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Deals with the devil rarely go right. See how the web of terror and intrigue ends in one of 2016’s best received series.

Chris came to Iraq after the 2003 American invasion to recruit and train a new generation of post-Saddam police. The murder of a recruit forced the Florida cop turned military consultant into an investigation that tangled the old government, new government, the jihadist network, the criminal underground, and American military machine together in a surefire suicide mission. Fortunately, Chris wasn’t alone chasing down the killer amidst the layers of lies and hidden agendas.

Aided by a Baghdad cop, Nassir, and the politically savvy Sofia, Chris thought he’d found the people responsible for the crime. Now, with Nassir captured, the stakes are ramping up as one man’s murder has dug Chris and everyone around him into a much deeper hole. In the violence’s aftermath, everybody’s lost something and now a debt must be paid even if it’s in blood. They say never trust a deal with the devil. In Baghdad, those kinds of deals can be explosive.

Written by one of 2016’s breakout comics writers and CIA veteran Tom King (Batman, The Vision, Omega Men) and gorgeously illustrated by Mitch Gerads (Batman, The Punisher) THE SHERIFF OF BABYLON VOL. 2: POW. POW. POW. brings one of the decade’s most critically acclaimed series to its stunning conclusion. Collects issues #7-12.

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Comics and Books for the Coffee Table

Comics and Books for the Coffee Table

By Jeff Ayers

Plaque, Legos, Dozers…  These things build up.  So too does the rather heaping mound of comics, books, and assorted curiosities on the coffee table back at Casa de Ayers.  I get sent and/or buy a whole lot of stuff in my capacity as buyer for FP (not to mention my lot in this life- Jeff Ayers, geek) and most weeks simply cannot keep up with the volume.  Don’t get me wrong, there are worse problems to have, but there are many quality works that need to be rescued from this oblivion periodically.  Let’s see what’s currently mixed in the pile.

TRON Ghost in the Machine– I’ve been gobbling up nearly everything I can in terms of news, tidbits, and images in anticipation of next year’s TRON sequel, Legacy, and this book just adds fuel to that fire.  This was originally released by Slave Labor in single issue form over the course of what felt like years due to long delays between installments.  As such its already shaky plot became much more tenuous, though it works much better here in this collected edition.  The story concerns Jet Bradley, son of TRON programmer Alan Bradley and yadda, yadda…  It’s no masterpiece (and I deplore the book’s look/design, shrunken down to Manga sized trade with slick paper presumably so that such a specialty book might sell in a Barnes & Noble in Tuscaloosa),  but if you’re aching for a TRON fix as much as I am right now then this’ll do nicely. Continue reading

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