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Is the world beyond saving in DARK KNIGHT III: THE MASTER RACE #9?

It’s the end of the world as we know it and Batman feels fine…Well, he’s feeling like his old self again since having his youth and health restored by a Lazarus pit bath. Superman’s really just the most helpful best friend/former enemy a rodent-inspired vigilante can have. The Amazons have barely survived a brutal battle with the Kandorians, who have now turned themselves into living weapons and are ready to destroy a world they may no longer be able to subdue. Carrie Kelly is officially the next Batgirl. The Atom claims he has discovered a way to put the Kandorian genie back into the bottle he opened. Lara El is at a crossroads of whether she’ll finally come aid her parents or join in the genocide with the Kryptonians, who she feels closest to after an entire life of feeling separated from the rest of the world. Can Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and what allies remain upright save the world one more time or will the fanatical Kandorian army led by Quar prove the world is beyond salvation?

It’s time for the final battle. The old guard must stand again and bring about a remnant of an age of heroes though they’re morals and means have somewhat darkened in Frank Miller‘s dystopian vision of a future.

Pick up the final chapter of this third part of the Dark Knight Saga as Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello, Andy Kubert, and Klaus Janson close it out with what’s sure to be some king of big bang. We thought we’d only get eight issues of this event series and here we are treated to an extra helping, lets see how fulfilling it is.

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Graphic Spotlight – Moonshine Vol. 1

The team that brought you 100 Bullets is back with southern roots!

I’m a crime guy. There are certain contemporary writers that when their name is on a new crime book, I’m on the hook. Brian Azzarello is one of them. If you haven’t read 100 Bullets, what’s the matter with you? He and Eduardo Risso created a masterpiece for every fan of the genre to enjoy forever. Now, they’re back with a new story and under a new publishing banner.

Moonshine Vol. 1 is a collection of what we hope is merely the beginning of this epic prohibition era southern gothic noir. It’s a hardcore crime book about gangsters with a layer of horror on top. Moonshine is about Lou Pirlo, a “city-slick ‘torpedo'” that’s been sent from the Big Apple, New York City, to get a deal done with the best moonshiner in West Virginia. That moonshiner’s name is Hiram Holt and in this era where liquor could get you sent to prison, Hiram Holt is a king over a kingdom of his own making. Lou thinks he’ll take this country bumpkin for everything he has but Lou’s going to learn, in a real painful way, that Hiram Holt will do whatever it takes to protect his boozy operation and a bloody Holt family secret.

Do you like 100 Bullets? Do you like Southern Bastards? Do you like creators like Jason Aaron, Ed Brubaker, or David Lapham? Then you have zero excuses, especially at the reasonable price of $9.99 not to pick up this exciting new story from one of the most iconic comic book teams of the modern age.

Collects Issues 1-6

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Amazons Attacked In The Dark Knight III: The Master Race #8

“FINALLY, DK III #8 has come back, to Forbidden Planet!”

Or at least that’s what I imagine The Rock would say if he came into the shop this New Comic Book Day (Mr. Johnson, if you somehow are reading this and will be in downtown NYC on March 29th, please do stop by we’d love to smark out in front of you).

The main thrust of it is that Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello‘s latest installment in the seemingly never-ending Dark Knight saga is here. At last. Thank Rao. After the crazy cliffhanger of the last issue there’s a lot we readers need answers to. One thing’s for certain, Baal’s Kryptonian army is planning to bring the pain to the Amazons. Themsyscira is squarely in the Kryptonians’ sights and all Hades is busting to break loose at the smackdown of mythic proportions coming our way.


Okay, now that we in-the-know folks have a little bit of privacy let’s discuss that major cliffhanger for a second. Bruce Wayne’s back to the prime of his youth! Remember how Frank Miller originally crafted a story about an aging Batman with a death wish? Yeah, this series isn’t about that anymore. Plus, with Mr. Miller’s statements about wanting to write further Dark Knight series and spin-offs, this appears (and I cannot stress that word enough) to be the new status quo moving forward. But Bruce just took a dunk in a Lazarus Pit. We all know that means a small piece of a person’s left behind as a price to pay for renewed youth. What part of Bruce is gone? How bat-crazy is he right now? What are he and Superman going to do in the face of the battle on Themyscira?

We all thought this was the end but clearly with a crazy massive climax coming, it’s no wonder we’re going to get an extra issue to this mini-series that’s taking it to the max. All together now: Duh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh, Batman!

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TRY SOMETHING NEW Chapter 5: Rebel Spaceships, Striking From a Hidden Base

I feel like I have been doing this column long enough now that you all must be dying for a behind the scenes peek at how the magic happens. It all starts around 1:30 AM on Sunday night/Monday morning. That’s around 4 hours after I am supposed to have emailed this in to Tyler, our lovely wizard/graphic designer. I sit down in a chair and make up a bunch of stuff about new comics. I then send it to Tyler’s cauldron of spells/email account. He then does some process I don’t understand, blah blah blah, now it looks nice to look at. Then someone does something so that some internet nerds make it a blog post and someone else or maybe the same person does something so that printing nerds make it a newsletter. Viola! And that’s how it works. Same as the New York Times. It’s like Arthur C. Clarke once said to me, “Any sufficiently advanced low level comics journalism/sales pitch is indistinguishable from magic.” Anyway, there is a surprisingly good amount of new stuff on shelves this week and I have wasted a lot of space making jokes that only I will find funny, so let’s get on with it.

First, a moment of sadness and thanks to the great Jeff Lemire who wraps up his brilliant post apocalyptic coming of age story Sweet Tooth this week in SWEET TOOTH #40. If you haven’t ever read Mr. Lemire’s work you should be ashamed. SWEET TOOTH vol.1 is one of the true great joys of comics in the twenty first century. RIYL: SANDMAN, THE ROAD, or Children Of Men.

Also well worth reading no matter your feeling on superhero books, or anything else really, is WONDER WOMAN. Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang are quietly sitting in their own corner of the DC universe taking one of the most beloved characters in comics history and telling new stories for her that feel exciting, fresh, and look about as good as a comic can look. Matthew Wilson’s coloring on this book will be studied for years to come as the correct way to have coloring not just serve the pencil art, but to make coloring it’s own art. You don’t have to know anything going in, nor do you have to care about the rest of the DC universe. You just have to like good comics. DC is finally putting out WONDER WOMAN vol. 1 & vol. 2 this week. This is about as good as superhero comics get so you should get them. RIYL: Wonder Woman stories on any level, Clash Of The Titans or any modern takes on mythology

DEVIL IS DUE IN DREARY #2 is also out this week. I really loved issue #1 of this series that felt like a perfect cross between the modern western elements of PREACHER and the foreboding tone of A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE. Add to that art that looks like a smoother Howard Chaykin and you have a really well made book. I know this is a book that will fly under most folks radars but that is a real shame. It has just enough uniqueness to make it stand out, just enough familiarity to be relatable, and is good enough to be a classic if people gave it a chance. RIYL: JONAH HEX or any modern westerns, FELL, PREACHER.

EERIE #2 hits shelves as well. I don’t hide my love for anthology comics and EERIE is a classic. Dark Horse’s relaunch of the series is off to a great start with weird short stories from Mike Allred (MADMAN, iZOMBIE, FF), Brian Clevinger (ATOMIC ROBO), and others. If you just want to read some fun & unusual stuff this is a no-brainer. Don’t be the guy or girl in your local comic shop who has to admit “I just like unfun & usual stuff.” RIYL: Old EERIE comics or other EC stuff, TWILIGHT ZONES, feeding your short attention span.

Peter Bagge is one of the modern legends of indie comics for his brilliant series HATE. When there is that much love and respect heaped on ones work it becomes easy for a lot of creators to shrink away from ever doing something substantial again. Fear of the followup or what have you. But Mr. Bagge has dived headfirst into new and brilliant projects one after another. From APOCALPSE NERD to YEAH! to OTHER LIVES his post HATE work has been varied and fun. It’s a different time for comics and it’s hard to get people as excited about a new book as it once was, but Mr. Bagge’s latest series, RESET, is maybe his best work since HATE and, if it were a different time, would be loved and talked about in much the same way. RESET is the story of a man who enters into an experiment that allows him to relive and change choices he’s made from his past. Weirdo stuff ensues. RIYL: Older Bagge stuff like HATE, the modern indie masters like Daniel Clowes or Charles Burns, or the idea of going back in time and messing things up like a creepy Marty McFly.

I don’t have much of an interest in Conan. Never did really. Some things aren’t for everyone. I know why people like it, I get that, it just wasn’t for me. Then Brian Wood wrote the excellent NORTHLANDERS series about badass vikings axing each other and whatnot and I immediately got the appeal. Apparently someone at Dark Horse did too because they snatched Mr. Wood up and put him on their CONAN book. I don’t know if that worked to bring new readers into the fold but it damn well should have. Mr. Wood is great at huge epics (DMZ, NORTHLANDERS), great at telling stories smarter than they need to be (COURIERS, CHANNEL ZERO), and great at working with amazing artists. For the beginning of his run, collected as CONAN vol 13: QUEEN OF THE BLACK COAST he continues these trends. A smart Conan story that feels epic and has beautiful work by two of the more consistently interesting artists working today; BECKY CLOONAN (AMERICAN VIRGIN, DEMO vol II) and JAMES HARREN (B.P.R.D.). For those of you who have ever loved Conan and forgotten about it, this is the time to jump back on. And for those of you like me, who never saw the appeal, this is the comic that will make you fall in love with a barbarian with an ax. That’s a good thing.

RIYL: NORTHLANDERS, people using swords and stuff on each other, old pulp stories made relevant again.

END TIMES OF BRAM & BEN #1 is out this week. A buddy comedy set around the rapture. Image pumped out more good series debuts in 2012 than most people can afford to read and ETOBAB is their hope for their first big hit of 2013. This book is clearly gunning for the bookshelves of fans of smart and snarky comics and is definitely worth checking out if that is you. Co-writer James Asmus is a rising star over at Marvel but is also doing his time at Image on THIEF OF THIEVES with some nobody named Robert Kirkman. If you look for comics that have some action but really want to make you smirk this should fully be on your radar by now. RIYL: BATTLE POPE, CHEW, or the film Dogma.

My last recommendation is BETA TESTING THE APOCALYPSE. 10ish short stories from Tom Kaczynski that all play with the idea of exploring modern intangible concepts like capitalism or utopia and breaking them down into very tangible and very human stories. These are big ideas made very small and personal. Kaczynki’s style makes all the heavy stuff feel very immersive with out ever feeling oppressive. It is a delicate balancing act, and one that clearly he is comfortable with. BETA TESTING THE APOCALYPSE, like a lot of the Fantagraphics stuff from the last decade, is definitely one of those books that’ll please almost everybody who has the interest to pick it up and for a select few it will become a most cherished and prized possession. RIYL: J.G. Ballard, the more esoteric but personal stuff Fantagraphics puts out, CONCRETE.

Ok. I’m done.

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The Beginning Is Nigh

There is only one significant comic book being released this week, and the title is Before Watchmen: Rorschach #1. What, why and how is this a fact? Here we go:


Walter Kovacs, a.k.a. Rorschach is the stand out crime fighter from the ensemble cast that is Alan Moore’s Watchmen. As the unloved runt son of a whore, Kovacs had to fight daily for survival and respect. Growing into an unfeeling, violent vigilante crime fighter, Rorschach is the tipping point for the narrative of Watchmen, as well as the moral compass, underdog anti-hero, and the benchmark against which all dark, violent comic book characters will forever be measured against.


DC comics is owned by Warner Brothers, which is currently losing out (badly) to Marvel in turning their highly profitable comic books into box office and merchandising gold. With few recognizable properties left to exploit, DC has greenlit prequel comics to Watchmen, as the film adaptation of the same was both a critical and box-office darling when it hit screens in 2009.

DC has hired top talents to work on these titles, hoping for new, original graphic novels they can flip into a lucrative film franchise. So far the books have been controversial, angering some and pleasing others.

New readers have come in the door, but so far Before Watchmen has not been the mainstream success story DC has hoped for.


Before Watchmen Rorschach is the BIG ONE! More than any other character, Rorschach has the most cultural resonance and break-out appeal. IF Rorschach sells the units DC expects, a film prequel will surely follow.

DC has reunited the creative team of Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermajo to work on this title. Fans will remember these two from their well received original graphic novel Joker, which sells well as it reads as a screenplay for a Joker spin-off movie staring Heath Ledger.

Azzarello is WONDERFUL, and is the only writer who has a hope of making this book work. Bermajo straddles the fence wonderfully between real life and comic book bravado, and makes a financially sound partner with Azzarello. Continue reading

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Percent of a Watchman

Statistics is fun, let’s try some. 100% of you are reading this sentence….see how that works? 75% of those reading this sentence comprise 3/4ths of my readership. 12% are dying for a drop of 100 proof, which is to say 50% alcohol by volume, meaning that 12% want 50% percent while 88% could care two cents about the whole dang thing.

Now unless you’ve been living in the French Legionnaires for the past week you are aware via the internet (a series of tubes) that the Watchmen Prequel comic books have been green lit. We’ll soon have the adventures of Baby Rorschach, Nite Owl, and Silk Spectre from a variety of creators, none of whom are Dave Gibsons or Alan Moore.

There are only three aspects I want to focus on:


This purely financial maneuver by DC, the comics company with the new, boring logo, may lead to some good books. With eight new titles, statistics make it hard for them all to be crap.

I’m very surprised that they had the wherewithal to re-team Brian Azzarello with Lee Bermejo from their fun graphic novel Joker onto a Rorschach book. Azzarello writes engaging crime comics full of losers, tough guys, and snappy banter…and he is the ONLY writer capable of making Rorschach, or his other title The Comedian, worth reading.

I’m THRILLED Adam Hughes will return to sequential art in Dr. Manhattan. I’m less than thrilled that J. M. Straczynski will be penning many of these new titles. Darwyn Cooke was the right guy for a Minutemen book…but let’s look at what they’ve done.

Get the team behind the grittiest crime comics to work on your gritty crime comic. Get the best post-modern, yet nostalgic, team book writer to write your nostalgic post-modern team book. Hire a big name to handle the rest and dole out art to whomever you can. I’m not saying go outside of your comfort zone, DC, I’m just asking you to show your cards a little less.

This is “Moneyball” for comics, a game DC has been playing for some time. They’ll have some hits, they’ll have some creative misses. They’ll make money…but will they burn bridges? Continue reading

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Playboy previews Vertigo Crime Comics out this week.


With books like “Criminal” and Darwyn Cooke’s adaptation of a Richard Stark novel, and Jason Aaron’s “Scalped” Vertigo Comics is starting to produce their own crime line of comics. Announced at SDCC, the Crime Line will feature works from Ian Rankin, Brian Azzarello,and  Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba. Playboy has an online feature previewing the first two books coming out this week.

Azzarello’s book “Filthy Rich” is described by Vertigo:

Richard “Junk” Junkin has always lived on the wrong side of trouble. A former pro football star whose career was cut short by injury (and a nasty gambling problem), Junk now spends his time dreaming of what might have been, selling cars in Jersey and lusting after the boss’s unbelievably spoiled, unbelievably sexy and unbelievably rich daughter, Victoria. So when the boss asks him to be Victoria’s personal bodyguard while she tears up the New York City club scene, Junk leaps at the chance. But before long, he’s finds that Victoria wants a lapdog and not a chaperone, someone who’s going to do all of her dirty work—all of it—someone who wants to get filthy rich…

I’ve read a preview of this book.  It has this glorious “Sin City” like lighting to it and Azzarello’s acid-tipped tongue that became a morsel of delicious nasty language in “100 Bullets” will put this book on the top of my list.

Ian Rankin, best selling crime novelist has a Crime Line book starring Vertigo’s longest running character, John Constantine, in “Dark Entries”.

Occult detective John Constantine has seen his share of strange things in his career, but nothing could prepare him for the horrors of…reality television. “Haunted Mansion” is currently the hottest show on tv, but when the macabre house actually starts attacking the contestants, Constantine is hired to be the ultimate mole. Locked inside with a cast of wannabe-celebrities, his every move being monitored by a deadly figure from his past, Constantine must figure out who (or what) is pulling the strings before he gets cancelled—permanently.

I don’t know, I’d like to see something other than Constantine thrown into a House on Haunted Hill scenario for a reality television program.  I guess if there was some cool satire going on with the stars of this Reality TV program being takes on programs like Jon and Kate Plus Eight, or some of those vapid losers from NYC Prep getting killed gruesomely than I think I’d check it out.

Both books come out this Wednesday, August 19.

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Azzarello talks Doc Savage.


With comics version of “The Wire” sadly over in the form of “100 Bullets”,  Brian Azzarello has been keeping busy. With a weekly installment of Batman comics in Wednesday Comics, and coming out this week an installment to Vertigo’s Crime Line, titled “Filthy Rich”.

Coming in November he’s going to re-introduce Doc Savage to comics.

Doc Savage was originally created in 1933 by Street and Smith Publications editors Henry Ralston, John Nanovic and Lester Dent.  They published 181 issues of “Doc Savage” magazine from 1933 to 1949.  Dent, the original writer, said the character was a combination of Sherlock Holmes, Tarzan and Abe Lincoln.

Azzarello’s restart will open as a One-Shot coming in November with Phil Noto on art, and co-star Batman. Following that it will continue into a mini-series, drawn by Rags Morales.

Azzarello gives Comic Book Resources a look into his reimagination :

Will the “Batman/Doc Savage” one-shot stand alone or does it roll into what you’re doing with Rags Morales in the series?

It will roll in but it’s definitely going to stand on its own. We’re setting up the rules that we’re going to play by.

So if Batman exists in this world does Superman?

Batman, yes. Superman, no. The world that we’re creating has no superpowers.

Is Bruce Wayne Batman in this world?


Was a world without superpowers one of your stipulations for taking on this project?

Dan came to me because he wanted that kind of world. The pinnacle of humanity in this world is Doc Savage. He’s top of the food chain.

I like the fact that its set strictly in a world where there are no super powers, and it has a timeless sensibility. I’m not going to say: “there aren’t enough comics set that way anymore” but then I’d be wrong. When was the last time you saw Hal Jordan use a cell phone or anything?

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Roundup of news from Chicago Comic Con.

S.W.O.R.D. #1 Cover by Steven Sanders.
S.W.O.R.D. #1 Cover by Steven Sanders.

This weekend was Chicago Comic Con, and even though all of the major publishers declined to participate.  Wizard Talking Head Gareb Shamus still expected record attendance and said they were committed to the location and “As far as I’m concerned, we’ll be there forever.”

Even though no one had a presence on the Con floor, there certainly wasn’t a lack of news.

  • Another Buffy alum and comic book writer Emma Caulfield is premiering a webcomic called “Contropussy”.  Hahaha, yes. I couldn’t tell you what the hell this is about but the name alone suggests something fun and different. And I’m all for fun and different.
  • Marvel announced that Kieron Gillen and Steven Sanders will produce “S.W.O.R.D.” Intergalactic adventures with Beast, Agent Brand and Lockheed.  If the “Phonogram” writer and “Five Fists of Science” artist is going on intergalactic adventures, I want to go as well.
  • MTV Splash Page reports that Green Hornet’s Kato has been found.  His name is Jay Chou, and has no desire to display an homage to the character Bruce Lee made famous.  Another rumor has circulated that Edward James Olmos has joined the “Green Hornet” cast lead by Seth Rogen.  This movie gets weirder by the second. I’ll say though with Chou as Kato now, I’m disappointed because, well, Stephen Chow would have been awesome.
  • The DC Nation panel had Francis Manapul, Brian Azzarello, Freddie Williams, J.G.  Jones, and others on it.  The highlight for me though is that Azzarello and his “100 Bullets” collaborator Eduardo Risso will produce a new “The Shadow” book.
  • Good news! The Captain Britain team is getting back together for “Dark X-Men”.
  • Fred Van Lente, and Greg Pak reunite for the book called “Assault on New Olympus.”  Which involves the Greek Gods and their place on Earth, on Wall Street. Seems pretty interesting.
  • Shaun Manning has a great story of the charity event for John Ostrander at Chicago Comic Con. I’m glad things turned out well, and I hope everything is being done for Mr. Ostrander.

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SDCC: Vertigo Crime Panel.

"Daytripper" cover by Fabio Moon.
"Daytripper" cover by Fabio Moon.

I am ridiculously fired up over what comes out through the new Crime Line series of books from DC/Vertigo Comics.  Shepherded in by Will Dennis, Kiel Phegley at Comic Book Resources gives us a great outlook of what to expect.

Karen Berger [VP of Editorial introduced panelists Jason Starr, Peter Gross, Jeff Lemire, Chris Gage, brothers Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon (who when asked why they have different last names, Ba joked,”It’s all fake names”), Max Allan Collins and Gary Phillips.

First of all, Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon are doing a Crime Line book? Oh, that’s goddamn brilliant.  Their book is called “Daytripper” which is about an Obituaries writer who becomes embroiled in a case beyond his control.  The book is going to come out some time around the end of 2009.

Other books discussed: “Nobody” writer/artist Jeff Lemire talked about his ongoing series “Sweet Tooth,” which is about a human/deer hybrid wandering the road in post-apocalyptic earth.  That’s going to be a cool one I’m sure.

Brian Azzarello’s “Filthy Rich,” which I’m sure is going to be a total gem. Azz is the best crime writer working in comics now. Modern luminary Ian Rankin is going to be doing a “Constantine” story, and doing a book called “Dark Entries.”

Peter Milligan is contributing “Bronx Kill,” about a writer who is the black sheep of his family of Irish cops, and gets involved in a case when he’s suspected of his family’s murder. Workaholic Christos Gage is also doing a book (I swear I feel like Gage is writing at least six books now) called “Area 10” about someone who experiments in Trepenation which is the art of drilling a hole in your head to enhance awareness.

There are many more including works from Anderson Gabrich, John Evans, Gary Philips, and more. However the highlight for me is Max Allan Collins’ “Return to Perdition.”

“Initially Dreamworks didn’t want anyone to know [the movie for ‘Road to Perdition’] was based on a graphic novel, and the media loved it,” said Collins, who explained that the slow pace his artist worked on precipitated him to write two prose novels while the film took off and the brand expanded. “Right now, there’s one story left, and I said to Will at a con, ‘What would you think of instead of my doing a prose novel, bringing it full circle with a graphic novel?'”

Taking place in the early ’70s with the grandson of Tom Hanks’ character in witness protection and finding out that the government has been hiding the fact that his father lives and the “Watergate-esque” drama that springs from that setup.

Collins announced that his former “Ms. Tree” collaborator Terry Beatty will reteam with him for “Return to Perdition.”

“Road to Perdition” was easily my favorite comic to film adaptation. I’m not a Sam Mendes fan, but I do think this was the best movie he ever did.  So, the fact that Collins is bringing the conclusion to this is a Must Buy in my book.

Sources: CCI: Vertigo New Ongoing Series/Crime Line [Comic Book Resources].  Daytripper photo [via Fabio Moon’s Flickr].

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News roundup from WW Philly and HeroesCon.

Last weekend, there was quite a bit of news coming out of Philadelphia and Charlotte, and this wouldn’t be much of a news site if we didn’t give you SOME idea of what happened.

  • The big news spinning out of HeroesCon was Longbox, essentially an iTunes for comics.  The brainchild of  “Comic Book Tattoo” editor Rantz Hoseley, Longbox will provide single issue downloads for .99 cents with Top Cow and Boom! Studios being the first two publishers confirmed to use the service [via Comic Book Resources].
  • Marvel Comics announced a crop of new “Dark Reign” titles called, The List. Which is basically Norman Osborne’s s#@$ list of people he wants to wipe out as director of HAMMER. Marvel has the list of creators involved.
  • Phil Jimenez will be replacing Simone Bianchi on “Astonishing X-Men”.
  • DC Comics mostly showed off their “Wednesday Comics” at HeroesCon and announced that Brian “100 Bullets” Azzarello will be teaming with Rags Morales on a new “Doc Savage” mini series.
  • “Booster Gold” co-writer and “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” producer Jeff Katz announced the first four comics coming out of his American Original imprint.  Brian Lynch (“Angel: After Fall”) teams with Greg Whitta (who adapted “Akira” for the screen) for “Daybreak” a comic akin to the style of old John Carpenter/Kurt Russell movies.   Also, Katz will be writing a noir called “Vengeance is Mine” drawn by Filip Sablik. Scott Aukerman will be editing a comedy anthology. But most interestingly, Katz picked up “Blastosaurus” a indie comic self-published by 23-year old New Zealander Richard Fairgray. The comic follows a dinosaur detective who has been brought into the future to fight Velociraptor street gangs. Katz compares it to being similar to “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”.

So, what do you think? I’m personally looking forward to see how “Blastosaurus” turns out and I’m glad that “Astonishing X-Men” will be back on a regular schedule.  Let us know what you think of these new stories in the comments.

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