not Nemesis #1 from DC. That makes perfect sense, right?


I’ve been honorably discharged from the Military! RATS! Up till now I’ve had a cushy desk job reading comic books on Uncle Sam’s dime. That’s right: ever since the 1950’s the government has secretly paid a red blooded American male a living salary to sit at a desk and read every single comic book that ever gets released. I guess it was all part of a study to determine if Wertham’s “Seduction of the Innocent” held any water.

I found the job through that “Government Grant Money” book. Ya’ know, the one on TV that is sold by the guy who looks like the Riddler? Continue reading

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Vampires in Comic Books

By Devin T. Quin

Depending on your point of view this could be the golden age of vampires in popular culture OR, as many “old school” horror fans feel, a time of a great and calamitous darkness. They feel like the elf queen Galadriel in the Lord of the Rings, that the once fun and fertile world of vampires as sexy, horrible undead monsters is slowly dying, transforming into a new age of emotional vampires with guilt and girlfriends, fueled less by hatred and more by teen angst. “I can feel it in the water,” they cry. “ I can feel it in the air.”

To this I and Dracula, say “Bleah!”

Vampires have been with us for one-hundred plus years, and while they go through many changes they always turn in a riveting performance. They’re the simplest narrative device to illustrate that power comes with strings, that immortality has its downsides and the oldest of adages yet: be careful what you wish for. Continue reading

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