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Bryan Singer might be re-starting “X-Men” with “First Class.”

Bryan Singer

The director of my favorite movie may end up directing the script by Chuck creator Josh Schwartz for the X-Men film reboot, “X-Men: First Class,” according to MTV’s Splash Page. It has been a well-known fact that Bryan Singer has regretted leaving the X-Men film franchise that he helped take off after “X2: X-Men United.” Since his “Usual Suspects” collaborator Christopher McQuarrie is writing the sequel for the Wolverine film, people have been wondering if that movie will be where Singer returns to the franchise.  However, Josh Wigler speculates:

The answer could well be yes, if a well-hidden bit of news is any indication. At the tail-end of a Variety article detailing Bryan Singer’s upcoming obligations as a director and producer, it’s mentioned that the filmmaker is “flirting with directing ‘X-Men: First Class,'” marking a potential return to the mutant franchise he pioneered on the big screen.

While this is far from a finished deal, it does represent several rumors and even words from the director himself about Singer’s desire to return to the X-Men universe. He explicitly expressed that notion in June, calling his lack of involvement with the “X-Men” movies “a shame.”

I would say if Singer plans on making it up to the fanbase of those films, this movie would be the ideal point of entry.  Schwartz, known for writing kids very well with “Gossip Girl” and “The OC” has probably written a pretty great script to develop new stories in the adventures of the first X-Men established in the films. Those featured in the script being: Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast.

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